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March 2020

CBD Oil for Pain Management: Effects, Benefits, and Uses

cbd oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) oils for pain management represent a large portion of its use for the healing benefits of CBD.  Statistics say that over 60% of medical cannabidiol users use CBD oil for pain management.

Despite this, scientific researchers are yet to fully establish the efficacy of CBD.

 CBD has already gained widespread popularity as an alternative painkiller for arthritis and chronic pains. But, does CBD really help to reduce pain? And if it does, what other benefits and effects come with CBD oils?

There is a myriad of myths surrounding medicinal CBD that you must be careful of. Read on to know the facts about cannabis oils for pain management.

CBD Oils for Pain: Uses and Benefits

Cannabis oils have been around for quite a while. Manufacturers use different techniques to extract the CBD compound from the cannabis plant. The plant extract is then mixed with a carrier oil and then sold as CBD oil.

CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid systems. This system contributes to mood changes, brain function, memory, and how pain affects our bodies.

Cannabis oils are commonly used to manage the following painful conditions:

·       Arthritis Pains

This is a serious medical problem. The Arthritis Foundation reports that over 50 million adults and 300k American children suffer from rheumatic disorders (joint pains). That number is expected to go up even further within the next few years.

Arthritis symptoms are characterized by excruciating pain, stiffness, and decreased joint mobility. These symptoms may take a considerable amount of time to diminish. If left untreated, they can give you bad days for the rest of your life.

The available arthritis medications are numerous. Nonetheless, some patients choose CBD oils for arthritis because they want natural painkillers to manage their conditions.

In 2017, one piece of research on the effects of CBD oils for arthritis found that cannabis oils do in fact decrease inflammation of the joints.  The oil also protects the nerves.

You can get a hemp flower from Berkshire CBD.

The Arthritis Foundation has also observed that arthritic patients are more prone to depression and anxiety than other people. Since CBD also appears to function well as an anti-depressant, this makes it even more suitable for treating arthritic patients.

·       Chronic Pain

In some studies, it has been demonstrated that CBD oils can also relieve chronic pain. Cannabis oil may also be good for treating cancerous conditions and multiple sclerosis.

Fibromyalgia is one chronic pain condition that has seen positive improvements when managed with CBD oils. This condition leads to tenderness in the joints, tendons, and muscles.

CBD oils for Pain Management: Side Effects

For the most part, CBD oils are safe. That’s why they’re increasingly being legalized in different parts of the world, including the United States.

However, medically, the application of CBD oils for pains may produce the following side effects:

·   Appetite changes

·   Diarrhea

·   Weight loss/gain

·   Dizziness

·   Mouth dryness

·   Drowsiness

Because research on medicinal CBD is ongoing, patients are advised to seek advice from medical experts.

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Costa Fascinosa

Costa Cruises - Costa Fascinosa

As its name suggests, the Costa Fascinosa will surely take you to the best and most fascinating vacations you will ever have.

This 114-500-ton ship that’s 290 meters in length is one of Costa Cruises’ largest and most beautiful ships in its fleet. Theatre lovers will surely love how this ship has paid tribute to some of the best names in the historical theatre scene by naming its decks after them. 

Aboard this ship, you will surely love the large, magnificent atrium that’s certainly the highlight of this water vessel. The ship can accommodate up to 3,800 guests at a time. There are 1,100 staff and crew ready to serve you during your holiday so you can be sure that every minute and hour spent onboard can be used to just lounge, relax, and be stress-free. 

There are fourteen decks that house numerous suites and cabins. You can choose from suites with balconies and cabins with windows that look out to the lovely sea. What’s great about Costa Cruises ships is that they provide live webcam footage of the exact location of the ship. You just have to check it out on the ship’s webpage! 

The Most Fascinating Holiday of Your Dreams

Prepare to be overwhelmed by the beauty of the Caribbean and the Mediterranean aboard one of the most beautiful ships to ever set sail in these waters. The Costa Fascinosa offers a variety of cruises all year round from Transoceanic cruises to ones that depart in Barcelona and others that travel across Northern Europe and more. Whether you’re searching for a cruise that would best fit a luxurious vacation or one that will awaken the adrenaline junkie in you, the numerous options you have to travel aboard this Costa cruise ship will give you the perfect opportunity to find one that first your preferences. 

