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25th March 2013

Monday Magic Moment

The girls were home this weekend (Aiden was too but we haven’t seen him since Friday morning! He went to his friend’s straight from school Friday, stayed all weekend and went to school with him this morning) and Ant didn’t have to work as much as he usually does so we got to spend some time leisurely time at home.

The girls played nicely together for the most part and on Saturday afternoon they asked if we’d play Beat the Parents with them.
Aiden got the game for Christmas a couple of years ago and we’ve only played it once before. The kids beat us that time but without Aiden being home, the girls found it a bit harder this time and we won!

Ant was cheering, Ella was laughing and Kaycee was trying to stop Ant from cheering and telling him he was wrong and they had, in actual fact, won the game!
It was a lovely moment and I managed to capture some of it on camera 🙂




Ella’s apology card!

The girls were in the bath the other night and as soon as they got in there, they started arguing and doing things to annoy each other.
I was in my room folding laundry and after about the fifth time of hearing things like, ‘Muuuuuum, Ella won’t let me use her moshi monster soap’ or ‘Muuuuum, Kaycee keeps copying me’, I told them to stop annoying each other and just get washed. The consequence of not hurrying up and getting washed was to go to bed without a story because we were running out of time.

In the end, I got fed up of being the referee and just shouted at the top of my voice, ‘get out of the flipping bath and get your teeth brushed now, I’ve had enough’.

They didn’t manage to stop the bickering completely but at least they did it quietly!

Ten minutes later Ella came in, pajamas on, breath smelling fresh and holding out a card she’d just made.

I love that she drew daddy’s toiletries on the shelf and the way she spelt ‘showt’ melted my heart.

We hugged then had stories and more snuggles; both girls went to bed with a smile and not a grump in sight 🙂

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