Do‌ ‌kids‌ ‌need‌ ‌to‌ ‌wear‌ ‌deodorant?‌

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Deodorant is worn to get rid of the odour coming from body sweat. Due to the intense activities that kids usually participate in, most parents are left with the question, “Do kids need to wear deodorant?” Others even wonder whether deodorants are safe and the right age for kids to start using them. Below are answers to several questions regarding deodorant and if kids need to wear it or not.

Depending on the age

It’s not recommended for very young kids to wear deodorant. It is advised that girls from 8 to 13 years old and boys from 9 to 14 years old can start to wear deodorant. This is because they would normally start showing signs of puberty and may begin to perspire more than usual. These signs include the development of breasts in girls and vocal changes in boys. Any of these signs before the age of 8 in a girl or the age 9 in a boy isn’t normal. It might be a medical problem so speak to your physician if this happens.

Start of Puberty

As your kids continue to grow and start puberty, a lot of physical changes occur in their bodies. Once you start noticing the signs linked to puberty, check if your kids have reached the age of puberty. The start of puberty comes with a lot of changes. In general, during puberty, most start developing body hair which brings a smell. This might prompt you to use a kid’s deodorant, especially if general hygiene practices like regular body wash doesn’t work.

Control body odour

There are different ways you can help your kid control odour. You can either use a deodorant or practice regular personal hygiene practices like bathing. While it might be normal for a kid at puberty to have a strong body odour, if he or she hasn’t started puberty, but has a strong body odour, this might not be normal. It might either be because your kid sweats a lot or releases more of the bacteria that lead to body odour.

Ensure that your kid showers regularly, especially after activities like sports. Routine body washes at least 2-3 times a day after activities like sports is always the best option. All the parts of the body like the genitals, armpits, and feet, need to be thoroughly cleaned.

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If your regular bathing soap does not work, select a different one. This is because different soaps have different effects. Also, ensure that your kids wear clean clothes, socks and underwear and brush their teeth regularly. Find the best kids deodorant and maintain healthy personal care so that your kid can have a healthy body.

Reduce excessive sweating

At the onset of puberty, kids develop body odour as their underarm hair develops. This comes with some distinct odor which you might notice coming from your kid. Being in their teenage years, it’s not uncommon. But, some kids experience excessive sweating and deodorant might be the best option.

If none of the above work and you notice a persistent body odour coming from your kid, it’s best to pay a visit to the physician. They will be able to determine the actual cause, whether it’s a metabolic problem or puberty related. Most are also well positioned to recommend some ideas to help you out.

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