Enjoy a relaxing day as you sunbathe by the sea in Spain, enjoy the wonderful architectural sights in Amsterdam or go on an exciting hiking trip in Italy – possibilities are absolutely endless! Just take a pick of the cruise you’d want to try out or if you have more than a few holidays breaks each year, why not pick several? 

A Memorable Costa Fascinosa Vacation

Being on board the Costa Fascinosa is a holiday in itself. Sure, there’s much to look forward to in the islands and countries that are part of your itinerary, but you would probably also be wanting to hang around on the ship a lot. There’s plenty of socializing going on in the viewing decks, disco, restaurants, bars, and more. You can get a massage anytime you wish even multiple times during your trip! You can also indulge in delicious cuisines and specialities by the on-board chefs. 

There’s truly much to explore in our wonderful world. Plenty of sights and attractions to see in every continent gives one many reasons to travel. If you should reward yourself with a dream vacation, reward yourself well by getting the opportunity to see multiple top tourist destinations all at once aboard a luxurious Costa Cruise ship.

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Why insulating your loft is important and worth the price you pay

old attic - insulating your house
Image by József Kincse from Pixabay

The loft and attic are one of those spots in a house that people often ignore. People usually forget about this place. They do not recognize that the loft and attic are also an important space in their house. Did you know that there are many building components in a home that is out of sight? Because of these, you need to insulate your loft as well.

Electricity bills, oil bills, or gas bills are utilities that every homeowner wishes they could pay less for. Often many of us don’t know how to control or reduce them. You do not only need to reduce the appliance uses, but you have to recognize the benefits of insulating your loft. 

A home with good insulation is better for your health, you won’t get cooler in winter, or hotter in summer, the most important is it will save you money on your energy bill. Insulation makes a huge difference. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, especially if it’s an older home. Insulating your house can keep rooms more comfortable and prevent moisture problems, and radon infiltration.
While it’s easy to worry about the money and how much for loft insulation itself, often it’s best to get a quote directly from a professional who can break down the costs and time involved. You can adjust the house insulation service depending on your budget, too.

Here are some benefits of insulating a loft:

  • Energy efficiency

Installing home insulation can save homeowners money on their energy bills and reduces power plant CO2 emissions to lower carbon footprints and help to prevent climate change. Less fossil fuel consumption will ensure a more sustainable environment for the next generations and result in less poverty in the future.

  • Improve thermal comfort

The house-insulation can help your house maintain the desired temperature all year round. It improves thermal comfort by reducing the cold drafts and heat losses through the walls and roof. Houses will maintain a more stable temperature throughout the year, providing a pleasant indoor environment to live in.

  • Construction more durable

There are several different kinds of insulation. Some of them are specially designed to provide a long-lasting and protective barrier on your exterior walls. Especially for an old house, insulation can maintain the durability of the building itself.

  • Improve the house appearance

Make your house looks better by using external wall insulation. Whether your house is old or new, external wall insulation can match your property, maintaining its style and design.

The most important reason to insulate your basement is that every basement has some kind of heat loss, and heat loss means you’re paying more to heat your home. There are different kinds of insulation, from wall insulation, attic insulation, and basement insulation.

The cost of house-insulation is dependent on a few different factors. The basic rule is if your house has a higher Resistance Value (R-Value), you must pay more. It’s a good idea to try and exceed the minimum requirements as much as your budget can afford. – this will give a warmer home that is easier to heat. It will pay off over time.

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I Ended Up In The Hospital – Again

We’d all been staying home as the government had asked us to, except for Ant who still has to go and check on his dad.
I didn’t mind staying home as there’s plenty to do to keep me occupied and I was quite looking forward to reading more and getting more book folding done.
Instead of having a relaxing Mother’s Day though, I ended up in the hospital.

Mother’s Day

On the 21st of March, just after lunch, I got up to make a coffee. Everything was normal until I sat down and found myself struggling to breathe.
It was as if I’d been on a fast run and anyone who knows me, knows I don’t run!
My chest was tight and it hurt to breathe in.

It carried on throughout the day, gradually getting worse.
It took me ages to get upstairs at bedtime because I had to stop on each step and get my breath back.

