Christmas Decorating 2021

Remembering Loved Ones

Our traditional Christmas decorating day (the first Saturday in December) fell on Aiden’s dad’s birthday this year. It was a bittersweet day for us all as his dad died last December, a week after his birthday.

We bought a special decoration to put on the mantelpiece to remember him.

Christmas remembrance ornament

Getting Older

It was a different kind of day for us as well because KayCee is a full-time catering student and she has 2 part-time jobs working in kitchens.
She had to work on our decorating day so we had to wait until she came home before we could make a start.

It usually takes all day to decorate which meant the decorating took place over 2 days instead of one because of our late start.
I didn’t get as many photos this year, either. I managed to get 1 of Aiden who allowed me to put it on the blog (he hates having his picture taken!) but I didn’t get any of KayCee. She wasn’t up to having her photo taken after a very busy day at work.

Snowball cocktail

First snowball of the year ๐Ÿ™‚

Ceramic Christmas tree


I’ve wanted a ceramic Christmas tree for a few years so I was really pleased to receive this from everyone on decorating day.

Aiden and Ella Christmas decorating
Ella putting the fairy on the tree

Ella’s tall enough to put the fairy on without help. It made me a bit sad because they’re all growing up too fast.

Lots of Christmas lights
Christmas decorations
Christmas decorations
Christmas decorating
Christmas decorations
Christmas village
Christmas decorations
Christmas tree

Our treat trolley is one of our favourite things about Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas treat trolley

Our Christmases feel different now they’re getting older but we’ll get used to the changes and enjoy them in time.