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Which Beers Pair Best with Your Favourite Vegetarian Dishes?

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Have you switched to a healthier vegetarian fare but wonder which beer goes best with your new diet? Most people easily assume that beer at the table can only go down well with meat dishes. Beer and meat pairings are gaining popularity at a fast rate, leaving out vegetarians who love the occasional pint. 

beers to pair with vegetarian food
Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

You have a wide range of beer options to explore. While the canned or bottled beer in your fridge might be your natural choice, you could try more flavourful draught beer. You can easily set up a beer dispenser at home with a rig that comes complete with CO2 cylinder canister bottles. Beer enthusiasts say draught beer has more intense flavours, good for pairing with meals. 

Here are some tips on exploring beer and vegetarian pairs:

Pairing Contrasting Flavours 

Contrasting pairs give a range of flavours that can make your meal feel more adventurous. A beer with intense flavours pairs well with sweet flavoured foods. The competing flavours will grab your palate wonderfully. For example, a pale lager mixes well with garlic vegetarian kebabs.

Pairing Complementing Flavours 

Complementing flavours double up to feel more intense on the palate. For example, pairing sweet flavoured foods with smooth malty lagers brings out the sweeter food flavours more strongly. Beers with higher hops content go well with foods with sharp flavours.

Anything Goes 

You are not restricted to contrasting or complementing pairs. You can take it as an exploratory journey. There are hundreds of beer brands spread out across the spectrum of flavours, from smooth malts to strong and bitter stouts. You can also cook with beer after you have mustered the flavours. 

Here are some beer and vegetarian dishes to start you off:

Potato Fries (Frites)

Pairs with Blond ales, lagers and Oktoberfest style beers 

They may be unhealthy in large quantities, but potato fries are a huge favourite for many people. Vegan and non-vegan alike. They have a light flavour which tastes better with a dash of salt. A bit of ketchup or other tangy sauce adds to the range of flavours. Fries pair well with ales or lagers which cleanse the palate. 

Cheese Sandwiches 

Pairs with Dark or Pale ales  

Cheese dishes and snacks pair well with almost all beers. Cheddar cheese pairs well with bitter IPAs, while a grilled cheese sandwich goes down well with a Pale ale. Cheese with strong flavour, like goat or blue cheese pairs well with slightly bitter ales or dark lagers. Cheese and beer pairs are underrated. The carbon in the beer tones down the acidity of the cheese and cleanses the palate off the fatty flavours. You can also try these beers with vegetarian pizza. 


Pairs with Indian Pale ales and Hoppy Lagers 

This popular Indian rice dish presents a spectrum of flavours from assorted herbs and spices. You can opt for an Indian pale ale, with its cleansing effect, which makes every new bite a new experience. If you would like to intensify the flavours, go for a hoppy Lager.

Legume Dishes

Pairs with Dark ales and Stouts 

Legume dishes like beans, chicken peas, and pulses are favourites for rich vegan flavours. They pack intense flavours as well, especially with a dash of herbs and spices. A dark stout is a perfect pair for a heavy and flavourful stew. Stouts with chocolate or coffee flavours create an intense contrast with these dishes. You can add a bit of beer when cooking to intensify the flavours in these stews. 

Exploring beer and vegan dishes pairs is a journey your palate will relish. There are thousands of combinations to try. 

Simple Tips To Follow When You Are Looking For The Best Real Estate Agent

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real estate
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Real estate transactions here in the UK or any other country for that matter are lengthy, complex, and time-consuming processes. This is the reason why you should always seek help from real estate agents when you are trying to sell your home, buy a home or rent a property you already own.

Since the internet is packed with real estate agents and agencies who claim to be the best, how can you choose the one that can meet your unique needs?

Well, that is easy.