I didn’t sleep very well because I couldn’t breathe and when I got up on Mother’s day, I was shattered so I lay on the sofa.
After half an hour or so I got a pain on the left side of my chest and it was spreading into my armpit.


We decided to phone 111 but it was really busy so we went to the 111 website instead.
I put in our postcode and clicked start. The following page opened:

Ant phoned 999 after seeing the warning about tightening in the chest and within 10 minutes the ambulance arrived.

After doing all their checks, they said I needed to go to the hospital to have a blood test to check for heart problems.
I had to go on my own because they weren’t allowing family members to go to help minimise the spread of the virus.

Different A&E Procedures

Due to the coronavirus and my breathing difficulties, we weren’t allowed to go to the regular A&E. While in the ambulance I had to put a face mask on. We were sent to another entrance and a man took my temperature before we were allowed on the ward.

They did all the tests and got me to go through what happened again when the doctor came.
The nurse had trouble getting blood so another nurse tried and he didn’t have any luck either. They had to get the doctor to come and take the blood then put a cannula in.

I had to keep the mask on the whole time I was there and whenever a nurse came into the room, they had to put a mask, gloves and apron on.
Also, all visitors had been banned but Ant was allowed to drop me a bag off with everything I needed for a few days stay.

Medical Emergency Assessment Unit – MAEU

I was sent to the MAEU ward after a few hours. There were only 2 other ladies there and I got chatting to a lovely lady called Mandy.
We were allowed to take our masks off on this ward but the staff had to put masks, gloves and apron on whenever they came on the ward.

If they had to leave the ward for any reason they had to bin the mask, gloves and apron and put fresh ones on when they came back on the ward.

When I left the ward to go for a CT scan I had to put the mask on again. It was horrible trying to breathe with a mask on when you’re short of breath but obviously it had to be done.

A new lady in the bed across from us had dementia and she was shouting all night. Coupled with the beeps from all the machines and being woken for observations, I hardly got any sleep Sunday night.

Pulmonary Embolism

The CT scan showed I’d got a Pulmonary Embolism again. I was in the hospital for 10 days in 2009 when I had the first PE and I wasn’t looking forward to spending another 10 days in the hospital.

The ward was empty most of Monday then it started filling up in the evening.
It was noisy again and I was shattered. Around midnight they woke me again to transfer me to another ward.

I was wheeled, on my bed, to an isolation ward. I had my own room with a bathroom attached and to say the silence was golden would be an understatement!


I stayed in the isolation room all day Tuesday and Wednesday and had a heart scan on Wednesday.

My results came back from the test they did for coronavirus when I was at A&E and thankfully it was negative.

Moved Again

In the middle of the night again, I was moved to another ward where no one had to wear masks.

The doctor came to see me on Thursday morning and told me I’d be on blood thinner tablets for the rest of my life because this was my second pulmonary embolism.

He also said that I could go home 🙂

After not seeing Ant or the kids since Sunday morning, I was so happy to be going home.

Still Tired

I’ve slept much better since I’ve been home but I’m still feeling tired all day. I had to have a nap yesterday and I’m thinking I might have to have another soon because I’m struggling to stay awake!

It’s been a bit stressful but I’m glad I won’t have to go through it again because the blood thinners will stop me getting another clot.

I’m so grateful for our wonderful NHS.

Thank you NHS

How to Attend a Wedding on a Budget

wedding on a budget
Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay

As soon as those wedding invitations start hitting your doorstep, most guests will automatically start considering the cost. After all, attending a wedding isn’t a cheap affair. Once you have forked out for your outfit, hair, nails, travel, accommodation and wedding gift, the average guest has already spent somewhere in the region of £400.

Luckily there are handy little ways to save money and yet still enjoy all the fun and festivities that come with sharing your friend’s or family’s special day.

Set Your Budget

Work out in advance how much money you must spend on the occasion. This is an important step to take before you even consider whether to accept the invitation. Consider whether this is a destination wedding, as costs can quickly rack up, and it may be that it is simply too far out of your budget. Work within your means to set an amount that you can feasibly spend and make sure you stick to it.


Getting to a wedding often involves travel costs unless you are lucky enough to receive an invitation for a wedding on your doorstep. For destination weddings you should feel comfortable declining should the cost exceed your budget. Often the bride and groom will expect a higher rate of decline and have factored this into their guest list.

