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17th January 2012

Girl’s Room – Makeover

The girl’s room is finished, finally 🙂
I can’t believe how long it took and I’m absolutely shattered but it was all worth it. The girl’s love it.

Here are the before photos…


After 🙂







Mix Tape Monday…a day late!

The number one when I was born was You To Me Are Everything by The Real Thing. It’s a nice song so I’m happy with that! Don’t know what I thought I could do about it if I wasn’t lol

The had to go and look up the number ones for each of my children while I was looking for mine.
I have to confess that I’ve never heard of Aiden’s number one :S
It’s really not my kind of music and I’m a bit disappointed if I’m honest.
It’s called Toca’s Miracle by Fragma (never heard of Fragma either!)

I’m really happy with KayCee’s number one song….I’m a fan of James Blunt anyway and love the fact that KayCee’s number is called ‘You’re Beautiful’ 😀

I’ve never heard of Ella’s song either. Again, it’s not my kind of music. It’s called
The Way I Are by Timbaland featuring Kerri Wilson, D.O.E, Sebastian (never heard of any of them!)

The song I do remember when I was in hospital having Ella was by Rihanna and it was called Umbrella.
When any of the hospital staff asked what we’d called her they’d say, oh like that song…ella ella ella!

Lastly, the number one song when my hubby was born was by Tommy Edwards and was called All In The Game.

That was a very interesting way to spend half an hour!

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