Game Changing Barbecue Hacks You Need in Your Life This Summer

Barbecue hacks for summer

If you are planning to throw a barbecue, you might as well take it to the top. Prepare some very amazing dishes so that people will always be looking forward to the next invitation. Even while grilling may sound simple to some people, there are still some people that struggle with getting the best results with their dishes. Luckily for you, you can grill like a pro, by mastering delightful barbecue hacks that will help you take your bash to the next level of awesome. Here are some game-changing barbecue hacks you can try out this summer:

Use an onion to clean your BBQ

Onions are not given nearly as much credit as they deserve. Other than these tearjerkers being great in cooking food, they are useful in cleaning a grill. The best bit about them is that they are a natural element, which means you will not need to use chemicals. Technically, you need to clean your grill when still hot, so that it can get rid of any charred residues from the food. When the grill cools down, rub an onion directly on the grill, to help loosen up the grime.

Grill fish on lemons

Fish and lemons are the perfect food combinations. Other than lemons helping with the flavouring and smell of the fish, they are useful when grilling. For one, they help minimize your cleaning afterwards.

When you place your fish on the hot grill, the chances are that you will lose a huge portion of your fish in the heat, because fish is a fast-to-prepare meal. Instead, next time you want to grill your fish, slice lemons and place them straight onto the grill or BBQ. The lemons will help reduce the sticking that will take away bits of your fish. After that, grill your fish to your liking.

Let meat get to room temperature before grilling

Perhaps the greatest worry when grilling is when preparing meat. The first thing is usually to get the best smoker to befit the purpose, depending on the size of the cuts of meat you want to be cooking. If you are still looking for the perfect grill, before buying an electric smoker, here are our top recommendations. Once you have your smoker in your backyard, get the best cuts of meat to grill.

Technically, you need to refrigerate meat to preserve it before the day of the BBQ. Therefore, before you start cooking it, ensure you let it sit for several minutes until it gets to room temperature. This way, your meat will cook evenly, without losing too much moisture.

Grill veggies on a grill basket

Grilling veggies can become a little technical, especially when you cut them into small sizes. Usually, a grill basket is best for grilling the vegetables it holds all the food together so that they do not fall directly on the grill. While at it, toss in some olive oil and herbs. For best results, consider high-quality olive oil to bring out more taste and flavour in your dish.

Keep the meat moist with apple juice

The last thing you want your BBQ to be remembered for is dry meat. Even with experience in grilling, it is almost always the case that you will end up with dried meat if you are not keen with the grilling process.

Apple juice and apple cider vinegar are known as a powerful combination to help in retention of moisture in the meat, more especially for slower cooked cuts, like the ribs. As you turn your meat from one side to the other, spray the mixture. The best news is that the apple juice also adds in sweetness in the meat.

Grease your meat, not the BBQ

Do you know how annoying those flare-ups from your grill can get? Well, greasing your grill is a great contributor to that. Instead of smearing grease on your grill, how about you do it on your meat? This way, you control the flames, and there is less chance of spitting the grease directly into the fire.

Baste your meat with rosemary ‘brush.’

Instead of the regular brush, you use to baste your steak, tie up several rosemary sprigs and use it as the brush. As you dip the sprigs into your marinade and spread it on your meat, you get some of the rosemary flavours in your meat, which adds on to the taste of the grilled steak.

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