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Jungle Dogs Review

Like many kids, mine love hot dogs but we don’t have them very often because I’m always unsure of exactly what it is they’re putting in them.

When Jungle dogs offered to send us some hot dogs that are made from all pork, with more meat than other hot dogs and they don’t have any artificial colours or flavours, we couldn’t wait to try them 🙂

We talked about the best way to have them for dinner tonight and the girls were in full agreement….hot dogs and spaghetti.

We do our hot dogs and spaghetti a little differently to the conventional way because it’s so much fun! Check out our pictures below 🙂








The girls, Aiden and I all thought these hot dogs tasted delicious and at only £1 for 6 from Asda, they’re affordable as well!

Disclosure: We were sent some Jungle dogs to review; all opinions are honest and accurate.

3rd Weigh in

If you’ve read my post….Okay, so it’s not a tumor, you’ll know that I have to lose a lot of weight to be able to have an operation to sort out a hernia.

So week three and I’ve undone the holiday damage I did last week! 😀
I’m back to 28st 12lb so now I can work on getting rid of my first stone.


Credit – Bing Public Domain

I’m really pleased, especially I’ve not been tracking my calories this week. By not tracking, I mean I haven’t been logging everything I eat at Sparkpeople but I have been keeping a mental track and making sure I keep my portion sizes down and my snacks reasonably healthy!

I’ve failed before, many times because I get fed up of having to weigh everything and write it all down. I can’t live like that forever and I need to permanently change my eating habits so I need to be able to rely on my will power to not have food when I’m not hungry, keep my portion sizes down and eat less junk and more fruit and veg.

My weight loss this week means I can have my Friday night treat and I’ve ordered a Chinese takeaway from ASDA with the delivery I’m getting today.
It’s so much cheaper than getting one from a Chinese restaurant and I’m really looking forward to it; it’s been ages since we’ve had Chinese takeaway.

So next week is photo week. I’ll try and remember to get Ant to take a picture when he comes for lunch 🙂

Thanks for your continued support xx

ASDA Chosen by You – Not by me!

I’m usually a Tesco online customer. I’ve been having my shopping delivered by Tesco since I was pregnant with KayCee (now 6) and will continue to be a Tesco customer while I continue to get great service.
However, if we have to actually go out to the shops, we go to ASDA. It’s closer and out of town.
We went in the summer holidays to get the back to school stationery and some other stuff for Aiden and ended up spending far too much on impulse buys!
The next morning, I checked ASDA’s price guarantee and they gave us back over £6 because we could have got our shopping cheaper elsewhere.
What’s all this got to do with ASDA’s Chosen by You range I hear you ask?
Well, because we got this money back, sent as online vouchers to my ASDA account, I decided to have an ASDA delivery this week and ordered much the same as I usually do from Tesco.

We love Tesco’s expensive sausages range but when we can’t afford those, we have frozen Irish sausages.
They taste lovely, although not as meaty as the expensive ones, obviously, and don’t shrink when they’ve been cooked.

In comparison, the frozen Irish sausages we got from ASDA were in a completely different league. I thought I’d bought value ones by mistake but I checked and they were the Chosen by You ones.
I can’t actually believe that anyone would choose to eat these sausages, let alone describe them as having met the high standard of ASDA customers….

Here’s ASDA’s blurb about their Chosen by you, frozen Irish sausages:

Lightly seasoned No artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat Lightly seasoned pork sausages. CHOSEN BY YOU We believe customers are the best judges of the quality of our food. That’s why every ‘Chosen by you’ product has been tried and tested by you. It’s only when our products meet your high standards that we put them in our ‘Chosen by you’ range. Source: Cambridge Market Research 2010

Now don’t get me wrong, I know that £1.50 for 20 sausages is not going to get me gold standard ones but the least I expect is for them to taste nice, not to shrink to half their size and not leave behind this amount of fat from 8 sausages…

I certainly won’t be buying them again and I won’t be taking any notice of the ‘Chosen by you’ strip on any of the products sold by ASDA, but to be fair, this is the first time I’ve felt so let down by an ASDA product (if you don’t count shoes from George, a George manager who made me feel about 10cm tall and a mini battle of wills to get what was rightfully mine!) and I will continue to shop there.

After all, it’s one product out of thousands I’ve bought over the years and I do enjoy shopping at my local ASDA. The staff are all lovely and there are sometimes great bargains to be had, especially when a season is coming to an end, like when the gardening stock went on sale. Compost was half price so we stocked up!

Anyway, that’s my little moan for the week.
Don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of those sausages!