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My March monthly update isn’t great, to be honest. I didn’t get off to a very good start, but I did manage to get back into it halfway through the month.
I had started secret eating during the first 2 weeks. By week 3, and after a 1lb gain on my second weigh in I decided enough was enough.

I told Ant about my secret eating and managed to lose 1.5lb that week because I’d come clean and the secret eating stopped.
However, I didn’t manage to keep it up and ended up having a rubbish week at the end of the month. I have maintained my weight, though, which is an achievement in a way!

It’s probably not going to be a very good result at my next weigh in either because we’re hosting an afternoon tea on Mother’s Day and I’m going out for lunch with the Slimming World ladies to a place that serves huge slices of cake for dessert!

I’ll keep trying though, as usual 🙂

Monthly weigh in results


Weigh-In Results

Date 6th March
Weight – 26st 10lb
Result – lost 1lb
Total Weight Loss – 4st 5lb

Date 13th March
Weight – 26st 11lb
Result – gained 1lb
Total Weight Loss – 4st 4lb

Date 20th March
Weight – 26st 9.5lb
Result – Lost 1.5lb
Total Weight Loss – 4st 5.5lb

Date 27th March
Weight – 26st 10lb
Result – Gained 0.5lb
Total Weight Loss – 4st 5lb

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