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25th October 2019

Christmas Gift Ideas: 6 Best Watches Under $200

Man wearing a watch - 6 best watches for under $200
Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

When deciding on what an iconic accessory is for men, all signs point toward a watch. Though it is commonly believed that good watches are expensive, you do not necessarily need to turn to the expensive end if you are on a budget.
There are plenty of fashionable watches that are available online that would suit not only your taste but also your budget. Here are 6 highly recommended watches, all perfect as Christmas gifts that hit just below that $200 mark.

Braun Bn0024BKBRG Watch

The Braun Bn0024BKBRG watch is a watch suitable for various occasions, from a business setting to some coffee break at a local cafe. It has a minimalistic design tailored for any lifestyle.
The watch comes with a stainless steel case, a black watch dial, white hour and minute markers, and dark brown leather straps. The case size is 38 mm. The movement is Japanese quartz, and it is water-resistant up to about 50 meters or 165 feet.

Timex Intelligent Fly-Back Watch

This watch by Timex has unique features with a “traditional” base. There is a black dial with a contrasting gold finish on the minute and hour markers, and the hand movements are paired with a good shade of brown leather.
The case size is about 43 mm and the bands are light stitched leather. The watch movement is quartz, and the water-resistance goes up to 100 meters or 330 feet.

MVMT Classic Series Watch

A combo of brown and black are presented in the MVMT watch. It goes well with a casual dress shirt. The black steel case with a jet-black dial accompanied by the tan leather straps showcases a sharp look. Making it better, the red second’s hand and MVMT logo liven the watch.

The case size is about 45 mm. The straps are tan stitched leather with buckle closure. The movement is quartz, and the water-resistance goes up to about 50 meters or 165 feet.

Nixon The Time Teller’s Stainless Steel Watch

The Time Teller’s watch by Nixon features a grey stainless steel case with a matching 5-link bracelet. It has a 37 mm case. The movement is quartz, and the water-resistance of the watch goes up to about 100 meters or 330 feet.

Casio Edifice Watch

This is a watch with a sporty look and high performance. One from Casio’s Edifice collection, the EF527D -IAV Casio Edifice watch comes with a classic black dial with an inner bezel, three subdials, and a date display. It has a three-link bracelet.

Daniel Wellington Canterbury Watch

The Canterbury watch by Daniel Wellington sports a classic red, white, and blue stripes pattern made from polyester for a more comfortable fit. It has a gold-plated stainless steel case paired with a mineralized crystal lens, both water-resistant to 10 ATM and suitable for humid or rainy days.


Some people wear a watch just to tell time, while some keep a watch collection to go with different outfits. There are just so many reasons why people wear watches, and that is why giving watches out as Christmas gifts can be a good idea. Why not pick some good ones for your loved ones this year?

Wanting A Bit More Extravagance?

If you’re in the market for a watch with a bit more extravagance, you should take a look at Audemars Piguet.
These watches are excellent quality with an iconic design.

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The Benefits Of CBD Oil To Reduce Anxiety and Depression

CBD oil
Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay

CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is one of the most prevalent compounds in the cannabis stevia, whilst CBD comes from cannabis and other plants in the same family, it does not have a psychoactive effect, unlike THC. Medical research into CBD and its impact on the human body is still ongoing, but we are seeing new evidence trickle through demonstrating its effective uses in a variety of applications. So with this in mind, how can this compound help to reduce and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression?

Anxiety and Depression as a Neurological illness

One thing we need to get right before we continue is that anxiety and depression are illnesses caused by imbalances, once we understand this, we understand that like any other conditions (arthritis, MS etc), we require help to overcome them and it isn’t just a case of positive thinking. When we suffer from anxiety or depression, our hippocampus goes into overdrive but the blood flow to this part of the brain is limited. Early indications show that using CBD oil can increase blood flow to this key area in the brain which in turn can reduce the neurological indicators of anxiety and depression. 

The Physiological Aspects of Anxiety and Depression

When we suffer from anxiety and depression, our physiological response to being met with stimuli that we don’t like (even if we are unaware that we don’t like it) is to essentially lock up. Our bodies’ way of coping with these unpleasant sensations can be to create tension throughout your shoulders and jaw which can increase headaches and nausea.  Anxiety attacks and depression can be debilitating, but new research is suggesting that CBD can reduce the physiological response to anxiety and depression. One effect of CBD is that it can give people feelings of calm, especially in small doses. If you are a particularly anxious person, dosing CBD on a daily basis can help you reduce the physiological impacts of anxiety and depression.

What makes this so beneficial is that patients often report that they are stuck in a feedback loop, they become stressed because of their anxiety and depression, which causes an increase in their physiological aspects, which then increases their anxiety and depression. So, by taking CBD you can reduce both of these aspects and break the loop.

CBD Oil & Sleep

People suffering from the aforementioned conditions can often struggle with sleep. There are multiple reasons why, from feeling annoyed or agitated so they are unable to settle down or having intrusive and invasive thoughts just as you are about to doze off. CBD has been shown to help people suffering from these symptoms by placing patients into a mild sedentary state; this can increase the likelihood of sleep by up to 60% in most people and has been seen to even help people suffering insomnia.

CBD has also been shown to stop people dreaming, this is particularly useful if you suffer from intrusive thoughts as it is the same part of your brain that works to do both. CBD blocks the signals that create dreams and intrusive thoughts.

But you need to be aware that this blocking only occurs when you take CBD/Cannabis products, so if you do stop taking them, you will find that your frequency of dreams will return to normal and for the first few months they will be exceptionally vivid until your body can regulate the chemical balance again.

How To Dose CBD For Anxiety and Depression

If this is your first-time taking CBD, we suggest that you start small and build yourself up. Start off with a small dose of 5ml and gauge how you feel in half an hour as this is how long it takes for your body to metabolise it. If you don’t feel any chance, only slightly increase the dose as some people take longer to respond. As soon as you feel calmer and less agitated, note the amount you took and keep with that dose if that is the outcome that you want. If you are looking for a sedation effect, again keep track of what you are taking and only increase it by small amounts, whilst you can’t overdose on CBD, you can waste it!

Final Considerations

Depression and anxiety are multifaceted health problems that can’t simply be classified as a mental illness; they both have multiple physiological impacts which feed into the mental aspects of the illness. Whilst research into CBD and its impact on both conditions are still relatively new, it is showing that they can be managed with small doses. Once you have broken the physiological responses to anxiety and depression everything becomes a lot easier, both of these things CBD can help with.  Research is only just beginning to uncover how beneficial this compound really is, especially for mental health, but if you suffer from anxiety and depression, try micro-dosing and see if you improve!

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