Proud parents’ alert!

Proud Parents

Aiden got his SATS results today and to say we’re proud parents feels like a huge understatement. He got level five in the three subjects tested (English, maths & science) and was glowing with happiness when I read out his results 😀

His dad had come early to pick him up for the weekend so he was here to hear the good news.  My mum had come to see us as well. We just couldn’t stop smiling at him and telling him how brilliant he was.
Aiden phoned Ant to tell him. You could see from his face that it was a phone call he really enjoyed making!

He was quite worried and a little bit stressed during his SATS and we kept telling him not to worry. As long as he did his best we’d be happy and that’s what he did 🙂
His school report was also brilliant and it all served to boost his confidence to new levels today!

Well done Aiden, we all love you and are so proud of you 🙂