Looking round the garden during one of my many rest breaks, I noticed the little ornamental gnomes that we put on the branches of a tree a few years ago.
We bought 5 of them from ASDA. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them; they’re just so cute!
I forget they’re there for the most part which is a good thing because when I do notice them, they make me smile all over again 🙂

I went through a stage where I bought garden ornaments by the dozen and that was the only real interest I took in the garden. I’m more interested in designing and getting things growing now but I’m still looking forward to setting out the few ornaments we have left (we went on holiday last year and some kids from the estate came into our garden and broke a lot of them) in between the newly grown shrubs and flowers.
I love to walk round a garden and spy little treasures hidden between the plants and in trees.
I especially like fantasy creatures such as fairies

and gnomes

but I also like those moles that look like they’re popping up out of the ground or a set of colourful toadstools pushed into the soil.

I haven’t seen any ornaments this year that have grabbed my attention as much as those little gnomes but I’ll keep looking because if there’s one thing I enjoy doing, it’s buying things!

*waits for hubby to frown at me when he reads that last line!!* 😀