All you would have to do is follow the tips mentioned below and you will be sorted –

Make sure that the agent or agency is backed by class-leading credentials

Wirral estate agents or any other professional associated with the real estate sector has to be a member of ‘The Property Ombudsman Scheme’ in case they want to legally carry out their business in the UK. In case the professional or agency you have selected is not a member of the aforementioned scheme then you won’t be able to launch a complaint against them in case of a mishap.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that the real estate agent or agency that you have chosen is also a member of the following renowned organisations –

  • NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents)
  • Guild of Property Professionals
  • RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).

Invite all shortlisted agents to appraise your property

After you have shortlisted the real estate agents or agencies, ask each professional or agency representative on separate days to come and appraise your property.

Now, your initial motive could be to choose an agent that offers you the highest price for your property but that would be an unwise decision. You see, a real estate agent who can offer their expertise all the while making sure that their appraisals and work are backed by fairness and honesty should be the ideal pick.

Hence, proceed with caution.

Make sure that the agent or the agency has been in the sector for a while

You must hire a real estate agent or an agency that has been in the business of helping their clients to buy, sell or rent the latter’s respective properties for a while.

It is a known fact that experience matters the most when you are looking for guaranteed results from a professional hired to help you in sensitive matters such as a real estate transaction. Hence, if you want to make sure that the real estate agent will not leave you out in the open, hung to dry, just remember to hire a professional or an agency that has been in the real estate sector for at least 5 years.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, also make sure that the real estate agent or agency you have chosen to help you with your real estate transaction will be advertising your property in both traditional as well as digital mediums. Furthermore, also make sure that a representative of the real estate agent will be present on-site when buyers or tenants will be coming in to view your property. For more details about how a real estate agent or agency can help you with your real estate transactions, click here.

Photowall Mushroom Village Canvas Review

You may remember a post I did last year about Photowall. They sent me a gorgeous wall canvas and I absolutely fell in love with it.

Treasure Hunt Bookcase canvas

So much so, that the super wonderful husband bought me a Treasure Hunt Bookcase notebook, diary and a cross-stitch chart for Valentine’s day 🙂

Treasure Hunt Bookcase cross stitch cahrt from Heaven and Earth Designs
Treasure Hunt Bookcase notebook

I’ve not started stitching yet as I’m still in the process of buying all the embroidery floss but I can’t wait to get started!

Photowall Mushroom Village Canvas

It took me ages to choose a new canvas this time because I didn’t automatically go to the fantasy section. I wanted to see if there were other designs that I’d fall in love with.
It took me so long because they have thousands of different designs!

As you can see from the name of the canvas I picked, I didn’t fall in love with any other designs; I was drawn back to the fantasy section and knew as soon as I saw the Mushroom Village canvas that I had to have it.

I have to say that the photos do not do the colours justice. In real life it’s vibrant with loads of detail.

Mushroom Village wall canvas 110cm x 70cm

Easy Assembly

As before, the super wonderful husband assembled the canvas in no time at all.
It comes with everything you need including the canvas, a wooden frame that has 3M double-sided tape already attached, metal brackets, screws, a wall hanging set and easy to follow instruction sheet.

Mushroom village box contents
Wooden frame and rolled up canvas
Metal brackets and fixings
instruction sheet

It looks wonderful on the wall and I’m so very pleased with 🙂

The lovely people at Photowall have given me a 25% discount code to share with you.
It’s valid for 2 months from the date of this post.

Just type in – shelllouise25 at the checkout.

Please note: I received the wall canvas from Photowall in return for this review, however, all opinions are my own.

The Guide to Buying A Home Safe in Ireland

home safe
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Do you keep a lot of valuables at home? Are they sufficiently protected? If not, you should consider investing in a home safe to safeguard all your treasures.

These lockable boxes provide excellent protection in the event of a burglary, fire, and flood; making sure your cash, jewellery, rare coins, and important documents remain intact. There are numerous safe shops, such as Safes Ireland, offering a large selection of high-quality home and office models.

The guide below will help you purchase the right one.

Choose the right type of lock

The primary consideration when shopping for a home safe in Ireland should be the type of lock. These lockable boxes come with various locking mechanisms, such as mechanical, electronic, and fingerprint locks. Each of these mechanisms has its own advantages and drawbacks, which should be considered prior to making a decision.

