10 Safety and Comfort Tips for Female Runners

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Female runners are at times more prone to accidents, perhaps due to their femininity and vulnerability, which means that they may encounter more safety risks and hazards than men. This is why it is imperative for every female runner to be conversant with safety measures that they should observe when exercising. To ensure that all running sessions are not only safe but fun, there are certain safety precautions to observe, applicable to men, but more so for female runners, who may have different special needs. Here are the top tips that every female runner should know:

1.  Female runners should identify techniques to use when training in order to have control and balance as well as anaerobic training. This can be done using repetitive hill training and anaerobic (absence of oxygen) exercises. What this does is build your resilience and strength, allowing you to build speed levels even when breathing in low levels of oxygen. Intensive anaerobic training moreover, stimulates growth hormones that build muscles, increasing overall speed and power to the level of male runners.

2.  While you may be tempted to boost morale by listening to music using headphones when running, this is not recommended. This is because when honked at, or alerted by word of mouth in case of an accident or impending danger, you’ll miss it. Besides, in a world such as this where people are always in a hurry, people may simply assume you’re reckless, hit you for failing to respond to danger alerts then go on their way.

3.  One essential tip is to keep physically fit. This is because keeping fit not only improves your resilience but also steers away heart disease. Statistics have actually shown that heart disease kills ten more women for every case of breast cancer in the States. Kick out heart disease by exercising regularly to maintain a regular heartbeat as well as the right range of blood pressure.

4.  Comfort is essential, and though most running shoes available are designed for male feet, choose the right kind of running shoes. This would be shoes designed for women, who have smaller slimmer feet than men’s. You can read more about the differences here. When designed specifically for female runners, they tend to fit perfectly and offer more comfort.

5.  If you want to be a great runner, always assume you are on the race track, with a competitor right on your trail. The best motivation is competition, and imagining this will fuel your energy and give you the boost you need to stay determined, motivated, and energetic, to be the best runner you can ever be.

6.  Opt for running over walking. If sprinting seems to be too much, slow running could be a perfect choice instead of walking. It burns more calories, removes harmful toxins from the body when sweating, and is enjoyable in the quest for a physically fit body!

7. Go the extra mile of informing your family members of your whereabouts, so any unusual situations will be detected early enough. simply write a note or text informing the family that you are out jogging, and where you are doing it at. If any attacks happen, an emergency alert will be easy to trigger. Besides this, you could take a defence stick everywhere you go, especially in dark unfamiliar parks or alleys. 

8.  Running generally releases endorphins, which may affect pregnancy hormones leading to soft ligaments and tendons. This can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women, especially those in their first trimester. Instead of running, opt for swimming, stationary cycling, or walking.

9.  Some exercises like high jumping and fast running could lead to unbearable pain from intense breast motion. This is why it is imperative that every female runner gets a sports bra for exercising. It promises a tight grasp therefore comfort. Remember to try out the sports bra before purchasing to ensure its neither too tight nor too loose, which would be uncomfortable. 

10. Finally, form a jogging squad with female runners that regularly jog and exercise near your place. This will keep you motivated at all times and keep you safe from harm. In addition, it is always fun to have a companion while you are running!

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