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July 2018

The RV battery comparison – how to choose the best

choosing the best car battery

Are you looking for a car battery and you do not know which one to choose? Do you want to know which the best car batteries are? Do you need tips for buying a portable battery for your car? Then you got this. The Battery Man Guide is here to help you choose the best battery for your car. Below I will present the criteria according to which you should make this choice.

How do you choose the best car batteries?

When choosing a car battery, do not look only at a price, but take into account what is compatible with the characteristics of your car (cylinder capacity, accessories, fuel type), and if it is a quality battery to use for as long as possible.

I insist on the quality of the car battery, mainly because it is the vital component for the proper functioning of the electrical system and is not a component that you change every year, but after many years (depending on its quality).

The size of the most suitable one

Size refers to the height, length, and width of the battery. Car batteries come in different sizes so that they fit perfectly into the unique place of each car. The required size varies from one machine to another, so before purchasing, read the technical specifications of your vehicle, where you can find size and amperage information. You can also consult the car battery maker’s guide so that you can see the right size for your car.

Purchasing an inappropriate car battery can be described as a waste of money, my recommendation is to return it as soon as possible.

The capacity of the best car battery

The function of the car battery refers to its possibilities to store a certain amount of electric power, and the choice is made depending on the car’s alternator. Capacity to measure in Ah (ampere per hour). Thus, a 70 Ah battery will be discharged by a 10 Ah consumer in 7 hours.

I advise you to make a choice based on the information contained in the vehicle’s technical book, and never choose a car battery with a lower capacity than the one specified in the technical manual because you risk that the car will not work in normal conditions.

Instead, if you want something stronger, you can make such a choice. According to the experts in the matter, a battery with a capacity higher than 30% compared to the recommendations of the car manufacturer does not affect the functioning of the vehicle. Read more here.

The capacity of the car battery will decrease over time, depending on the degree of demand and the quality of the cell. I advise you to choose a car battery from well-known brands. Keep in mind that the battery is automatically charged to the car’s rectifier, and if there is repeated start-up, short and frequent travel, there is a risk of battery discharge.

The cold start

This parameter measures the battery’s ability to start the car even in freezing weather. If the vehicle is parked for a longer time in a cold environment without being started, starting is more difficult because the engine oil is thick. The starting current is measured in amperes (A), representing the flow that the battery can produce for a short period (about 10 seconds) to ensure the engine is started. In general, the starting current is directly proportional to the capacity of the battery, so a larger battery will also have a higher starting current.

The cold start-up current of the battery decreases as the battery ages, so the more significant the battery, the better. The level of the startup current of the car battery is chosen according to the cylinder capacity of the car and the type of fuel. In the case of diesel cars, the startup current of the car battery should be at least 750 A. For a gasoline car, a cell with a starting current of 450-580 A is sufficient.


Check this out:

The polarity of a suitable auto battery

Depending on this feature, the auto batteries are classified into positive-left auto batteries or positive-battery auto batteries. Mainly, vehicles have positive-drag polarity. Polar-positive and left-handed cars are rare, especially of Asian origin.

Positive polarity refers to the fact that the plus sign (+) is positioned on the right side of the battery. When you change your car battery, it is intended to keep the same polarity.


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Back Spin By Harlen Coben – Book Review #30

Back Spin is the 4th book in the Myron Bolitar series by Harlen Coben. I’ve collected the whole series and had planned to read through them all, one after the other but I’m thinking I might take a break after the next one.

I’m still enjoying them but I think I’m in need of a different genre for a while. I’ve seen a book review on Stressed Rach for a sci-fi/fantasy book that I’ve added to my TBR list 🙂

Back Spin

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

This time the sports agent and sometime sleuth probes the mystery of a teenager’s disappearance and finds a family whose darkest secrets explode into murder.
The boy was born and raised on the tony Main Line. But he vanished on Philadelphia’s mean streets. For Myron Bolitar, his client, golf superstar Linda Coldren, comes first–and that means unraveling the mystery of her son’s kidnapping.
But when Myron goes after the missing boy, he crashes through a crowd of lowlifes, blue bloods, and liars on both sides of the social divide. And as Linda’s golf-pro husband suddenly makes a run at the U.S. Open championship, the family’s skeletons burst out of the closet. Myron is about to find out just how deadly this game can get.
In an ingenious thriller that crackles with wit and suspense, whose characters all but leap alive from the page, Harlan Coben engages the mind with twisting mysteries even as he makes the heart race.

My Thoughts

Back Spin is set during the U.S. Open golf championship. It kept me reading but I have to admit that the absence of Win made it less enjoyable.
Win wouldn’t help Myron because Myron’s client was a family member and for reasons unknown at first, Win didn’t have anything to do with them.

Win coming to the rescue is one of the things I love in the books and I really missed him in this one. He was still around and at the end, we find out a bit more about him which was good. It helped somewhat to explain his behaviour.

I’m hoping he’s going to be back to having Myron’s back in the next book, One False Move.

Back Spin by Harlen Coben

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018 - 30 books read


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Slime Bubble – My Sunday Photo

We put a ban on making slime in our house when we got fed up of having to keep clearing away all the detritus left by Ella and KayCee.
I also got quite annoyed when I found a lump of it that had dried solid and stuck to the carpet in their bedroom.

