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17th February 2012

Read 100 books – #6 – Pride & Prejudice

I’ve just finished reading Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice. It was an enjoyable read, if not an easy one!

I downloaded it for free onto my Kindle from Amazon.

When I first started reading it I was surprised because I expected it to be written in a Charles Dickens style (which I find very hard to read) but Jane Austin was a little easier to read. In fact, the first couple of chapters had me laughing out loud.
There continued to be some funny moments throughout the book but I did find that sometimes I’d read whole pages and didn’t have a clue what I’d read!

I got through it eventually but I think nI’ll stick to watching the tv adaptations from now on!

My next book is Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which I also downloaded for free from Amazon 🙂

Tag. You’re it!

I was tagged by Vanessa over at Housewives Incorporated over a week ago and I’m just getting round to doing my post.
Now any normal person would say something along the lines of, I’m so sorry, I’ve been run off my feet/I haven’t had a moment to sit down/it’s been so busy here I haven’t had a chance to do half the things I need to.

But no, I haven’t got an excuse because I’ve had the whole week to myself, to do with whatever I wanted, no kids around, husband at work most of the day; I just forgot!
If I don’t set myself reminders/alarms on my phone I totally forget things. I’m not actually sure what made me think about it this morning but I’m glad I did!
So, without more wittering on, here are the rules….

1) You must post the rules {check}
2) Post 12 fun facts about yourself in the blog post
3) Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and then create 12 new questions for the suckers victims fellow bloggers you plan to tag
4) Tag 12 people and link to them on your blog
5) Let them know you tagged them
Ok, this may take a while but here are 12 facts about me, not sure how ‘fun’ they’re going to be though!
1) I’m getting hooked on photography and today, after catching up on my blog posts I plan to spend the whole day snapping away on a DSLR that a friend has let me borrow. It feels like Christmas, I’m that excited!
2) I was convinced, growing up, that I wanted 6 children. It was the magic number for me, until I got to child number 3 and that was when I realised that my magic number was 3!
3) I have an older half sister who I’ve never met. She was born on Christmas Day and given up for adoption. My mum named her Claire but I don’t know if her adoptive parents kept the name. I live in hope that one she’ll get in touch.
4) I was so pleased to be asked to look after the schools stick insect for the summer holiday and so proud of the fact that I kept it alive.
On getting the jar out of my bag on the first day back to school, I discovered to my horror that I’d forgotten to empty the water out of the bottom and during our walk back to school it had fallen into the water and drowned. I remained upset for weeks after. Luckily our science teacher was lovely and didn’t make me feel too guilty!
5) My friend Lucy and I used to spend most of our summers at a pond catching newts. We’d sit for hours waiting for them to come to the surface for air. You had to have really quick reactions because they only took a second to get air then were off back down again. We made nets out wire coat hangers and our mum’s tights 🙂
6) My husband is 18 years older than me, 3 years younger than my mum and dad and I have 6 step children and 2 step grandchildren. I’m 35!
7) I’ve probably put this before but I’m struggling now! If I miss an episode of a tv series, I can’t carry on watching it until I watch the one I missed. If it’s not repeated I don’t watch the rest of the series.
8) Likewise with movies/tv shows, I can’t watch if I’ve not seen it from the very beginning. It does my head in when the TiVo box clips the start of a movie/programme if it overlaps. I’m slowly trying to wean myself off my stupidity!
9) I love Christmas; everything about it makes me happy and I look forward to September every year because that’s when I start my planning and preparation 🙂
10) I love the smell of churches. I used to go to Sunday School in a small chapel when I was younger and every time I walked in I’d notice the smell. Even though it can be described as musty, it was always pleasant to me.
11) I’ve had my ears pierced 5 times, 3 of them at the top part of the ear and I had my nosed pierced twice but now I never wear any jewellery. The holes at the top of my ear and my nose have closed up but the bottom ones are still there.
12) I used to be addicted to facebook, in particular, the games on facebook. I’d spend all day looking after my pets, my farms and my cafes! Then I found blogging and it’s so much more fun writing and reading other blogs 🙂
Now for Vanessa’s questions for me:
1. How many places outside the country you were born in have you visited? Feel free to name them if the list is short enough.
I was born in England and I’ve been to Scotland, Wales, France, Holland, New York State, Vermont and Boston.
2. Do you own a currently valid passport?
3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? And are you doing that now?
I wanted to be a nurse and I’m currently self employed. My husband and I offer web hosting, web design and pc repairs.
4. What (or where) would your dream holiday/vacation be?
Ant and I want to take a driving holiday through Europe and I’d love to do the same through the USA.
5. If you could invite ANYONE at all to a dinner party at your home, who would be top of the guest list and why?
I’d invite my grandparents and great grandparents. I only have one grandparent left and it makes me sad that I never really got to know my great grandparents.
6. If you could invite someone from history to the said dinner party, who would that be, and why?
it would have to be Anne Frank. I read her diary when I was about 12 and it made me cry. I visited the place they stayed in Holland. We weren’t allowed to go up the stairs behind the bookcase but just being in the building was very emotional for me.
7. What would be on the menu at the said dinner party?
It would probably be roast lamb because that’s my favourite meat and something chocolaty for dessert.
8. If you could change the World, where would you start? What would you do?
Where to start? Hunger, homelessness, child abuse. I don’t know what I’d do; I only wish I did.
9. When your cupboards are running bare, and you lack inspiration, what is your standby thing to make for dinner?
Sausage and pea risotto is so cheap and extremely filling.
10. How would you define happiness?
Hearing the children playing and laughing together fills me with happiness, as well as spending time with my husband. I truly love my life 🙂
11. If you could give your house/home a name, what would it be and why? (If your house already has a name, what is it and did you choose it?)
I’m not very creative when it comes to names (hence my blog name being just my name!) so I’m not even going to try!
12. What do you hope to accomplish through your blogging?
I hope the kids will look back when they’re older and have it bring back loads of happy memories.
Phew, that took me nearly 3 hours, with a short break in between to play a couple of rounds of solitaire (It helps me think!). Now it’s probably going to take twice as long to think of some questions for the people I have to tag and even longer to find 12 people to tag!
I’m going to tag
1) Confessions of a SAHM
4) AKA Muma
10) Chapters of Claire
12) Bot Bot Mama
and here are the 12 questions I’d like to ask you 🙂
1) What is the colour scheme of your main living area?
2) Who is your celebrity crush?
3) If you could buy one luxury item just for yourself without worrying about the money, what would it be?
4) Who was your first best friend?
5) Which Harry Potter Character is your favourite?
6) What’s the worst film you have ever watched?
7) Do you like reading books?
8) If yes, do you have a favourite?
9) Are you a Valentine’s Day romantic or grump?
10) Favourite pizza topping?
11) Do you have siblings?
12) Which 3 celebrities would you not want to get stuck in a lift with?
As usual with all these kind of tag posts, please don’t feel like you have to take part. If you do though, I’d love to read your answers so please feel free to leave me the link to your post in the comments section 🙂
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