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20th April 2012

111 / 365 – Ella’s dress sense or lack thereof!

This is what Ella chose to wear to go to Aiden’s dad’s tonight. It’s not really the right weather for shorts and the tights are meant to be worn on Halloween but it was raining so at least the wellies were a good choice!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m afraid before I start this post, I have to ask my super wonderful husband to step away from the computer; as River Song says….. ‘Spoilers’!

We’re going to be making a Father’s Day gift so I thought it would be a good idea to gather some Father’s Day gift ideas together. We have to do it early because I need to buy the craft supplies and I’m terrible at leaving things to the last minute then running out of time!

Ok, now that the father in question has shut down the blog and resisited the temptation to peek! I can get on with the various crafts we’ve been looking at to make the perfect gift for daddy.

We always make a Father’s Day gift because Ant doesn’t care for the commercialism of Father’s Day.
I’ve been browsing Pinterest (where else?!) and found some lovely ideas although the first isn’t actually from Pinterest! It’s from one of my favourite blogs, Sticky Fingers.

1) Homemade photography gift
When I saw this I knew we were going to make it as a gift for someone. I hadn’t worked out who but grandparents were at the top of the list.
After seeing another version on Pinterest while browsing for Father’s Day gift ideas, I remembered that I bought a frame for this project the week Tara posted it but it had been put away and forgotten about.
I’m now going to find it out and round up the kids (who will, no doubt, run when I mention the word ‘photo’!) so we can get creative and make a wonderful keepsake for Daddy 🙂 It can be a joint present from all three of them.
Our frame has room for five photos and we have three kids (well, three at home….I’d need a bigger frame if I wanted to do all the kids as Ant has another six grown up children!) and I think I’m going to do this with them for the middle photo.

2) I think these footprint butterflies would be the perfect gift from Ella. She LOVES butterflies and ladybugs but what’s even more perfect, she loves painting herself so I know she’s going to really enjoy painting her feet!

3) I love this idea from Feeling Stitchy and I think it’s a project KayCee would love to do 🙂

4) Aiden and Ant share the same sense of humour and I know they’ll both think that a packet of doughnut seeds is a brilliantly funny idea! It’s a really easy gift as well, just print out a seed packet, cut it out and stick together then put in some cheerios for the seeds!

5) There’s a lovely free printable at A Proffittable Life using dad-ism’s that I can remember my dad saying so I might just make it into a fathers day card for him 🙂

6) This is a great idea from Lovely Design. I may possibly use it as one of the poses for the photo frame.

7) Another handprint idea is to make the handprint from each family member into the branches of a family tree although ours would have to be a lot bigger to incorporate all the children’s hands!

I have a few more ideas on my Father’s Day Pinterest board and no doubt will be adding to it as I come across more crafts.

If you have any links to Father’s Day crafts that you’d like to share, please feel free to let us know in the comments sections.
We’re always on the lookout for nice, homemade gift ideas 🙂

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