Prepare For Winter Early With A Log Burner

Anyone who lives in the United Kingdom knows that the weather is very rarely kind. Your home can be warm and cosy no matter what the weather is like outside. You are probably thinking ‘if only it was that easy, we can’t afford to have our radiators on 24/7’. No, we are not suggesting heating via the use of radiators, or any other method that rinses your gas and electricity. The answer can be found within a log burner.

Logs - prepare for winter early with a log burner

What is a log burner?

There are lots of great HDB BTO 2019 launches, and you may be feeling frustrated by the expensive heating options, which is why a log burner presents such a good option, as it is more affordable. A log burner, otherwise known as a wood burning stove, is a type of heating appliance. It generates heat via burning wood fuel. A typical log burner consists of a fire brick base, a solid metal closed fire chamber, and an adjustable air control. Moreover, the log burner will be connected to a suitable flue or chimney via the use of ventilating stove pipes. This is a product that is readily available on the internet and in stores situated all over the UK. You certainly won’t find it difficult to get your hands on one. 

What are the benefits of using a log burner?

•    Excellent method of heating up your home – A log burner can throw off a tremendous amount of heat. Most people will agree that it heats up a room better than any radiator or underfloor heating system can. In addition to this, the heat is a lot more enjoyable as it creates a cosy atmosphere. It is products like this that really turn a ‘house’ into a ‘home’. But if you still want to stick to the radiators for this winter season, you can check these radiators of different types and from various brands and choose the one that suits best to your needs.

•    Save money on your heating costs – In addition to the first point, one of the main reasons why so many people turn to log burning stoves is because they offer a much more cost effective way of generating heat in the home. In fact, when you consider the impact of the recession over the past few years, it is not hard to see why log burners have boomed in popularity as of late. People are looking for any way to save money. And, we aren’t just talking about small amounts of money. It is believed that the average household can save approximately £400 per year by switching to a log burner. Moreover, when you consider the rising costs of electricity and gas in the UK, you see how this figure is only going to get bigger and bigger.

•    Transform your living space – Most people do not primarily purchase a log burner for aesthetic purposes, yet this is a benefit you will gain. There is no denying the fact that a log burner adds a wealth of character and style to any room. There are so many different options available – from contemporary log burners, to traditional and rustic designs. No matter what option you go for, the wood burning stove you purchase is likely to become the focal point of the room. It will generate all of the attention. And thus the impact it can have on the overall style of your home is massive.

•    Environmental benefits – In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, there are also environmental benefits to be gained by going down this route. This is because wood is a renewable resource. Moreover, many people do not realise it, but when you burn wood you are actually releasing the exact amount of carbon dioxide as that absorbed by the tree during growth. 

•    Reliability – If you live in an area that is susceptible to power cuts, your ability to heat your home is going to be limited if you use central heating. However, if you opt to burn logs, you have a heating method that is generally very reliable. No power is needed for this method to work its magic.   

How to find the best log burner for you…

You now know all of the benefits associated with choosing to burn logs as your primary method of heating for your home, but how do you find the best log burner for you? There are several points you need to consider…

•    Design – The design of the log burner is important. After all, this feature is going to take prime place in your room, and as mentioned earlier it is likely to become the focal point. Thus, you want to make sure it enhances the overall image of your room. Take a look online and assess the various options available. There are so many styles to choose from. If you are going to go down the traditional route you could look for an antique style stove in black or colourful enamel. This is ideal for properties boasting a rustic British vibe. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a modern log burner, you will have many different designs to choose from. This includes everything from cylindrical designs, to three-legged models, to freestanding pedestal versions. The options are well and truly endless. 

•    Read reviews – When considering a log burner you should read reviews that have been left by previous customers. What have they had to say about the wood burning stove they purchased? How many stars did they rate it? Would they recommend the product to others? Does it give off a good amount of heat? There is no better way to determine whether a product is worth buying or not than by reading what prior owners think. 

•    Consider a clean glass system – Clean glass systems are increasing in popularity. This is a log burner that offers you an unrestricted view of the flames inside. Not only does this look fantastic, but a lot of people prefer it for peace of mind as they can see exactly what is going on. Moreover, if you didn’t opt for this system, you would have to get your cleaning gloves on frequently as the glass is likely to blacken easily. 

•    Price – Price is a crucial factor when buying any product. Of course you don’t want to break the bank when buying a log burner. After all, one of the benefits associated with going down this route is that it is cost efficient. Nevertheless, don’t search for a log burner based on price alone. If you go for the cheapest deal you can find, you are going to be the only one who suffers. Quality is imperative when purchasing this type of product. 

•    Heat output – Last but not least, the final point you need to consider is heat output, i.e. is the log burner the correct size for the room it is heating? If you are looking to heat an average-sized room, you will probably need a stove with a 4-5 KW rating. Nonetheless, there are other factors to consider. The age of the house is important, as newer houses typically require less heat. Moreover, if you have other efficiency saving methods in place this is something you will need to bear in mind as well.

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