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31st October 2018

Planning A More Eco-Friendly Bathroom Refit? Here’s What You Should Know!

When you walk into your bathroom do you feel happy and content with the space in front of you or do you feel like there’s room for improvement? If it’s the latter, then you should most definitely consider the best ways to change and enhance your bathroom, to create a space that you are totally and completely in love with.

Of course, if you’re someone who believes in sustainable living and creating a more eco-friendly home, then you might be thinking about going down the greener route with your bathroom. If that’s the case, then it’s essential that you think every aspect of the design through carefully, to ensure that you are able to create the most amazing sustainable space that has little to no impact on the environment.

eco-friendly bathroom

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Wondering how you should go about doing that? Then have a read of the tips and ideas below and find your inspiration.


Use all-natural paint


Did you know that paint is actually packed full of hazardous chemicals? Not just hazardous for the environment but also for your health? So if you’re going to change the colour scheme of your bathroom or tidy the paintwork up, opt to use an all-natural paint instead of regular paint. It might cost more but if it means protecting the environment and yours’ and your family’s health it’s worth it.


Add a dual flush


Flushing the toilet uses a lot of water, and most of the time it’s a waste. So an increasing number of people are choosing to incorporate dual flushes into their homes, which use a large percentage less water per flush. If you can’t afford to replace your whole toilet, then you can always get a converter kit that allows you to convert your toilet to a dual flush system. Just remember, it’s best to have a plumber’s number on hand, such as Dyno Plumbing for instance, in case the conversion ends up going wrong.


Use sustainable materials


Wherever possible, opt to use sustainable materials for your bathroom. From the tiling to the flooring and furniture, always look for sustainable materials. For the flooring, reclaimed wood can work well, as long as it’s properly varnished and sealed to prevent water damage.


Install LEDs


Want to reduce your bathroom energy consumption and save the environment at the same time? Then you need to install LEDS, like you most probably already have in the rest of the house.


Use recycled toilet paper


When it comes to wiping yourself after using the toilet, you should be using recycled toilet paper, because this means fewer trees are being cut down to meet your needs. Whatever you do, avoid toilet wipes as these are extremely damaging to the environment when flushed.


Buy organic towels


From flannels and floor mats to bath towels, you should always opt to purchase organic cotton. As non-organic cotton pollutes the environment when it is grown and has a serious impact on the water around it, and of course the local eco-system. If you’ve already got good towels don’t throw them away, as the best choice you can make is to stick with what you’ve got. However, if you need to buy new towels, going organic is the best route to go down.


There you have it, everything that you need to know about planning a more eco-friendly bathroom for your home.

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Creating a Luxe Look for a Budget Bathroom

Can’t quite afford underfloor heating, a waterfall shower or that wet room you know you truly deserve? If you crave a luxe look bathroom but have a budget that’s less than platinum, there are lots of little ways you can create a luxury feel for less. From playing with lighting to going smaller on suites or tiled areas, here are a few hints and tips for creating a luxe look bathroom on a below average budget.

Suite Splurges and Saves

If you’re planning a total bathroom renovation, there’s no getting around the fact a new bathroom suite is likely to be your biggest buy. According to Houzz, the average bathroom renovation project costs between £3,500 and £6,300. So before you fully commit, think hard about whether sprucing up your existing suite could be an option. Could new taps, seal and panelling give your suite a whole new look? Look at the condition of any vanity cupboards too. Could you get away with new doors or painting your existing cupboards? Swapping out handles and door knobs can give a more expensive-looking finish while hitting the boutique bathroom notes you’re hoping for.

luxe look bathroom

If a new suite really is a must, be realistic about where you need to compromise. To get the best out of your room and your project’s funding, you need to think carefully about your priorities. Having both a bath and a shower fitted can really give a property resale appeal. If you’ve got a more compact bathroom, this may mean fitting a smaller tub or looking at an over shower bath that packs plenty of power. Be creative with the finish around your suite too. If you love some expensive tiles, could you do some accent tiling around the sink basin? Sometimes a little bit of what you love will really elevate a space but it won’t blow your budget.

Easy Swap Accessories

When you’re dying to renovate your bathroom but really can’t afford major works, it’s time to style the space a little more ‘you’. Fluffy new towels bought on sale, a decorative light pull and a fresh but inexpensive window dressing are all bathroom accessories that can provide a quick style update. Swapping your toothbrush holder or toilet brush for something a little more on trend or elegant can make all the difference too. New bath mats can also provide a little luxury underfoot.

All of these additions can be swapped out to refresh the space with new trends too — simply style against a painted backdrop and there’s minimal commitment to any particular theme. Looking for one item to make a big impact? A statement mirror can make such a huge difference in a bathroom and really give a stylish impression. Choose a rounded art deco mirror to be totally on trend this season or select an inexpensive backlit mirror to make applying your makeup that bit easier.

lavender, bathroom towel, lavender soap and a lilac coloured vase

Budget Boutique Additions

Sunken baths and his and her showers may be outside of your budget, but there are some familiar boutique hotel bathroom features that can make fabulous additions to a budget bathroom. In larger bathrooms, a dressing table adds a real touch of Hollywood glamour and needn’t have a huge price tag. Think about upcycling a second-hand dressing table or charity shop steal and dress it to impress with your favourite perfume bottles and makeup brushes. Add a matching chair to provide a spot for morning contemplation while you do your hair and makeup.

Another easy reach opulent touch is to add a dressing screen to your bathroom. They’re perfect for undressing behind (or flinging towels over) and can add a pop of colour and a decorative touch too. You can purchase these inexpensively from some high street stores or decorate your own.


If DIY and upcycling are a bit out of your comfort zone, play it safe with the addition of a vase of fresh flowers. The bathroom isn’t an obvious spot for floral decorations but it can really help to create that elegant dressing room feel. Plus, it’s an easy way to brighten a room and add a welcoming aroma you can enjoy as you groom. By choosing in-bloom varieties, it’s also an inexpensive way to update your bathroom in line with the seasons. You might create a gorgeous display of spring tulips or peonies, summer roses, or a fabulously festive display of Christmas roses and poinsettia. If you’re into gardening, adding greenery is another easy way to channel that expensive hotel room vibe. Choose simple succulents such as aloe vera plants to add a touch of green and help clean the air.

Do your bathroom styling ambitions exceed your budget? Tell us what’s on your ultimate bathroom lust-list!

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