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16th January 2013

Winter’s here!

I had to share some photos of the frost I saw when I went out today. It might be freezing out there but the way the frost has covered the trees and plants in lovely white spikes really fascinated me!












Photo Challenge 16 – Morning


January 16th 2013
Prompt – Morning
List of prompts I’m working from this month 🙂
I think today must have been the coldest day of the winter so far. We had a very mild Christmas and New Year and I think this is the first proper frost I’ve seen, and what a frost it was!
I’ve got a post with some more photos showing the wonderful frosty spikes that have covered everything in the garden.

The Gallery – New

It’s been a while since I joined in with the gallery and it’s my first entry to See it, snap it, love it, which I found through The Gallery 🙂 I love taking photos so any excuse to take more is good for me! Let’s hope I can stay organised enough to join in more often with them both!
Today the theme is new and of course I’m a snow lover so I had to take a picture of new snow!
I’m hoping for more soon but the S.W.H. (super wonderful husband) isn’t keen and wants it to stay away!


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