Consider splitting the cost of travel with another guest. Finding a group to share a car and fuel costs can make a significant difference to your travel costs. Another way to offset the cost of travel is to take a few days off and combine the wedding with a little holiday for yourself.

Hen parties and stag dos often require travel expenses. If this is the case, you could consider skipping this part and just attending the wedding itself to bring down some of the cost.


Accommodation can be one of the most expensive parts of any wedding. This is where having a group of other guests to share with can help save you money. Check Airbnb options in the area and either get a single room or hire a whole house and split the cost with your group. It is also worth checking for specials at the hotels in the area.


Renting is a great option if you anticipate only attending one wedding this season. However, if you are anticipating several weddings, then it’s worth getting one simple but stylish dress and mixing up the accessories for each wedding. Consider borrowing a dress from a friend or family member or buying a new pair of shoes to breathe new life into an old dress.

For new purchases, shop with In the Style discount codes for great bargains on this season’s latest looks.


Make sure you buy your gift early to avoid being left with the more expensive items on the gift registry. If your budget is very tight, then consider getting creative with something like a photo book documenting the couple’s relationship so far.

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4 Reasons to Hire an Oklahoma City Fence Company

white fence - Oklahoma City fence company

When starting a project of installing fence the DIY way, one might be attracted to the idea of saving money in the process. You can know more about wood fences when you click this link here. But more often than not, the DIY approach can prove to delay the project, is more expensive, and it can consume a lot of time.

If you plan to keep the thieves out and protect your property, you may want to hire a pro. This is because they have the right tools, knowledge, and experience that will make a reliable installation. The specialists will provide you with the security that you need, and they can offer you a more extensive range of fencing services in Oklahoma that you can find helpful.

Advantages when You Hire a Pro

1. Save Money

This might be contrary to the popular belief that you can save a lot more when you do everything yourself. But hiring an expert will actually save you money. For one, you won’t have to buy the tools needed for the installation.

The contractor already knows the kind of fencing material that fits best with your property. There will be no need to redo the work yourself and start all over again in case something didn’t go right on the first try.

2. Experts Have Warranties and Insurance

Some companies in Oklahoma are bonded and insured that will give you peace of mind that the project will be completed on time. You can find these companies on sites such as You will have a high-quality fence that and the experts tend to protect their reputation.

There are bonds, insurance, and warranties in place to protect you just in case. If you are not satisfied with the job, the contractor will be able to make the changes that you want without any extra cost.

3. Avoid Costly Mistakes

There are fence installation mistakes that you need to look out for. When you hire an expert, they can guide you on whether you should use pine or cypress according to the weather in your area. They can provide you with information about the wood species and if it’s susceptible to insect infestations.

Expert advice can also guide you so that you can install the fence inside your property and not your neighbour’s. Most of them have surveyors sent to your place before the installation to mark the boundaries of your property.

4. Increase Value

If you plan to sell your home in the future, working with a master fencing expert can bring the value of your home up. They know which is the right fence for you. You can read more about choosing the right fence here: Buyers are attracted to fences that were done by experts. This is because most contractors consider the overall appeal of the fences, and they use high-quality, durable materials.

Most people don’t want to install fences after buying a property. If they are going to buy, they will choose a real estate property that will provide them with everything that they need. This is why they will prefer buying when they know that they will spend less when it comes to aspects of the property, such as fencing.

What You Can Do when Hiring a Contractor

If you decide to hire a contractor, you can make everything easier by unlocking the gates, clearing foliage, and keeping the dogs out of his way. You can get quotes and estimates before hiring. Most estimators will be able to check for obstructions on the fencing area, evaluate lot grading, and ask a lot of questions about what you need. It is also imperative to ask a lot of questions such as, will there be a need to pull permits, or will there be a need to call a utility locator for pinpointing utility and pipelines.

Installing your fence can be one of the most significant projects that you will ever take. It can take most of the best parts of your summer, and you may need most of your friends to dig postholes or mix concrete. You can make things easier by hiring contractors that can save you time and money.

Most people know that handing off this project to a pro will save them a lot of trouble.  It is best to research a lot of companies that can provide you with a well-installed fence. Choose the one that has a stellar reputation and a good database of satisfied customers.