For instance, mechanical locks boast excellent resistance against humidity and cold temperatures, hence suitable for even the dampest rooms in the house. Since these locks use keys, you will not be required to change batteries. Nevertheless, the use of keys comes with disadvantages for safes used by more than one individual. Giving a key copy to each user is far easier than getting these copies back if you suddenly opt for such a step.

Electronic locks, on the other hand, involve no inconvenience when it comes to making key copies, as these come with a couple of codes. Anyhow, users have to learn the way in which these locking mechanisms operate in order to use them safely. Home safes with electronic locks should not be placed in damp rooms, as electronics is highly susceptible to moisture.

open home safe

Ultimately, fingerprint locks provide easy access to home safes, as these require neither a key nor a code to open be opened. All users have to do is scan their fingerprints for the box to open. Fingerprint technology allows multiple individuals to have access by allowing each user to scan his/her fingerprint. Nevertheless, fingerprint locks have to of superb quality to prevent tampering. Click here to gain a better understanding of fingerprint identification, techniques, and validity.

Select the right size

After you opt for the best type of lock, move on to selecting the right box capacity. There is a wide assortment of small, medium-sized, and large models in Ireland, designed to store different numbers and types of valuables. For example, small safes can only be used for storing a few belongings like several pieces of jewellery, little cash, passports, etc. These models are not suitable for individuals planning to increase the number of valuables in the future.

Moreover, medium-sized safes are the most common choice of homeowners. These models have the capacity to store more jewellery, even if the pieces are placed inside a jewellery box. The same goes for documents and boxes with cash. Nevertheless, it’s important for buyers to check the size of the opening so as to prevent unwanted surprises.

Last but not least, large home safes are best suited for homeowners living in spacious houses, where such lockable boxes can be placed in a separate room. Jewellery and cash aren’t the only valuables one can store inside them. People can also store weapons, guns, certificates, stocks, insurance policies, and other items without worrying about a lack of space. These models come with a couple of shelves for users to keep everything tidy.

What about fire resistance?

Fire resistance is a vital aspect to consider when shopping for a home safe, particularly in fire-prone areas. In order to protect important papers, the security box is supposed to provide protection against fire for a limited period. Most fire-resistant models provide a thirty-minute resistance, whereas high-end models come with a resistance of at least one hour. Normally, you should not be surprised by the higher price of the latter.

Additionally, a fire-resistant model is essential if you plan to store plenty of cash, stocks, bonds, USBs, invoices, birth certificates, passports, etc. The following link,, explains the reasons for owning a fireproof safe and the items you should keep inside it.


Protecting your valuables should be your top priority.

You can never be too careful!

Profitable Work at Home Jobs in 2021

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Working from home is something that more and more people have started to do over recent years. Thanks to advancements in technology, it has now become possible for people to develop full-time careers doing work at home jobs, and they can earn a very good income at the same time.

If you want to work from home, there are various career options you can consider ranging from online retail to working on cam sites. In fact, there are more options than ever for people who want to work from home in 2021. In this article, we will look at some of the most profitable ones.

work from home
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels
Copyright: Pexels I License: CC0 Public Domain

Some of the Options to Consider

The good news is that there are lots of options for those who want to work from home and earn a good income. Some of the profitable jobs you can do from home include:

Freelance Writing Work

If you want to work for yourself and do something that you enjoy, online writing is a great option. For those who like to get online to conduct research, this is an excellent way to make a good living. Of course, you need to have a flair for writing, and you also need to be able to work efficiently and meet deadlines.

If you can do this, you could work on all sorts of content such as marketing materials, blog posts, editorials, press releases, and much more. You can set up a home office where you can work in peace, and you could end up working for clients from around the world.

Digital Marketing Services

You may want to consider tapping into the popularity of digital service by working as a digital marketer. In today’s digital world, this method of marketing has become crucial for businesses of all sizes. From small businesses and start-up companies to major corporations – they all use this type of marketing to some degree.

