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19th September 2011

97 Days to Christmas

My holiday planning centre is in my bedroom. I use boxes on the top of the wardrobe to keep the presents in as I buy them and I use the bed to do all the wrapping 🙂
I’ve not been as organised this year as I usually am but I have a few presents stashed away up there,
I need to check my spreadsheet to see what gift wrapping items I put away when I bought sale items in January. I seem to remember I got some bargains and I don’t think I need to buy cards this year.
I do need to stock up on sellotape, that I know for sure because kids can not resist sellotape and they’ve nearly used all mine up!
Do you have a designated planning centre?

Britmums prompt of the week

The Britmums prompt for this week is:

I cannot live without….

My first thought, obviously, was my beautiful children and wonderful husband but I’m not in the mood to get all mushy this morning!
My next most favourite thing in the world is my laptop but as I said, I’m not in the mood to get mushy!!
So I thought really really hard (yes, darling, my head is hurting! :P) and that’s when it hit me….I could not, ever, never, ever go back to washing dishes by hand ever again!

We bought our first dishwasher, second hand for £50 and it lasted really well. We decided to get a new one when funds allowed and I have to admit to being more than a little happy when we went dishwasher shopping goes a little red with embarrassment and practically ecstatic when it got delivered 🙂 Ok, slight exaggeration but you get the point!
I really hated doing dishes and I’d like to thank the inventor of the dishwasher for making me happier!

Luckily, the prompt doesn’t say you can only have one thing you can’t live without so I have to give our Virgin+ box a mention!
I was a loyal Sky customer since leaving home and getting my own place but a couple of years ago, I lost my job not long after Ant had gone self employed so money was extremely tight. In an effort to cut our spending, we combined our tv, broadband and phone, as you do, and got a good deal with Virgin.
Ant and I don’t go out to pubs, the cinema, restaurants etc (through choice….we’re homebodies!) so the tv is our entertainment and we watch A LOT of shows. It would be a nightmare trying to watch them all without being able to record 2 more channels while watching another and the ‘record series’ function is my best friend!

Ok, I’m coming across as a little geeky and maybe a tad boring now so I’m going to leave it there!!

Thanks Britmums, for a great prompt. Head on over to add your link 🙂