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Fairy garden house

Well it didn’t quite go as planned but we did eventually get a fairy house made!
I think our original choice of house was very ambitious for a first try, especially without the help of the super wonderful husband!

Before we even started, I decided not to try that one today as it’s going to take a lot longer to plan and collect everything we need, including getting Ant to help 🙂

I found another, easier fairy house but it turned out we didn’t have enough straight pieces of wood.
The girls were really looking forward to making a fairy house so I didn’t want to change the project at the last minute so I improvised with a plastic mushroom tub, some hanging flower basket lining, a glue gun and some sticks.

The girls loved using the glue gun (I was right by their side the whole time) and both of them were very sensible.
We cut a door and some windows out of the plastic box then glued the hanging basket liner all over it.
We then glued some sticks together and made a roof.


Stopping for a snack!



I reckon it makes a better hat than a fairy house mum!

Ella especially was very excited about having our first house for our fairy garden and took it straight outside to put it in place!

Father’s Day – Folding picture gift – A tutorial

This is a sponsored post*

We’re getting organised early for Father’s Day this year. I hope you enjoy our Father’s Day Folding Picture Gift Tutorial. If you make one of these with your children, we’d love to see your results 🙂
If you don’t get chance to make your father’s day cards, you can get some really lovely ones at Hallmark cards.

To Daddy – do not read until after Father’s Day!

The girl’s love drawing and writing and I’m always finding pictures or notes left for us lying around.
I thought it would be nice to save any special ones and give them as a gift for Father’s Day. I remembered a craft I’d done with the children in an infants school I was placed in when doing my nursery nurse training and knew the girls would love to make these for daddy.

All you need is a piece of A4 paper and some card.

Cut two luggage tag shapes from the piece of card then get the child/ren to draw a special picture for daddy or print out some special photos if they’re too young to draw.
They can also decorate the card pieces if you like.

Fold the paper, concertina style.

Then fold in it three

Glue a piece of card to each end of the paper


so it can be opened out

Make holes on each side and tie some pretty ribbon through them.

And there you have it, a lovely keepsake for Daddy 🙂

Today’s 365 photo

I’m going to let Ella decorate this one and get KayCee to make her own.

We’ve got more crafts to do before Father’s Day; I can’t wait to see Ant open them all 🙂

*Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a
“sponsored post.” The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash
payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only
recommend products or services I use personally and/or believe will be good for
my readers.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I’m afraid before I start this post, I have to ask my super wonderful husband to step away from the computer; as River Song says….. ‘Spoilers’!

We’re going to be making a Father’s Day gift so I thought it would be a good idea to gather some Father’s Day gift ideas together. We have to do it early because I need to buy the craft supplies and I’m terrible at leaving things to the last minute then running out of time!

Ok, now that the father in question has shut down the blog and resisited the temptation to peek! I can get on with the various crafts we’ve been looking at to make the perfect gift for daddy.

We always make a Father’s Day gift because Ant doesn’t care for the commercialism of Father’s Day.
I’ve been browsing Pinterest (where else?!) and found some lovely ideas although the first isn’t actually from Pinterest! It’s from one of my favourite blogs, Sticky Fingers.

1) Homemade photography gift
When I saw this I knew we were going to make it as a gift for someone. I hadn’t worked out who but grandparents were at the top of the list.
After seeing another version on Pinterest while browsing for Father’s Day gift ideas, I remembered that I bought a frame for this project the week Tara posted it but it had been put away and forgotten about.
I’m now going to find it out and round up the kids (who will, no doubt, run when I mention the word ‘photo’!) so we can get creative and make a wonderful keepsake for Daddy 🙂 It can be a joint present from all three of them.
Our frame has room for five photos and we have three kids (well, three at home….I’d need a bigger frame if I wanted to do all the kids as Ant has another six grown up children!) and I think I’m going to do this with them for the middle photo.

2) I think these footprint butterflies would be the perfect gift from Ella. She LOVES butterflies and ladybugs but what’s even more perfect, she loves painting herself so I know she’s going to really enjoy painting her feet!

3) I love this idea from Feeling Stitchy and I think it’s a project KayCee would love to do 🙂

4) Aiden and Ant share the same sense of humour and I know they’ll both think that a packet of doughnut seeds is a brilliantly funny idea! It’s a really easy gift as well, just print out a seed packet, cut it out and stick together then put in some cheerios for the seeds!

5) There’s a lovely free printable at A Proffittable Life using dad-ism’s that I can remember my dad saying so I might just make it into a fathers day card for him 🙂

6) This is a great idea from Lovely Design. I may possibly use it as one of the poses for the photo frame.

7) Another handprint idea is to make the handprint from each family member into the branches of a family tree although ours would have to be a lot bigger to incorporate all the children’s hands!

I have a few more ideas on my Father’s Day Pinterest board and no doubt will be adding to it as I come across more crafts.

If you have any links to Father’s Day crafts that you’d like to share, please feel free to let us know in the comments sections.
We’re always on the lookout for nice, homemade gift ideas 🙂

97 / 365 Making butterflies

Today we made butterflies for the Easter table centrepiece 🙂
We have quite a few more things that we planned to make but we’re running out of time; as long as we get some eggs made to hang from the branches we’re using for the centrepiece, we’ll have enough decorations.


95 / 365 Paper Spring Flowers

Today we made paper spring flowers for our Easter Sunday, dinner table decorations.
I made some flower templates then drew round them on different coloured paper.
I cut them out then using the end of the closed scissors, scored each petal down the middle and folded them. I also cut out different coloured circles for the middle of each.