So, as a digital marketing services provider, you could find yourself in demand and you have the potential to earn a very good income. You do need to have some skills and knowledge when it comes to the world of digital marketing to make a success of this type of home business venture. However, you can take online courses if you do not already have the necessary skills and expertise.

Remote Customer Services

If you prefer to work for an employer rather than for yourself, one thing you can do is remote customer services work. Our move into the digital era means that more and more businesses are now looking for customer service employees that work from home.

You may find yourself dealing with customers by phone and online using platforms such as email, messaging apps, and social media. You can then earn a regular salary and enjoy the security of being employed while also benefiting from working from home.

working from home
Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels
Copyright: Pexels I License: CC0 Public Domain

Online Accountancy Work

For those who like to crunch numbers, online accountancy work is a great choice of work-from-home career. You can work for both individuals and businesses when you set up on a freelance basis, and this enables you to enjoy greater diversity when it comes to your work. From helping people with tax returns to assisting businesses with all areas of their finances, you will find plenty of ways to make money.

You need to have some level of financial and accountancy experience and the relevant skills and qualifications to do this. So, you may want to consider doing an online course if you do not already have the necessary qualifications. You can then work in peace and quiet from home while bringing in a great income.

Work on a Flexible Basis

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to these types of jobs is that you can work on a flexible basis. This is ideal for those who have other commitments such as a family to raise. You can often set your own hours and working days, particularly if you work on a freelance basis. This means you get to enjoy the convenience of working from home and working the hours and days that suit you.

Another thing to remember is that when you work from home, you can enjoy more than just simple convenience. You also get to save yourself a lot of money on travel costs compared to travelling to and from work every day. In addition, you do not have to waste time stuck in traffic or spend time travelling to and from your place of work on a daily basis.

So, if you want to enjoy the many benefits that come from working at home, consider one of these career options. You can then enjoy earning great money while also benefiting from greater ease and convenience.

How to Prepare Your Home for Fostering a Child

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Making preparations for the arrival of a foster child? If so, you’ll want to make sure that your home has been properly prepared to help them to adjust to their brand-new surroundings. To learn more, read on…

Fostering a child is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s also plenty of hard work – and that’s before you’ve even welcomed your foster child into your home!

As you can no doubt empathise, moving into a brand-new home is likely to be an incredibly daunting experience for any child. This is sure to add to the existing apprehension of having to adjust to life with an unfamiliar family.

So, the importance of making early preparations to your home in anticipation of their arrival should not be underestimated, both for your family and the child’s sake. If you’re already working with a family law solicitor to organise the arrival of a foster child, these preparation tips will help to make the process a success.

How to prepare your home for fostering a child

10 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Foster Child

1.)  Give them their Own Space

If you want your foster child to feel safe and secure when they first arrive at your home, then you’ll want to make sure that they have their own personal space. This will usually be their very own bedroom, where they can enjoy their own bed, and store their personal belongings.

It’s very likely that the bedroom is where your foster child will be spending much of their time during the early stages of their time with you. So, it’s a good idea to make sure it’s a place where they can enjoy some alone time in privacy.

2.)  Keep their Space Neutral Ready to be Decorated

To make your foster child feel even more comfortable in their own space, it’s important to allow them a level of control over how they would like it to be decorated. If you have the time, painting the walls of their room a neutral colour is a great idea, as it will provide them with a blank canvas, ready to be customised.

Then, over time, they can continue to add small touches here and there, such as posters and prints. This will add to the level of security they feel when they are living with you.

3.)  Find Out as Much About Them as You Can

Prior to their arrival, it’s important to find out as much about them as you possibly can, so you can learn more about their background and current situation. From here, you can get a better understanding of their personality and what their interests are. This way, you can tailor your home preparations accordingly.

For instance, if you know that they have an interest in reading, you can source some books for them to read. Or, if they are sporty, you can buy some cheap equipment to use in the garden.

child laughing in the sunshine

4.)  Keep the Everything Clean and Tidy

Beyond your foster child’s personal space, you should make sure that other living areas are kept clean and tidy ahead of their arrival.

