Curating the perfect indoor garden

Houseplants are currently still all the rage, and everything from garden centres to household stores are stocking plenty of greenery. If you’re not particularly green-fingered it can be hard to know where to begin when faced with stacks and stacks of potted plants.

Millennials are turning to indoor gardens more and more as a result of their low likelihood of joining the housing ladder. So, if your lack of outdoor garden means you’re looking to expand your indoor collection, here are some tips on how to keep it looking alive.

Indoor plants succulents and cactus

A risky bloomer

The only ‘risk’ to a seasonal bloomer is keeping it alive and not panicking during its dormant months. Having a plant that only flowers during certain times of the year can feel like a bit of a cop-out during the colder months, but it’s truthfully worth it when it finally flourishes. Something like a small rose plant or pansies stay small and shrub-like until it’s their time to shine. When they do finally burst with colour, your indoor garden will be irresistible to look at.

Glorious pots

While you’re starting off with the planting of your indoor garden, your greenery might be confined to the plastic tubs and pots they were purchased in. It’s safe to stay with these for a while, especially during the period when you’re getting used to the volume of water they need. Over-submerging them in a solid-bottomed pot can spell a bog-like death for a delicate plant.

Azalea house plant

Once you’re used to each plant’s feeding and watering needs, buying an assortment of pots is where the fun starts. It’s best not to see pots as just a vessel to keep them in but also an ornament for the house. Kitchen plants will look great in granite bowls and succulents will look kitsch in wooden window boxes. If you’re really looking for a variety but are worried about the cost, keep your eyes peeled for any offers such as a Groupon voucher code from Plus Voucher Code. A frenzy of pot purchasing might not be everyone’s idea of retail therapy but let’s face it, your house will look pretty cool afterwards.

Stubborn succulents

Succulents are appearing in everything from windowsills to tiny terrariums. Their popularity is partly down to their hardiness. Neglect and dark rooms tend not to phase succulents, so if your indoor garden doesn’t have as much window space as you’d like, these are a sturdy addition.


Cacti have a few surprising tricks up their sleeve. They’re low maintenance, they look pretty much the same all year round and some varieties produce brightly coloured exotic flowers. Finding a cactus that’s right for your room – whether it’s a small fuzzy variety or a tall one that’s worthy of a Mexican desert – immediately makes any indoor garden look tropical. Even though cacti are temporarily very trendy, they never lose their enduring appeal.


Small-scale treetops

If you’re developing a small collection of tiny succulents and shrubs, then your indoor garden might be looking a little flat. Adding miniature palm trees and Swiss cheese plants give your indoor landscape a bit of height and variation, while also being low maintenance.

Before you start accumulating lots of little plants, it’s always best to do some research first. Discovering which plant needs the most water and which one is a bit of an environment diva is the first thing you should do to ensure it stays looking green.


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