Housewarming Gifts that are a Little Different

Housewarming gifts

Now that lockdown is gradually being lifted and new ways to combat the coronavirus are being discovered, the housing market will begin to lurch once again into action. Viewings will take place, offers will be made, and keys will be exchanged. And that means that someone you know may well find themselves on the move at some point in the very near future.

To mark such occasions, a housewarming party is traditional. But since that’s not really practical when there’s a pandemic ongoing, we need to resort to other measures. That means greater emphasis being placed on housewarming gifts, instead.

If you’re shopping for a new housewarming gift, then you’ll find no shortage of options available. A bundle of flowers or a chocolate hamper! But some of the options are a little quirkier. Let’s take a look at a few of the more appealing ones.

An Indoor Herb Garden

If your friends are moving into an indoor space like a flat, then injecting a little greenery can be enormously beneficial. Look for self-watering jars that will slot onto any available south-facing windowsill.

Cutting Board

Chopping boards will never cease to be useful. Look for something that can safely be thrown into an oven, or that can flex and bend for easy pouring of those finely-diced ingredients. If you want something especially gift-worthy, then choose something substantial, with a custom etching.

Key Holders

There’s nothing quite so annoying as a set of misplaced keys. You can save your friends the trouble of having to locate such items by buying them a wall-mounted key-holder.

Cheese Board

If your friends are dedicated turophiles, then a set of stylish cheese boards and cheese knives are sure to go down swimmingly. This is a popular gift, so make sure that they haven’t already got one before you splash the cash on anything too fancy.

Bartender Kit

Just about everyone who loves alcohol loves a cocktail. Whether you’re looking for something sweet, something savoury, something sharp or something bitter, there’s a mixed drink out there to cater to that demand. But to make it, a high-quality cocktail-making kit is called for. It should include a shaker, a muddler, ice tongs and a muddler.

Tea Towels

You can never really have too many tea towels, which makes this a safe option for housewarming gift buyers. To add a personal touch, you might go for another monogram – that way, you’ll be providing a reminder of your contribution whenever it’s time to do the dishes!

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