You can do this by tidying away any clutter and rearranging furniture to maximise the space in a room. Emphasising the space, and keeping it from appearing claustrophobic in any way, will provide a warm welcome. 

5.)  Prepare Outdoor Spaces

If you have outdoor space at your disposal, you should keep it accessible and ready to be used. This is especially true if you’re welcoming a foster child to your home during spring or summer.

Outdoor play provides plenty of positive stimulants, particularly for younger children. So, getting out and cutting the grass is a more important idea than you might initially think!

6.)  Ensure that they are Comfortable with Pets and Vice Versa

If your home plays host to a pet (or multiple pets), then you should check that your foster child is comfortable living with them and they don’t have previous traumas, or allergies, that would cause an issue.

Similarly, not every pet instantly adapts to living with children. So, if you’ve got any concerns, research some training techniques so that they will be more than happy to welcome a little one into the family.

7.)  Stock Your Kitchen Cupboards and Freezer

Children can be notoriously fussy when it comes to food and, for foster children who haven’t had the time to settle in one place, it can be even more difficult to vary their palette.

The best short-term solution for this would be to stock up your cupboards and freezer with quick and easy meals. This will give your foster of child plenty of options when it comes to deciding what they would like to eat.

child eating cereal

8.)  Make Health and Safety Tweaks

If you don’t already live with children, there are some things you might take for granted, such as making sure your home is a safe environment.

It may be sensible to create a health and safety checklist to help you keep track of some of the changes you need to make to your home. This should include putting medication out the way, securing windows and doors, and covering up electric sockets.

9.)  Sort Out the First Night Essentials

The first night in a new home is pivotal for a child, as a good first impression can set the tone for the rest of their time with you. To help them make the initial adjustment smoothly, having every base covered can make all the difference.

Stock up on toiletries, have spare clothes on hand, and have any toys or age-appropriate games available to help them take their mind off what can be a stressful experience.

10.) Make Sure Your Family Fully Understand What’s Changing

General family life is going to be different after you welcome your foster child into your home. This means you are going to have to prepare the rest of your family accordingly.

If you already have children, take the time to carefully explain what changes are going to be happening and discuss what changes they can make to their own habits and behaviours to help your foster child to settle quickly.

Are You Preparing to Welcome a Foster Child to Your Home?

There you have it! As you can tell, there are plenty of different steps you can take to ensure that your home is appropriately prepared before you welcome a foster child into your life. If you follow these tips closely, you can be sure that it’ll take no time at all for them to feel settled.

Have you looked after a foster child before? How did you prepare your home? Feel free to leave a comment below with your own suggestions.

How To Wear Your Jeans For Maximum Impact

jeans with daisies in the pocket
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay
This is a collaborative post

For years and years, jeans have been a predictable wardrobe essential for men and women alike. Their popularity has led to further development in the category, and now, they’re available in a wealth of colours, cuts and washes. Where the heck to start looking for the right pair for you, then? With the colossal number of options available out there, it may seem like quite a challenge to narrow it down to what exactly suits you best. Here’s a quick guide to jeans, how to pick them and how to wear them.

Unexpected Colours

There are many fashion colours available, but many will come and go as trends arrive and pass. Sky blue has been popular recently, but fun as the colour may be, consider how it will work with the rest of your wardrobe. If you prefer the idea of a more multifunctional item, stick with darker indigos, blues and blacks. If you don’t mind the fact that you’ll have to update your wardrobe as trends pass, by all means, go wild! Any colour of the rainbow, all the way through to animal prints – the choice is yours! While we’re on the topic of colours, let’s address the scary one – white jeans! Although many people associate a certain fear of looking bigger with white jeans, they can be very useful in balancing proportions. As darker jeans can help a pear-shaped person to appear more balanced in ratios, white ones can do the same for those who have a larger upper body, such as a big chest or wide shoulders.

