Kitchen update – not quite done yet!

We tried really hard to get the kitchen finished for today before my best friend came to visit. I was mopping the floors at 1am! I’m shattered today but it was worth it to see it looking nice and clean, even if it’s not all finished.
Ant’s worked till way past his bedtime most nights (he’s not a night owl like me!) on the tiling and it’s looking really lovely 🙂

I’m so pleased with how it’s coming along and I think I should have the before and after post by Thursday at the latest.

Before Jo arrived, Kaycee and Ella helped me put together our new table and chairs.


It’s the perfect size for the kitchen and it was a bargain as we received £100 love to shop vouchers from the housing association we used to rent from for leaving the house in good condition so it only cost us £25 🙂
It was from Argos and after worrying I wasn’t going to like it, I now love it after seeing it in place.

The kids are back at school tomorrow after the bank holiday today so I should be able to get everything in place while Ant does the last few jobs he has on his list 🙂

*EDIT* May 6th 2014.
Had to share because this is so annoying and I need to rant! I know it’s no one’s fault but still, it helps to have a moan!!
I received an email asking me to review my Argos purchase. I did the review and went to check the other reviews only to notice the table is now only £99.99
It was seriously annoying, especially when we wanted to buy it from Homebase to begin with because we had a 15% off voucher; they couldn’t order it for me for some reason so we checked online and found the same table in Argos.
We were like, oh well, Argos will get our money instead, even if we have to pay a bit more. It felt a bit like we were sticking our tongues out and saying to Homebase, nah nah na nah nah, you’re not getting our money ‘cos you wouldn’t help us! Then we find out Argos and Homebase are the same company!
Just to end my rant, it was even more annoying that the 2 shops are quite near each other here in Lincoln and Homebase couldn’t order the table for delivery and didn’t carry it in stock whereas Argos had it available for collection the same day but at a higher price because they weren’t doing the 15% off promotion.

Actually, saying it’s no one’s fault is not quite true because if I hadn’t been so eager to buy the table, only to have it sit in the box in the living room for a couple of weeks while we worked on getting the kitchen done, we’d have been fetching it round about now and would have got it for £99.99

I’ll remember this in the future when I’m too eager to go shopping!!