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July 2019

5 Projects For Your Home

Each year it is worth carrying out a new project on your home. It will keep your home in top condition if you do this and it will also freshen it up, giving it a new lease of life for you to enjoy. But where do you start with these? Well, here are 5 projects for your home that you might like to embark upon this summer. 

Redecorate a room

Whether you are looking to makeover your living room or restyle your office, redecorating a room in your house can completely change its look and feel. It is a fun project to undertake and if you are going for a complete overhaul, it will make you feel like you are in a new house!

Start by thinking about the practicalities such as how you currently use the space and what you want from it going forward. Once you are settled on those requirements you can start to think about the colours, shapes and textures that you will want in there. Then it’s time to go shopping!

If you are buying new furniture, it is easiest to get the room decorated before you move it all in, and if you are going for new flooring, do that after painting too. 

living room decor - projects for your home
Image Pixabay

Security and insulation

This one is often not that exciting a project, yet it is an important one. You might want to look into wall and loft insulation, as it will improve your insulation, reducing your energy bills in the longer term. Windows and doors are also worth looking at as they will freshen up your home, add value to it and serve to better insulate and secure it. Take your time in choosing the designs as something like a brand new front door can really change your house’s frontage and kerb appeal. 

Garden landscaping

Your garden is an extra room of your house, but do you look at it this way? It is worth trying to, as then you can start to think about how you would really like to use that room, how you would like it to be. Now, we are not all green-fingered so you don’t need to know everything about plants and shrubs to do this you just need to think about what you like.

Would you like your garden to be a space for children to play safely in? Would you like bright splashes of colour out there? Would you like to grow your own fruit and vegetables? Would you like to have a social space to relax in and perhaps entertain? Everybody will have different priorities here, so think about how you want to use this ‘extra room’ and then you can start to plan it.

Quite often, you will be able to carry out a lot of garden landscaping yourself, but if it is a big job or you simply do not have the time or inclination to do it yourself, there are plenty of companies around who will happily work with you to create your perfect garden. 

Add an outbuilding

Sheds, greenhouses, summer houses and standalone offices are all great ways to extend the space in your home, at a relatively low cost. If you need an extra room, one of these options could be your answer. Summer houses are an increasingly popular way to add an additional room offering you office space, craft rooms, reading nooks and teen hangouts. 

Take a look at the options available to you and many of these can be assembled by the provider when they are delivered. You could have a whole new room within the week, what would you do with it?

Redesign your kitchen

This one will make a huge impact, both in how you use it and on your home’s value. Kitchens can make or break house sales, but even if you aren’t looking to move any time soon, a new well-planned kitchen will be a worthy investment of your time and money. 

You will want to get together with a kitchen design company on this as they have so many clever ideas nowadays on how to maximise the space available. Gone are the days when drawers and cupboards were just drawers and cupboards! They can have so many inserts in them now and many appliances and accessories can be built into your design.

Go for something that makes it a usable space for you and your family, both now and in the future. Neutral colours work well as you can then make changes to the overall colour scheme by painting walls or changing tiles, prints and splashbacks. 

Have you got any projects taking place in your home at the moment? 

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The Word-keeper Book Review #25

I received an email asking if I’d like to review The Word-keeper by Veronica del Valle. I read the blurb and really liked the sound of the book. It’s aimed at middle-grade children which I think is 8-12 (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong; we don’t use the term middle-grade here!) and I figured Ella, who is just shy of her 12th birthday, would enjoy it.

I had hoped we’d read it together but unfortunately, what with school, homework and family things going on, we’ve not had a chance to read it yet.
I decided I’d read it, do the review then pass it on to her to take with her when she goes on holiday in a few weeks.
I’ll add her thoughts on the book when she gets back 🙂

The Word-keeper

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

“Please was the first word to die and with it, good manners were gone and, out of the blue, everybody began to forget how to be polite. Then promise was killed and instantly people found it hard to remember the importance of commitments and pledges…”

Set in the whimsical town of Inkwell, a place with an ancient secret history, this fairytale-like adventure uncovers the key to the power hidden within words. ‘The Word-Keeper’ is the tale of a savvy bookmark named Ben that unwillingly becomes an evil imp with only one objective: destroy the words that live inside books.

Only one girl can stop him. Her name is Florence Ibbot. She is eleven years old, oddly eloquent and a quiet observer of the world. But above all, Florence is a keen logophile and is willing to sacrifice everything to protect the words.

She sets out to discover who is behind all this. The journey will take her to the origins of writing and inspiration. But she’ll also have to face the most treacherous adversary, Zyler, a ruthless sorceress whose sole mission is to ruin one of humankind’s most precious possessions: the gift of language. As the final battle approaches, Florence will have to learn how to wield words instead of the sword. Is Florence brave enough to become who she was born to be?

My Thoughts

My very first thought about this book was how lovely the cover felt. It doesn’t feel like a normal book, it has a softness to it that if I’m honest, distracted me from actually reading the text!
I just wanted to keep feeling the softness until I had to make myself concentrate on the words.

I liked the fairytale aspect of the story; magic and fantasy fiction was always a favourite of mine when I was younger.
I was an avid reader, like Florence, and my love of books has never died.
If I could wish one thing, it would be to be 12 again while reading this book. You just don’t get the same feelings of awe and wonder when reading about magical places as an adult the way you do as a child and I miss it!


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July 1st – Garden Update

I’m back with a garden update; it’s only been a year or so since my last one! You may remember that I declared last year as the year of the garden.
I have to be honest and tell you that far from getting the garden the way we wanted it, it got left to its own devices and decided to grow so much bramble, the top of the garden is now unusable!

There were 2 reasons for this; Ant damaged his leg a few days after we made a start on the garden and spent months in pain and I was suffering from terrible migraines that are now, thankfully, under control.

An Hour A Day

I’ve decided to spend 1 hour a day in the garden. It may not sound like much, but I struggle with a bad back and can only just manage about an hour before I have to rest it.

I think 1 hour day, concentrating on one part of the garden at a time will stop the job feeling so overwhelming.
I decided to clear the weeds on the steps and weed one of the borders at the side of the steps.

border full of weeds
Border full of weeds

I planted Dragon’s Blood Sedum last year in the hopes that it would spread and stop the weeds. I think I expected too much of the poor thing!

It is spreading but not as fast as I’d hoped and the weeds and grass were growing in amongst the clusters.
I made it easier for myself to weed the border by sitting on a chair. It still made my back hurt but it wasn’t as bad as if I’d been bending over all that time.

border after weeding
I think by removing all the weeds and grass, the plants will find it easier to grow and spread. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway!

Steps Before And After

I love the steps Ant put in but the weeds and grass growing up the sides was doing my head in!
They look much nicer now 🙂

steps before weeding
Weeds and grass everywhere!
steps after weeding
So much better 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to tackle the border on the other side and I’ll be back with a garden update next Monday 🙂

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