Let your jeans balance your body type

Jeans have this amazing way of being able to correct body issues, either through cut or colour. Plus-sized people have reported major slimming effects from straight cut jeans, as these simultaneously skim the body and create long straight lines in a visual effect, balancing out larger hips and thighs.

If your hips and shoulders are of similar width, with a largely undefined waistline, you are considered to be rectangle-shaped. This is a great body type to have, as you can choose what you want to highlight, and what you want to downplay through your clothing. Going for a casual look? You can rock mom jeans. Need some extra shape around your bum? Try skinny jeans with extra lift. Keep it simple and just fly under the radar? Keep it neutral with a straight cut.

Yes and no decisions when buying denim

Jeans should never dangle at the crotch, but should, instead, be well-fitted with a little room to move. Check the stretch capacity on your jeans – when stretched, they should return to normal without compromising the integrity of the fabric. When you try on a pair of jeans, and you can see the seams becoming lighter due to being stretched, rather try a bigger size to prevent this so-called “seam strain”.

Remember too, that a new pair of jeans should be firm when you buy them, as they will relax with wear to fit your form.

The Advantages of Dubia Roaches and Starting Its Colony

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Dubia roaches are one of the most wanted feeders among all the insects. Starting a colony of them can be an excellent plan for feeding your exotic pet.

Cockroach Dubia Roaches
Image by Kasya from Pixabay

Dubia roaches are a great choice to have as a feeder for your pet reptiles. Dubia roaches are mainly found in Central and South America, including Brazil, Costa Rica, and Argentina. These inexpensive bugs have many advantages. They don’t constrain you to compromise as the other feeders do. You can have a widely available and incredibly healthy feeder,  and your pet will probably appreciate it. You will be able to feed your animal consistently if you start a Dubia roach colony. If you are eager to start a Dubia roach colony, this article might help you.

Living in a Colony

Dubia cockroaches like to live in colonies, so they can undoubtedly raise and care for their young. If you somehow happened to come across  Dubia roach colonies, you would notice them crouched together in huge gatherings. They love to hide away in dark corners. Indeed, one plastic 40-gallon sack can fit a vast number of Dubia bugs easily.


Taking proper precautions can make the infestation of Dubia roaches very unlikely. For one, they can’t climb up the smooth surfaces, so regardless of whether your Dubia roach walled in the area has no cover, they can’t get away. In any case, I do suggest a safe top in case of an accidental tip. If by any chance they get loose, they will have the only option to stay along the ground. There they might attempt to find a warm dark corner to hide in.

The perfect temperature for the breeding of the adult Dubia roaches is a minimum of 90 degrees F. For this, under your fridge can be their ideal spot for them to breed. But it will not cause infestation like the common cockroaches.


There are many benefits of growing a colony of Dubia roaches. We have listed some significant benefits below:

  1. Inability to Fight

You can save your pet from probable harm as it cannot bite, fight or claw, unlike other feeder bugs and keep them better.

  • Inability to Fly

While Dubia insects do have wings, they can’t fly. Actually, the wings help in determining their sex. The male roaches have long wings that broaden the length of their body, and the female roaches have short stubs for wings. In any case, they can’t utilize them to fly out of the starter colony of Dubia roaches.

  • Survive Well

Dubia roaches live somewhere in the range of one and two years overall. The existence of different feeders is generally estimated in weeks or perhaps months. Taking care of fewer Dubia roaches than planned isn’t an issue. They require a long time to mature, grow gradually, and their development slows considerably in cooler temperatures. At around seventy degrees, they might remain in their present phase for one year.

  • Clean

The required temperature for the Dubia roaches is somewhat near like the tropics or jungle to survive; however, they can endure low humidity. This implies that their enclosures can remain predominantly dry. If you feed the roaches a plant-based diet and keep their enclosures dry, the fecal matter will not smell (like other cockroaches). While it might appear daunting, proper management of the Dubia roach colony can be amazingly spotless and problem-free in reality.