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Super Simple Steps That All Operators Should Bear In Mind Before Starting To Drill


Drilling machines are one of the most dangerous tools out there. The contractors and operators have a detailed protocol for the functioning of the machines but at certain times knowing and following some unsaid tricks and techniques can fruitfully help the operators. These tips can come in various forms like an informative blog or during the discussion with fellow operators who swear by their tried and tested hacks. Keeping an eye out for these types of information is what leads to the higher efficiency of the operators and yields best results for their hard work while performing different types of drilling like diamond drilling, conventional drilling or hydraulic drilling

Some basic rules that we forget while learning the advanced techniques of diamond drilling

As time progresses we witness the development of tools and the market is donned with several advancements in out basic tools. While these improvements are designed to make our lives easier, sometimes it takes a bit of effort to learn and get used to them. While getting tuned for these advanced tools we often forget to brush up on our basics like what is the correct amount of water required. An important aspect of diamond drilling is keeping it cool with water to get accurate results and too much or too little water can reduce the efficacy of the machines. Similar to this, certain other pieces of knowledge need to be on the tips of your tongue at any given time to become a skilled operator.

Essential safety measures to follow while working with a diamond drill bit

While gearing up for the drilling job always take the safety measures assuming that you are a newbie. Overlooking any of the precautions due to assumptions that you master the techniques of the tool can prove to be a grave mistake. Always wear all the necessary protective gear like a hard hat and clothes that aptly fit your boy without hanging loose. Wear proper safety goggles, reflective vests, and safety boots. Avoid wearing jewelry like rings or bracelets that can get caught in the drill.

Preventive actions that could save you from injuries

In addition to wearing all the safety gear, you should also take action to prevent any injuries that could be caused to you or anyone else in the surrounding. Never repair or adjust the setting of the diamond drill while the tool is in use and always store them safely and in a neat and organized manner. If you have any heavy lifting to do, use proper physical postures and use your legs and not your back. Maintain your tools regularly so that you can extract maximum use out of your diamond drill bits. Do not rush the job and be patient while you ensue the drilling process. Read your machine’s manual thoroughly as it has all the important guidelines and instructions. Keep everyone informed of all the emergency stop buttons and prepare for such hazards in advance.

Tips that could help you increase the efficiency of your diamond drill bit

Using appropriate physical anchors that have been rated for core drilling as anchoring rigs is always recommended to have a perfectly drilled core. Another supporting aspect that can benefit the operators is the use of a base vacuum that will provide them with a smooth surface to work on. Maintaining the speed of the drill and checking whether you have ample power source and an amp meter before you start the job is important so that the drilling process can be completed without any hurdles.

Implementation of these super easy steps ensures that your work is up to the mark

If you take care of the basic needs of the machine and implement all the necessary safety measures and precautions before the drilling job, the work you deliver will be much better and the customers as well as you will be impressed with the outputs.

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Five Ways to Make Your Loft Conversion Your New Favourite Room

As a child, loft conversions are always super cool. Climbing up the ladder into an almost secretive space that’s all your own is an incredible amount of fun. And it’s equally just as entertaining when you’re an adult. A loft conversion is an extremely versatile addition to your home. They can function as just about anything whether that’s a home office, guest bedroom, rec room for the kids, or even an additional bathroom.

Image by sean891 from Pixabay

Regardless of what you decide to convert your loft into, these ideas will ensure it’s your favourite room in the house.

1.       A Quiet Home Office

If you work from home, take online classes or are just trying to complete some projects, a functional home office is perfect for a loft conversion. You will most likely want a bright and airy space with lots of natural light when you’re spending hours at your desk. The open concept style of a loft conversion definitely gives this feel.

Use light, neutral tones in the space and add enough plants to start your own mini jungle up there. Best of all, it’s out of the way of the rest of your house so you can avoid distractions.

2.      Let There be Light

Since your loft conversion is on the top floor of your home, there’s tons of opportunity to flood it with natural light. Installing some skylights in your loft will let in ample light and give you a beautiful view of the sky. If you place them strategically, you can get sunlight into the space throughout the entire day. Dormer windows are also a great addition and will give you a view out onto the landscape.

