Chocolate Christmas Bark

Christmas bark is one of the easiest homemade gifts to make. Everyone always seems to enjoy receiving it, if we manage to get it to the packaging stage!
If you’re planning on making some Christmas bark and you have children, it’s probably a good idea to buy extra ingredients to allow for all the taste testing!

We made this batch back in September (I’m being super organised on the blog this year so I don’t feel as stretched in December with everything else that needs doing) and while some stores had some Christmas goodies available, it wasn’t as great a selection as you can get now.

The baking aisle should have some Christmas themed sprinkles now which would look lovely on the bark.

Christmas Bark

Christmas bark recipe


  • Milk chocolate – the quantities depend on how much you want to make. We used 300g milk chocolate and 400g white chocolate but we should have used 200g of white because it would have given a better swirling effect
  • White chocolate
  • Silver balls
  • Gold  confetti (we got ours from Tesco)
  • Red sprinkles
  • Christmas themed sprinkles
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Chocolate snowman or any Christmas shaped goodies; mini gingerbread men or Cadbury’s Festive Friends biscuits would work well
  • Any other toppings you like!


  1. Line a baking sheet with baking parchment.
  2. Melt the milk and dark chocolate in separate bowls.
  3. Pour the chocolates onto the baking sheet and swirl together using a fork
  4. Now the fun part – go mad with the toppings!
  5. Put the tray in the fridge and leave until set. Ours took about an hour.
  6. Break up the slab of chocolate into shards

You can get some lovely cellophane bags from eBay if you want to give the bark as Christmas gifts. We used snowflake printed bags and curly ribbon to seal them.

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