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What would you not give to get that chiselled physique that is flaunted every so often online in many advertisements? There are often quite a few hiccups to achieving that. While image editing and photo retouching work their wonders, surgery is involved many times or those rigid and toned muscles are the result of years of training and a strict diet. The last two are kind of hard to attain in a short period of time. For those who aren’t looking at surgery or liposuction as options, there are a better non-invasive means to attain that kind of targeted fat loss. CoolSculpting (fat freezing) in London is a great option to consider if you have rather stubborn fat that doesn’t go away even after exercising.

Cryolipolysis is used to remove stubborn fat cells from targeted areas. Areas around the belly are the ones that get this treatment. Just as with liposuction, this procedure can be used to remove body fat, but without any kind of incision or cuts made to the area. The recovery time is way lesser, but the costs run a bit higher.

Does CoolSculpting help in weight loss? Yes and no. If you’re really overweight, the process can take multiple sessions and unless you follow a diet regime, it mostly wouldn’t help that much. However, if you have started exercising and controlling your diet, this helps a lot. The procedure partly depends on the equipment used and partly on the metabolism of your body. The actual procedure involves targeting the fat cells in specific areas and removing them through controlled freezing. Freezing the fat cells crystallises them and after a week or so, the body removes these dead cells through a completely natural process of absorption. This removes the fat deposit entirely, removing any chance of fat getting stored in these cells in the future. Close to around 30% of the deposited fat can be destroyed through multiple sessions of this procedure.

There are certain things to keep in mind before opting for this procedure. Based on your body type or physiology, your fat cells might vary according to their count, their fat content and how resilient they have become. Based on that, your doctor will prescribe the number of sessions that could be needed for you. A gel pad and an applicator will be used to provide controlled freezing to the targeted areas. Since no incisions are done and it is a completely non-invasive procedure, patients can get back to their normal routine almost immediately. There’s no pain associated with normal surgery, but since fat cells are frozen during the procedure, people might experience slight pinching and discomfort during and after the procedure. As the cold pinching feeling subsides, you would feel totally normal and as fit as a fiddle. There are no complications post-procedure.

It is a new and improved procedure that costs a bit extra but is a great option to go for if you’re looking to remove stubborn fat and don’t want to go under the knife. Plus, you get back to your normal life once the deed is done.

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