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13th April 2012

104 / 365 – Kitchen Makeover – End of Day Five

Has it really only been five days since we started the kitchen? It feels like many many more!

I want my living room back now, I want to be able to walk to the door without having to turn into a crab and walk sideways.

See that chair there? Well it used to be painted white and was decorated with lots of scratches, stains and chips (no darling hubby, not the potato kind!).
It’s now half decoupaged in green. The wrong green. It took me about four hours to cover the top half of the chair and ten seconds to take it into the kitchen to dry, only to find that it doesn’t look right because the green is the wrong shade!
Being the stupid incredibly intelligent person I am!, I never once took my chosen, printed pattern into the kitchen to see if the green on the paper matched the green on the walls before I started decoupaging.
The green on the paper is no where the green on the walls and I now have to find a green pattern that I like and that matches the walls.
I also have to either go over this chair with white paper*, hoping to cover the green, or do the other three chairs in the same green to then have to go over them all in my new, not yet found, green pattern. The reason being, it’s likely this green will show through and change the colour of my new green, leaving me with one odd chair.
This is now a project for another time when the children are away because I’m running out of time to get the kitchen finished.

The good thing is, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel….finally!

My SUPER WONDERFUL HUSBAND** has started getting the shelves up and he’s going to get the rest up in the morning. This means I can then get everything put away and Ant can get the rest of the floor down as soon as I’m done 🙂
I’m hoping to do my ‘before and after’ post sometime on Sunday 🙂

*EDIT: My SUPER WONDERFUL HUSBAND has just pointed out to me that I can just paint the chair white again…..doh! *slaps forehead*

**See his comment on yesterday’s post to find out why it’s in capitals!

Bigging up Betterware!

I think I’m probably too old to use the term, ‘bigging up’ but it’s done now so I’ll stick with it!

Anyway, to get on topic…I’ve had a couple of orders from Betterware in the last two weeks and I just wanted to say how impressed I am with their online ordering system.

I’ve had Betterware orders in the past but always from the person who drops a catalogue through your letterbox then delivers your order.
We haven’t had a Betterware catalogue for years and I’d totally forgotten about them until I was searching for Kleeneze on Google and saw a related link for Betterware.

I went to browse the site and couldn’t believe that I’d forgotten about all the stuff they sell!
As you probably know, I’m redoing my kitchen and over the last couple of weeks I’ve ordered lots of new things (:D… lots of shopping always makes me happy!!) from different companies including Very, The Range, Argos and Betterware.

I’ve had great service from all them but Betterware stood out from the crowd because of the emails they sent to me after my orders had been placed.
I got the usual confirmation email as expected and an email the next day to say my order had been dispatched, again, as expected but what I didn’t expect and what made me very happy was the email I got the next morning.
It told me that my order was due to be delivered that day between 11-12.
Not only did they tell me that my order was being delivered that day, they told me what time to expect it! I was, and still am, very impressed 🙂
You’re probably thinking that it doesn’t take much to make me happy and you’d be right!

I just feel that in this day and age of complaining about every little thing a company does wrong, it’s nice to shout out when they do something right.

I haven’t been paid or been given anything to write this post. I did it because I was extremely happy with my Betterware orders that I wanted people to know what great service they had given me.

Thanks Betterware…..I’ll definitely be back but don’t tell the hubby!

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