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I had such high hopes of getting both coats of paint done in the girl’s bedroom today but instead I spent the morning sleeping and the afternoon watching tv, taking ibuprofen and wishing this headache would go away.

It’s still lingering and we have to wait up for our Tesco delivery 🙁 It’s my own fault for not doing the order sooner so I could get an earlier slot but it’s still annoying when all you want to do is go to bed.

I got the kids to help clear the rest of the rest of the bedroom tonight before bed so hopefully I’ll be able to get lots done tomorrow.
As well as painting the walls, I have to empty Ant’s set of drawers that he keeps all his ‘bits and bobs’ in then paint the front of the drawers. They’re an orangy brown at the moment and the unit is white. I’m leaving the unit white but painting the drawer fronts the same pink as the walls.

I have a feeling the beds and wardrobe will be delivered while the house is turned upside down and I’ll have no room for them!


Mix Tape Monday – Your first pop star crush

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I remember thinking that George Michael was the best looking person I had ever seen when I saw him on the Band Aid video in 1984. I know it’s a cliché but I actually felt my heart miss a beat!
I then remember feeling my face going beetroot red. I dared to glance at my dad and  I prayed he wouldn’t notice how red my face gone; I felt sure my face was flashing on and off like the blue lights on a police car and what’s more, it felt like I was in a cartoon and someone had drawn flashing yellow arrows pointing to my face, to alert my dad to the fact that I thought George Michael was absolutely gorgeous.

This was a totally new feeling for me and at the time, I obviously didn’t realise that I was experiencing my first crush!

I was 8 years old when Band Aid was released. This seems very young to me to have a crush so I’m wondering if I saw a repeat of it at a later date……….when I was much older!!

Someone bought me a small pillow with his face on for Christmas that year and I kissed him goodnight, every night for what seemed like years *shame* It was probably only a few months but I’m sure you remember the way time messes with your head when you’re a child!

So my mix tape Monday choice is Careless Whisper. I was in love with George, this song and the accompanying video for many years.

NO…..he doesn’t still make my knees weak and I moved my crush onto Jordan Knight of NKOTB (New Kids On The Block) from the second I saw him on the Smash Hits Poll Winners Party in 1989.
I just watched it on You Tube and now feel all nostalgic! Jordan was my biggest and longest crush and yes, I still think he’s lovely; I don’t, however, make up daydreams anymore about him pulling up to the kerb in his limo, rolling down the window and telling me that he saw me at their concert and has been frantically getting all his people to find out who I was because he just knew he wanted to marry me and whisk me off to America 😀

I do still have the box of posters, news clippings, wall clock, wristwatch and everything else NKOTB related I could find to spend my £5 a week pocket money on for over a year.
Every wall, the ceiling, both sides of the door and even inside the window frame was covered with pictures and articles of them. You couldn’t see a centimetre of the walls/ceiling/door and it took me days to take them all down when I grew up and carefully remove all the blue tac because, after all that time and money, there was no way I’d ever be able to throw it all away!!