3.      Create a Feature Wall

Because of the unique shape of a loft, your eyes are typically drawn down to one primary end. Use this wall as an opportunity to add some personality and make a statement. There are plenty of fun options you can choose from depending on what you’ve decided to use the room for. You could put up quirky patterned wallpaper, have someone paint a mural, or just paint it a bold colour. Feel free to enlist the help of qualified painters and decorators to bring your vision to life.

4.      Incorporate Storage Solutions

Since the walls are slanted, it can be difficult to figure out how to use the space most efficiently. The best thing you can do is have shelves and cupboards custom fitted into the nooks and crannies of your loft. A recommended loft conversion company in Croydon can help you with the building and design plans to maximise and structure the space. You can use these to store away seasonal items or anything you don’t need daily access to.

5.      Mancave

Traditionally we think of a man cave as a dark, windowless room with a big screen TV and squishy leather couches. Instead, throw tradition out the window and use your loft conversion as a place for you and the boys to hang out, watch some sports and have a few beers. With help from professionals in loft conversions in Abingdon, you can design a space that is perfect for chill time.

Loft conversions aren’t just fun for the kids anymore. There are so many ways you can utilise the additional space to create a whole new room for your house that you will love spending time in.

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Why Hampton style homes are the best choice of design for every phase of life

Hampton style homes
Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

Building your own home is often the stuff of dreams for many of us. It’s the ability to get precisely the type of house we want, in a location we love all for a price we can actually afford to pay. Buying the perfect house from an estate agent is quite likely to be well over budget, so this is a different option. 

If you do decide to go down that path, fortunately, there is plenty of advice and support available. You will not have to walk the path alone as long as you seek the right partners to help you along the way. From builders to plumbers, to architects, to electricians, to designers, there are many you will need. You will even need a real estate agent to buy the land on which to build! 

As such, you need to choose them wisely. It’s often essential to ensure you have a good connection with them as you will be working with them extremely closely for an extended period of time. They need to understand you, your vision, your family’s requirements and your budget too. Chemistry is essential in all our relationships and none more so than with our house building network. 

Adaptable, versatile, stylish and welcoming, Hamptons style homes are a great choice regardless of the stage of life you’re in. If you want extra help on creating yours, read our 10 essential tips to designing a Hampton’s style home. If you’re looking for a real lifestyle property, this will be a perfect choice.

But before that:

What is the Hamptons style?

Modelled on homes in the New York state coastal resort, these are timeless and classic beachfront homes that offer outdoor/indoor living. It blends sophistication with casual and the romance of a beachfront house.

However, thanks to the amazing climate we have here in Perth, a Hamptons style home doesn’t just suit the beach, it looks great and is functional situated out in the suburbs too. 

Why do they suit all life stages? 

A classic and sophisticated style appeals to all age ranges. In our modern-day world of social media and connectivity, the young are more informed about interior design than ever before meaning they are seeking homes which look good enough to post online. But because they are timeless, those older families or even retired couples who have some pride in their home will still appreciate a beautifully presented house like this.

The open plan living spaces and the ability to merge the decking into it is perfect not just for entertaining, but also for family life. So whether it’s a loud party (just warn the neighbours!), an elegant dinner and drinks party or a family barbie, the space suits all. 

The whole style of the house is designed to have a relaxed pleasant feel, and this will suit all types of residents. Whether it be housemates, couples, young families, older ones with teenagers (there is often a separate living area that they could retreat to) and those older couples who have the place to themselves again. 

So we’ve talked about the team you need, but what about the house itself? There is increasing popularity for Hampton-style homes, and it’s easy to see why they are the best choice of design for every phase of life! 

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Your Guide to Buying ex-display kitchens instead of new

make your kitchen look larger - renovating your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home and the centre of activity for any household. We all cook and sometimes even eat in the kitchen. Those late-night snack runs and family get-togethers keep the kitchen area perhaps the most active region of the house.

It is only fitting that your kitchen compliments the rest of your home. Today, modern kitchen designs have an airy and sleek look about with a floating island, open wall concept. This offers a lot more space and a lot more light and air making for a great place for the whole family to hang out.

Modern kitchen designs use the latest cooking technology combined with innovative aesthetics for a truly one of a kind look that will instantly make the kitchen your favourite place in the whole house.