The girls then glued the circles in the middle of each flower….


smiled for the camera!….


then decorated the middles with rolled up tissue paper


Ella then took time out to learn how to balance a spoon on her nose, as shown to her by their friend who had come round to play.


This is today’s 365 photo
I made some stems from green paper by folding about a centimetre in from the edge then folding it over and over about 5 or 6 times. I them covered them in sellotape to give them extra strength.
I’d saved some meat paste jars earlier in the year, thinking they’d make nice little vases for the Easter table and I was right! We filled them with micro eggs (well I filled 2 of them because the kids had eaten the other bags of eggs I’d bought and now I have to get more!) and put the stems in. I taped some Easter ribbon round the top to disguise the screw part of the glass.
I taped the flowers onto the stems……
and ended up with this lovely little vase of Easter spring flowers, perfect for our Easter dining table 🙂
Tomorrow we’re going to make hanging Easter Eggs out of tin foil for the main table decoration.

Calm Jars

I saw these on Pinterest and had to have a go when someone made them for the Pin Addicts challenge last month.


However, I didn’t have any pink or blue food colouring, glitter glue or tubes of glitter as the girls had used them all on Monday so I figured I’d try it with the only glittery thing we had left; glitter paint.
We’ve got gold, silver and pink glitter paint and the gold only had about one quarter left so I thought I’d try that.

I filled a jar with hot water from the tap then squeezed in the gold paint. It looked like a sparkly gold worm lying at the bottom of the jar and I felt sure it wasn’t going to work. I gave it a good shake anyway and was delighted to find it worked perfectly 🙂

No need for glitter glue, extra glitter or food colouring. The colouring in the paint colours the water and the paint makes the water thicker so the glitter floats nicely.

The girls LOVE it and KayCee asked if she could make a pink one so I saved her the next jar I emptied. Of course, Ella wanted to make one then so there’s a jar in the dishwasher for her for tomorrow! She’s going to make a silver one.

We also added warm water to the paint bottles, put the lid back and removed the label. The girls had a friend round to play today who also liked the calm jars so KayCee gave her the gold and pink paint bottle ones for her to take home for herself and her brother 🙂

56 / 365 Crochet #pinaddicts

I taught myself how to crochet and I have no idea why I thought it was so hard! I’ve tried before and just couldn’t get the hang of it.
I chose learning to crochet as one of my day zero challenges and finally decided to go for it the other day when I kept seeing lovely crochet projects on Pinterest.

I bought a kit from Ebay that included a plastic crochet hook and everything needed to make the caterpillar you can see in the picture.
I didn’t do very well from the instructions that came with the kit so I checked out some of the pins I’d seen on Pinterest and with the help of Vanessa from Do You Mind If I Knit? and some videos on You Tube, I picked it up really easily!

Now I’m not saying I’m any good yet which is why I’m not going to try and show you how to crochet for this pin addicts post! I’ve only done basic stitches and haven’t followed a proper pattern but I’m looking forward to learning and getting more adventurous 🙂

I went on to make some hearts and a flower which have all been claimed by the kids!

Pattern and video



For my next project I want someone I know to have a baby so I can make these adorable baby boots!

I’m linking up with this months Pin Addicts 🙂

Autumn Tree. Part Two

Autumn Tree. Part Two

Click Here if you missed part one – Foot and hand print leaves.

I drew the outline of the tree in pencil then taped it to the floor and let the girls loose with the paint 🙂


While the paint was drying the girls cut out the ‘leaves’. Ella didn’t quite get the fact that you need to cut round the shapes to make the leaves….she cut straight lines round her hand prints because it was ‘easier and she’s four now so she can do it like that if she wants to’!


When the paint had dried, they glued the leaves on then started drawing bugs, birds and lots of other things that I’m not quite sure what they are and attached those to the tree as well.
Ella even cut out some pink writing and glued it to the tree because it was pink and she wanted too!
KayCee was trying to keep it real and make it look lifelike, I think, so she protested a little when Ella wanted to stick the pink writing on but we talked her round.

We hung it on the door and took pictures of their handy work 🙂

You can’t see the bugs and birds properly because the girls drew them but didn’t colour them in.
It looks better when you colour them in and cut round the shapes but they girls had free reign with this project and enjoyed every minute of it so this is how it’s staying!
We had a great time making our tree and we’re planning on replacing this one with a Christmas tree and making the decorations in December 🙂

Autumn Tree. Part One

The nights are drawing in, the girls can’t play outside for as long after school and the, ‘I’m bored’ whinging has begun.

It’s time to organise some indoor play so this is our first installment. We’re going to paint a huge picture of a tree and make various things to attach to it, like leaves and birds.
Last night, in between making the yummy Millionaire’s Shortbread we did hand and foot printing.

Yes it’s messy and yes it takes ages to clear up and yes, I really dislike clearing up after a painting session but these girls love anything to do with paint so I just got on with it and enjoyed spending the time together.




We used different shades of oranges, yellows and browns because we’re going to turn our foot and handprints into autumn leaves which we’ll attach to the tree.

I did this activity with Aiden when he was about Ella’s age and he was really proud of his tree.
It’s going to be very big so we’re using a door to display it as we don’t have any wall space big enough.
We have a big roll of paper that Ant got from somewhere ages ago but you could always buy an end of the line roll of wallpaper from your local DIY shop.
Our local B&M sell the rolls of wallpaper and borders for about 50p/£1 when they come to the end of the line.

I’ll get the girls to cut out their prints tomorrow when they get home from school. That’ll keep them quiet while I do dinner then we’ll hang the paper and paint our tree.

Check back for our next installment on Saturday 🙂

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