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9th November 2013

Photo Challenge – November 9th

November 2nd – Checking out wallpaper at one of my favourite shops, B&M!


November 3rd – He said the tiling should be done soon 🙂


November 4th – Kaycee’s working on a badge for Brownies and had to make a sandwich for herself, Ella and Aiden


November 5th – Ant’s new toy! We were sent it to review and he loves it! Can you believe I chose to have the helicopter delivered rather than a new handbag? No, neither can I!


November 6th – Tiling all done, woodwork and walls painted 🙂 All that needs doing now is the new floor and the kick boards on the cupboards. They’re planned for tomorrow 🙂


November 7th – Well the floor isn’t being done until next Monday now so he said I can get all the stuff unpacked and put away. I was so relieved to be able to cook properly again!
November 8th – Comfort food on a dull day….pasta and sauce with Cumberland sausages, mushrooms, onions and peppers. All syn free with the cheese as my healthy extra (I’m following slimming world for anyone who doesn’t know about syns and healthy extras!)


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