Using different materials, colours, lighting, and glass modern kitchens not looking great but also offer tons of practicality and versatility. However, choosing the right kitchen design that compliments your home interior can be quite tricky and also very expensive depending on what you choose.

What if we told you there was a way to get the kitchen of your dreams for a price that you can most likely afford? Before we give out our little secret let’s first take a look at some modern kitchen designs and materials that have redefined the way we think about kitchens.

Stainless Steel

Modern kitchen designs often use stainless steel as the main material to amplify the effect of shiny cleanliness and ultra-modernism. Stainless steel is easy to clean, has mirror-like properties and looks great when combined with wood, marble and other playful elements that bring life and glamour to your kitchen setting. 

Stainless steel can also be treated to add colour such as gold or black tinge that makes it altogether more appealing and unique. This material is especially versatile and works great in kitchens where cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost importance.

More Is Less & Less Is More

Sometimes the more you cram things in the worse the interior of your home becomes. Today, modern homeowners like a minimalist design when it comes to their home interior. And the same can be said when it comes to kitchens. 

Today, modern kitchen designs offer the same (if not more) practicality, convenience, and comfort as compared to traditional kitchen designs. Innovative engineering and design mean that kitchen counters, cabinets and more still offer the same levels of storage capability and counter-space but take half the space and weigh a whole lot less. 

In most kitchens, the more space you have available and the more air and light that flows in the better you are likely to enjoy the cooking experience. Lighting, air, and space are essential elements of any living space. 

A cramped kitchen with little open spaces and little room for natural lighting and air can make the cooking experience not so enjoyable. You would especially not enjoy having dinner in a kitchen surrounded by four walls.

When Space Is A Luxury

Sometimes you just don’t have the luxury of space when it comes to redesigning your kitchen. This is an ever-increasing problem, especially, in crowded cities and urban areas of the world where space is considered a luxury. 

Traditional kitchen designs take up a lot of space and won’t look altogether appealing in a kitchen that is small. The many cabinets, large counter-top, and traditional sink and oven will leave little room for one to navigate in. 

With modern kitchen designs, one can still have an airy and open kitchen even though they have restricted space thanks to innovative and strategic layouts. Modern innovative kitchen designs allow you to have a fully-functioning kitchen is a space that is a little larger than most closets.

Wall-high cabinets, functional bar stools, a slim and tall fridge, and a cosy island is all you need for a cooking and dining space that takes up no room at all and still allows you to move around freely without feeling confined or cut out from the rest of the household.

Lighting & Color

The right kind of lighting and colours can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a homely, warm, and cosy kitchen setting. 

If you have a kitchen that has little natural light going with a while colour combination can help make the kitchen space look a whole lot brighter. One can then add colour by buying crockery, vases, appliances, flowers, and serving appliances of vibrant colours that will help your kitchen pop and look that much more aesthetically appealing.

Having a window in a kitchen can help get fresh air and natural light helping keep the place warm, airy and lit. But if your kitchen doesn’t have a window don’t worry as using the right type of artificial lights and colours can still make up for the lack of natural lighting. 

Modern kitchen designs are especially good at looking amazingly bright and vibrant even without the presence of natural light around. This makes such designs especially appealing for smaller homes and apartments where natural light is limited.

Cabinets & Countertops

Storage is important when it comes to kitchen designs. One needs cabinets and drawers to store all the cooking utensils, crookery, serving ware, and other kitchen accessories when not in use. However, the way these cabinets, countertops, and drawers are placed in a kitchen can make all the difference in the look and feel of the kitchen space.

Too many cabinets and storage spaces can take away from the aesthetics of the kitchen design and make a kitchen space look that much more crowded and overbearing. 

Modern kitchen designs incorporate an in-out storage strategy where some of your finer cookware and serving ware is stored out in the open for everyone to see while the rest of your kitchen accessories are stored behind beautifully crafted overhead and below the counter cabinets.

Countertops can also add a lot of practicality and aesthetic appeal to a kitchen setting. Marble kitchen countertops are ideal for a cooking surface as it is super easy to clean and extremely durable.

