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14th May 2012

135 / 365 – Ella’s first trip to A and E

She has a helmet and she wears it when she’s on her bike but tonight she was playing with friends and decided to have a go on a bigger bike than she’s used too. She didn’t have her helmet with her and to be honest, I don’t think she even thought about it.

She fell off and hit her head. We didn’t realise it was bleeding till a little while later when I saw blood on her t-shirt.

Ant took her to A&E so it could be checked properly. She got a bit scared and didn’t want to go but between us we calmed her down. I gave her the red book we got from the hospital and told her she needed to give it to the nurse. Ant said she didn’t cry at all after being able to hold her special book 🙂

Ant said a really lovely nurse looked after Ella and put some magic glue on her wound. He couldn’t sing her praises enough. He said she was brilliant with Ella and Ella came away a very happy little girl who won’t be afraid to go to the hospital in future (here’s hoping it was her one and only visit!).

The nurse gave her a certificate of bravery and when she was showing it to me, she said, “I’m very proud of myself” 😀
We told her we very proud of her as well and thought she was wonderful to have been so brave.

KayCee didn’t want to sleep in their room on her own so she asked Aiden to sleep in her bed while she got the chair bed out.
When I took Ella to bed, KayCee said she went in the room and said, “hi guys, look who’s here!”.
Both KayCee and Aiden had been worried about her and were really happy to see her. I could see from Ella’s expression that she loved the reception they gave her and for tonight, at least, they were all happy to be back together.
I’m sure they’ll be bickering and arguing again in the morning!

While they were at the hospital, KayCee was worrying about them keeping Ella overnight because she said it wouldn’t feel right in the morning if Ella wasn’t here to come downstairs and sit on mummy’s lap for a cuddle before she got breakfast, like she does every morning.
KayCee’s a sensitive little soul and kept crying when Ella was worrying about having to go to the hospital.

Read 100 books – #10 – Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

I’ve loved Charlie and the chocolate factory, the book and the movie, for as long as I can remember and it was so lovely sharing it with my girls.

They enjoyed it but they seemed to prefer George’s Marvellous Medicine and The Twits judging by how many times they asked for ‘just one more chapter’  in the previous 2 books!

They haven’t picked a Roald Dahl book for their next bedtime story. KayCee chose Horrid Henry meets the Queen.
Ella doesn’t seem very impressed so we’ll see whether we get to finish it or whether they’ll decide to pick something else!

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