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22nd September 2011

94 Days to Christmas

I’m not going to be able to use the print out from today’s tip. It’s a gift ideas planner and the point of it is to play close attention to friends and family and note things like sizes, colours and preferences.

We don’t live near any of my family and only live close to a small amount of Ant’s family so I can’t really take note of anything when I only see them all a few times a year!

It’s a good idea though and I’d definately use it if I lived closer to everyone.
As it is, I’ll steer clear of presents that I need to know specifics for, such as clothes. I like my presents to be surprises so I stay away from having to ask any questions that could give it away!

Listography – What makes my house a home.

This weeks listography is 5 things that make my house a home and this is my first go at listography.
I’m looking forward to joining in with lots more blog hops now I know where to look to find a list of them!

So here goes….5 things that make my house a home.

1) Books. They’re everywhere. The only place in the house that doesn’t have books is the front hall. There’s a book case there but it’s full of Buffy and Angel videos (yes, videos, not dvds. I spent a lot of time and money on ebay getting those collections of videos and they’ll be staying with me for a long time yet. Well, at least till we win the lottery and I order the entire contents of my numerous wish lists from amazon!!) instead of books.
The children have their own big bookcases in their rooms, we have a bookcase and a window ledge full of books in our room, there are books on top the bookcase(!) in the hall at the top of the stairs, (more videos, that we never watch but can’t get rid of, adorn the shelves of the bookcase!) in the kitchen, on lots of shelves in the living room, in boxes in the loft and there’s usually one in the bathroom belonging to Ant.
To say we were book lovers would be an understatement but I guess you got that already? 🙂

2) The dining set in the kitchen. It needs re-painting, it’s too small to put all the ‘serve yourself’ dishes of veg, plate of meat and gravy boat on but it does the job if you dish up the food on the kitchen counter and pass everyone their plates!
We sit together for a cooked meal every night and we really enjoy that family time. It’s special to me now and I hope when the children grow up, they’ll enjoy the memory of having a proper family dinner.

3) Photos. Ant was married for 18 years before we met. He had 8 children with his first wife but sadly 2 of their baby daughters died. Ant and Kathy were very happy together but Kathy got ill and died, leaving Ant to raise 6 children on his own.
Having such a big family means having lots of photographs. We have a photo wall in the living room with pictures from both of the families. When I moved in here, Ant’s youngest 2 children still lived at home and we discussed the photos we were going to put up.
We talked about having pictures of Kathy on the wall and I assured Ant that I had absolutely no problem with it at all. The boys needed pictures of their mum on the wall and I knew that whilst Ant would always love Kathy, he had moved on. If he had wanted one of his wedding pictures on the wall, next to our wedding picture, it would be fine with me.
We also have pictures on the wall up the stairs and plenty of room to add more as the children grow and more school photos are purchased….now we just need loads more frames to put them all in!

4) Pictures by the kids.
They love getting the blue tac and adding their pictures to the art display (basically, the doors!) in the living room.
I do have a clear out every so often when they start to get a bit raggedy but there’s always more on the way to fill the space! Which reminds me, we’re nearly out of blue tac so I must add it to the shopping list…which reminds me, I’m supposed to be doing a Tesco order for delivery tomorrow so I’d best hurry up, finish the post and get cracking so I can feed my lovely family tomorrow!

5) The hall to the front door when it becomes a play area for KayCee and Ella. They bring their duvets and pillows, dolls and teddies down and create their own house/school/hospital, any place that has someone in charge….and that someone in charge is always KayCee. She likes organising and ordering around, people/dolls/teddies and she’s quite good at it! Ella is now starting to assert herself though and doesn’t put up with being bossed around as much as she used to!
They tend to play very nicely together and for quite a long time when they retreat into their own little shared world 🙂

I enjoyed thinking about all the things that make our house a home and I look forward to taking part in more listographys in the future 🙂
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