Wood countertops are also common but not as sturdy or durable as marble countertops. Most modern kitchen designs incorporate marble, stainless steel, and wood as the staple materials for what constitutes as a practical, convenient, and beautiful kitchen for any home. 

Tiles in the backdrop can also add a lot of aesthetic appeal to a kitchen space. Different coloured tiles that are laid out on the back wall of where the countertop is ensures both practicality and aesthetics.

Kitchen Appliances

Any modern kitchen design requires the integration of modern kitchen appliances such as microwaves, fridges, ovens, hoods, and more. Make sure that the kitchen design you choose has space and versatility to accommodate all your kitchen appliances in a manner that is functional and appealing.

Renovating Your Kitchen Space

If you are not happy with your current kitchen setting and want a more up to date modern-looking cooking space you have come to the right place. Not only are modern kitchens more practical and aesthetically appealing than traditional wood-based kitchen designs, they are also a lot more affordable.

We began this article by hinting of a way that you can have your dream kitchen in a budget that you can afford. Well, if you have read this far, you deserve to know-how! Buying ex-display kitchens instead of new kitchen designs can help you save huge amounts of money on kitchen designs that will simply make you fall in love.

DMDesigns offers the exclusive opportunity to buy old showroom kitchens that have only been used for the purpose of display at the showroom for a hefty discount. Since DMDesigns like to keep their showroom kitchen designs fresh and new they have a policy to change kitchen designs displayed in showrooms every six months. These six-month-old kitchen designs are then sold on the website at huge discounts making it possible for you to own your dream designer kitchen at a price you can afford!

Sometimes, what your kitchen needs is not a complete overhaul but rather a few minor changes to make it that much more appealing and practical. Renovating certain aspects of your kitchen like changing the countertops or layout of the cabinets, adding a floating cooking island, or replacing the sink, tap, hob, and oven can bring new life and aesthetic appeal to your existing kitchen space.

Things To Consider When Choosing Kitchen Designs For Your Home

Before you rush into any decisions let us first take a look at a few things that one should consider before choosing a kitchen design for their home or office space.

Credibility & Creativity

Is the kitchen design you are looking at made by a reputable manufacturer or expert designer of kitchens? How creative are the kitchen designs and can they accommodate your particular cooking needs?

These are but a few questions one must ask before deciding on what kitchen design to go with. Whether you are renovating your kitchen or wanting a new kitchen for your new home it is always important to do a little bit of research into who you are buying from? How long have they been in business? And how popular, unique, creative and affordable are there designs compared to others available in the market?

Check up on testimonials, reviews, qualifications, and credentials of the manufacturer or designer of the kitchen design you like before making a buying decision.

Customer Service & Product Knowledge

Designer kitchens aren’t cheap and can be quite an investment for most homeowners. You need to be sure that the kitchen design you choose is from a manufacturer or designer that can offer in-depth product knowledge to help tailor a kitchen design that will best suit your cooking needs.

Sometimes a draft of a particular kitchen design can look great but lack practicality and real-world use. Good kitchen design is a combination of both so look for designs that are a mix of modernism, minimalism and practicality.

When looking to buy from a home design company make sure that they offer excellent customer service and can communicate clearly to all parties involved when it comes to the installation of the kitchen design. This includes communication with building contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other professionals to ensure that the kitchen is installed properly and proper measurements have been taken to make sure all the components fit exactly as they should.

Affordability & Convenience

Modern designer kitchens can be ungodly expensive depending on who you buy from. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. They are always options when it comes to choosing kitchen designs that look great, are made by reliable manufacturers, and are a lot more affordable than comparable alternatives.

Today, one can even choose from countless modern kitchen designs from the comfort of their homes and order online from reliable suppliers, designers, and manufacturers. Online sources also allow you to do your research and due diligence on company backgrounds, pricing, and alternatives that help you make a more informed buying decision.


The kitchen is the most happening area of any home. It is the heart of the household and a place that is the most active part of the home. Get a kitchen that brightens up your home and allows for joyful moments with family and friends!

Modern kitchen designs offer the best combination of practicality, convenience, aesthetics and affordability. Also, if you are open to buying a showroom display kitchen design you can end up saving a substantial amount of money without really comprising on much. 

Smart shoppers are always on the lookout for smart deals and this one is definitely one of the smartest and most gratifying deals around.

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