Rain stopped play

We were on a roll in the garden yesterday, until the rain decided to drop in on us!

Ant had all but finished the woodwork for the raised beds (we’re waiting on more wood being delivered) and we’d started to fill it in with soil.
We’re taking the soil from the garden as that’s where we put all the extra we dug out of the pond a few years ago. We spread it over the lawn area so it raised it up a bit then covered it with turf.

Now we have to dig it all back up, which was made a lot easier by my brother coming and rotavating it the other day. We bought some trugs, which are great for shifting the soil from one place to another and we got half of the bed filled before the rain started.

Rain stopped play yesterday. We'd nearly got the raised beds filled with soil

Today’s plan is to do the ironing before anything else :/ then get out in the garden and start digging up a load of stones from the old pond. We’re going to line the bottom of the border with stones to aid drainage then fill with a mixture of soil and compost.
I’m going to do some more research today to find some plants that are suitable for partial shade. The border is down the side of the main path that leads to the back door so we want something pretty and fragrant 🙂
Any ideas will be gratefully received!