  • Don’t Make Noise

Dubia bugs don’t chirp, murmur, clack, or make any noises. The most you’ll hear from them are the delicate sound of little feet as they look for their next supper or possibly a date for the night. It is presumed that the majority of the hastening heard inside a colony relates to mating conduct.

  • Prolific Breeders

If you are purchasing Dubia cockroaches for a consistent stock of feeders, you are in luck. Grown-up female Dubia can produce around 35 sprites every other month once their imperative ecological requirements are fulfilled. Fertility is emphatically associated with natural surroundings and wellbeing, so you’ll have to change these things as you push ahead.

  • No Annoying Smells

Thanks to their neatness, neither Dubia insects nor their walled areas smell bad. Dubia roach nooks will, in general, smell like whatever food they eat. What makes a difference is that when they’re mainly having grains, oranges, and some other natural plant ingredients, they barely emit any odors. Whatever odor they may emit is not offensive or noxious. The odor gets stronger and takes on an alternate smell when they have more animal-based food varieties – and even then, you wouldn’t portray it as unpleasant. It is simply different.

  • Variety of Sizes

You can get Dubia roaches in a variety of sizes. That’s why only a handful can be enough to feed one day, unlike the several handfuls of crickets it would require to feed your reptile pet. You can adjust your pet’s feeding volume according to their life cycle stages – growing adolescent reptiles will require more food than fully grown adults.

  • Nutritious

Dubia roaches rank at the top of the list regarding their nutritional value for your pet reptile. They’re not just loaded with calories, and nutrients animals need for their wellbeing; they are also far more hassle-free when compared to other live bugs your reptile pet may like. Nutritionally speaking, they are loaded with protein, and essential minerals, and calcium.

There are countless benefits to growing Dubia cockroaches. So, growing a Dubia roaches colony can be a great plan to create a reliable feeding source for your reptile pets.

3 Healthiest Foods to Improve Senior Nutrition

senior nutrition
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

This is a collaborative post

We all want the best for our daily nutrition. When it comes to older adults, this becomes even more important. It’s essential for seniors to choose their food wisely and effectively. Proper wellness and hydration are of vital significance for seniors.

Suppose you’re on a new diet for health reasons or are simply trying to enhance your nutrition at an independent senior living community. In that case, there are some essential foods that you can implement into your selection. Here are three of the healthiest food choices to improve senior nutrition.


Salmon is a delicious fish to cook with. It also has various health benefits that can help with seniors’ nutrition.

Salmon has a high level of protein. This helps build muscle structure while also aiding digestion. Protein also helps provide additional oxygen to red blood cells.

Salmon is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Since your body can’t create these fats like others, omega-3 fats are considered medically “essential.” Omega-3 fatty acids can help prevent chronic inflammation, and may also lower your blood pressure.

Nonfat Milk

We all know that milk is high in calcium, which can increase bone density. However, nonfat milk has added benefits that make it healthier than whole or reduced fat milk, giving it more appealing options for seniors.

Nonfat milk is rich in amino acids, which your body needs for its daily functionality. Serotonin, which is included within amino acids, helps improve the regulation of mood and sleep.

Nonfat milk also has a larger amount of potassium than whole milk. Potassium can help with nerve signals and cardiovascular health. An increase in potassium could help reduce the risk of stroke.


Almonds are an incredible source of nutrients that seniors should try. In addition to being rich in protein, they also have fiber which helps bowel health and lowers cholesterol levels.

In addition, almonds also have a large amount of Vitamin E, which has antioxidant benefits. This nutrient helps protect your skin. Vitamin E may also help lower the risk of heart disease.

Almonds also have a high level of magnesium, which helps with blood sugar control. This makes it an excellent dietary option for those with diabetes.

Diet is an essential part of our lives, and older adults know that food choice is a critical part of their health. Putting these three healthy options into their day-to-day food selection can be a great starting point for seniors to improve their nutrition. 


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Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey. She frequently works with many home services and lifestyle brands, such as plumbing repair and independent senior living.