Halloween 2009

We’ve had a lovely Halloween đŸ™‚

We’ve spent the day doing Halloween activities. We did pumpkin carving and made spookily shaped cookies. We also made marshmallow ghosts, chocolate covered apples and green jelly with spiders.

Aiden’s gone to his cubs Halloween party tonight and the girls have been in charge of handing out the cookies to the trick or treaters.
Ant joined in with the dressing up and scared some of the younger trick or treaters! He did look quite scary and I think he may have made a few of the parents jump as well!!

Ant Halloween 2009

Aiden Halloween 2009

Ella Halloween 2009

Kaycee Halloween 2009

Kaycee Halloween 2009

Halloween Pumpkins 2009


The girls look forward to it for most of the year and have been excited all day! Ella, especially, loves the dressing up costumes. She wears them all year round!