How traveling can make you proud of your own culture

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Travelling the world is one of the best ways to explore different cultures and learn about different traditions around the world. This knowledge not only makes us more accepting of other races but it makes us realize that our own culture is beautiful too. Join others in different traditional activities and sometimes having people join you is a wonderful thing. The sense of community this gives us is a wonderful thing.

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Personally, I like to travel to places that are rich in history and culture. It’s fun to explore these places, learning of all the eccentricities and uniqueness of their native culture. Slowly but surely, I’ve noticed that I’ve started to feel proud of my own heritage. There were a few strange things that I avoided but now I’m more accepting. It’s a wonderful feeling to make a foreign friend and swap traditional stories. For me, Thailand is on my list next. You can head there too and book DWT discounted flights to save some money alongside!

The importance of understanding cultures

As we all know, racism is still a tragic problem today. Most of the issues arise from common misconceptions about a certain race. Due to ignorant people, negative information spreads around causing all sorts of problems. From hate-crimes to hate speech, all of these can be solved by simply spreading awareness about different cultures. The more people understand and accept the differences in different races, the kinder they will be. Who knows, they may just bond over certain similarities.

Being proud of your culture

This is the other side of racism because usually the people who are discriminated a lot, start feeling ashamed of their culture. It should never get this bad because our culture is not just our identity but it’s what makes us who we are. Everyone learns from their parents and grandparents, so it’s sad that ignorance cause someone to be ashamed of the ways of their elders. Positive awareness is good because everyone can improve certain things in their culture, but overall, it’s essential to be proud of who you are.

How travelling around the world helps

The more you travel, the more you get to explore the world and meet new people. When you see a country and its traditions first-hand, you understand the reasoning behind certain trends. This awareness makes you empathize with other races making you a diver person. I remember when I visited Morocco, I was moved by their hospitality. In fact, it made me wish more people would follow that tradition.

Accepting cultures makes you proud of your own culture

The eccentric traditions

Once you travel the world enough, you’ll realize that at the end of the day, we aren’t all that different from each other. Therefore, if there are some rather unique traditions in your culture, you simply accept them as what they are. In fact, instead of being embarrassing, they become interesting. Besides, it’s just the general consensus that makes us think certain things are better than the other when we should accept that we’re all unique.

Making friends

Travelling to different countries allows us to meet up with new people. The more people we get to know, the more we’ll learn about different ethnicities and races. Now just change your thinking a bit because if you explore their culture with such interest then chances are that they’ll likely wish to do the same. This realization will make you proud of your traditions. I see so many people trying to copy other cultures when there really is no need. Share knowledge about different traditions. Eventually, you’ll find out that there are many similarities. Not only does this allow you to become better friends but gives you confidence about who you are.


One of the best ways to experience the fun and beautiful side of a culture is to join in a cultural festival. From delicious food to unique performances, you’ll get to experience wonderful things. When I visited Japan in summer, I managed to join in one of their summer festivals. The slow traditional dance with a disciplined drum beat made me fall in love with Japan even more. And then there was all the festive food. One of the best festivals that celebrate different culture is the Global Village, held in Dubai. Just trying out different dishes is good enough for me. There are sections called pavilions dedicated to different countries. Here you can buy authentic souvenirs, try out delicious traditional dishes and if you time your visit right, you can see a cool cultural performance as well.

My point is that you’ll probably find your culture being represented here or even in your own country. Trust me, there’s nothing shameful about a traditional festival. Enjoy yourself and you’ll notice all the visitors are having a great time too.


There’s a big stigma when it comes to language. As well all know, the most popular language around the world is English. And if someone can’t speak English then they’re made to feel bad. This is a terrible rule of the world but I’m glad it’s slowly going away. Every language is beautiful. Having an accent is all right too. In fact, having an accent makes it more interesting because it shows that you’ve learned a foreign language but haven’t given up on your mother tongue. When you travel around, you’ll get to hear countless accents and dialects. Just conversing with different people will make you confident about your own pronunciations. Besides, as long as the other person understands you, it doesn’t matter what language you use to converse.


This one is the most important thing we learn when we travel. Since we realize and develop an admiration of different cultures, we should also make an effort to be respectful. Because once you know about something, yet still stay offensive, it becomes pure hateful racism. Respect others so that in turn your own culture may be respected.

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