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19th March 2012

79 / 365 – A picture for Ella

We did a painting activity the other day and I only just noticed that KayCee made one especially for Ella. It was pink and sparkly…KayCee knows her sister well!
It made me melt just a little when I found this today.
I know they argue and annoy each other now but I hope they grow up to be best friends 🙂

Read 100 books – #9 – The Twits

Well we finished The Twits very quickly because the girls loved it that much, they kept asking for ‘just one more chapter’ whenever we came to the end of a chapter!
As with George’s Marvellous Medicine, they laughed out loud in lots of places and truly looked forward to story time each night.

They couldn’t decide whether to read Matilda or Charlie and the chocolate factory next so after a bit of discussion, they settled on Charlie and the chocolate factory.

We started it on Sunday night when they get home from Aiden’s dad’s and I’m loving it because as I said before, it was one of my favourite books when I was younger 🙂

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