Slime Bubble

Ella got around the ban by going to her friends and making it there! She brought home 4 tubs of it and gave some to KayCee.

With the recent hot weather, we’ve had the fans going constantly. This is KayCee using the fan to make a big bubble!

KayCee making a slime bubble using the fan



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Moving House – Planning For The Future

We bought this house just over four years ago and we love living here. I would never have contemplated moving house again if it weren’t for the pain in my knees.

House Hunting

When we were looking to buy we checked out some bungalows as well as a three storey semi-detached and lots of two-storey semis.
I really liked the three-storey house but Ant felt a bit claustrophobic on the top floor.

The house we have now was the first one we saw and we both kind of fell in love with it. Rightly or wrongly, we then compared every other house to this one and none of them measured up.
Because we liked this one so much, we let our hearts decide and didn’t really think about mobility problems I might face in the future.

buying a house

Health Issues

I’ve had back and knee problems since my early 20s. I had a slipped disc in 2000 and suffered from sciatica for many years.

A couple of years ago I started getting pain in my knees. It’s very painful going upstairs and as they got worse, I started wishing we’d looked at more bungalows!
Early this year I started seriously thinking that we’d have to move sooner rather than later, even though none of us wants too.


A couple of weeks ago I had another slipped disc and it took me forever to get upstairs to go to bed at night. Because of the pain in my back, I started putting more pressure on my knees when standing and walking.
My back is much better now but I still can’t get upstairs very well because of the pain in my knees.

moving house - bungalow

House Prices

I’ve been checking the prices of bungalows in our area; we have to stay in the area so KayCee and Ella can stay at their school.
I was feeling a bit deflated because bungalows are going for far more than we paid for this house.

I have to admit to not knowing much about the housing market and when I talked to Ant about the price of our house he said it’ll have increased in price since we bought it.

I went on the internet to see if I could find out how much our house could be worth now and I found a tool on SunLife that helps with just that! All you have to do is put your postcode in, select your address and see how much more your house is worth.

Home Improvement Needed

We’re not going to rush into moving. Whilst it is painful at the moment, I can still manage the stairs. This is good because our house price will increase even more if we do some home improvements.

The 2 bathrooms need completely redoing. It’s been on our list since we moved in but funds haven’t allowed us to do them yet. There always seemed to be something more important to do first.
Now we’re going to make them a priority so that when we do come to sell, we can be sure of getting the right price.

Excited About House Hunting

As much as I love our house and don’t want to move, I have to admit, it is exciting looking for a new home!


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Things You Need To Know Before Taking Up Golf

Golf can be a pretty daunting sport to get into if you’ve never played before. Not only do you have to learn the rules, find out about the different clubs and buy your own, it can also seem like there’s a whole new language to learn!

Golf shoes

Basic Rules of Golf

  1. No more than 14 clubs can be in your bag. There isn’t a minimum number of clubs you can carry but you can’t go over 14.
  2. Book a tee time and be sure to get to the course early so you don’t miss your time. Your group may have to wait around for hours if it’s a busy course you miss your tee time.
  3. Check to see if there is a dress code at your chosen club. If there a dress code, you’ll need to dress appropriately. Function 18 Golf Apparel has everything from trousers and polo shirts to golf shoes, bags and balls.
  4. When teeing off you need to make sure that you place your ball between the tee markers. You can place the ball in line with the markers or up to 2 club lengths behind. You can’t put the ball in front of the markers.
  5. It’s important you don’t play the wrong ball. With many balls in play on a course, it’s very easy to play the wrong ball. You need to mark your ball in a way that will be easily recognisable to you. It’s your responsibility to play the correct ball and you will be penalised if you don’t.
  6. Play it as it lies – basically, do not touch or move the ball! There are exceptions to this rule and you’ll need to check out the in-depth rules for these.
    One exception that is always in place is that you can always pick up and clean the ball when it is on the putting green. Be sure to place a ball marker just behind the ball before picking up so you can place it back where it was.
  7. As a new golfer, it can be hard to keep up the pace of play but it’s important to so. It can be very frustrating for groups behind you having to wait around if your group is going slowly.
    If your group is very slow it’s a good rule of etiquette to offer the group behind you to play through.
  8. Take care of the course. Always repair your ball marks on the green and repair your divots in the fairway.

For a more in-depth list of the rules, you can find them on the R&A website.


You may have heard that golf can be an expensive sport when starting out but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t go to an expensive sporting goods store, instead, check out the adverts for second-hand golf clubs.
Sites like Facebook have a great Market Place where you can find hundreds of things for sale from people in your area.

Golf clubs

Golfing Terms

There are lots of golf terms but here are some of the scoring terms you’ve probably heard and wondered what they mean! For a full list of golfing terms, check out the PGA website. They have an in-depth description of each term.

Ace – Hole In One
Albatross/double eagle – Three strokes under par on a hole
Eagle – Two strokes under par on a hole
Birdie – One stroke under par on a hole
Par – Score a good player would expect to make on a hole or round
Bogey – One stroke over par on a hole
Double bogey – Two strokes over par on a hole

Gold can be a very rewarding sport to get into so don’t let all the rules and regulations put you off. We learn best by doing so jump and in and get learning!

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Strawberries And Cream Baileys – My Sunday Photo

My lovely mother-in-law gave me some birthday money and instead of spending it on the house, like I usually do, I treated myself to some strawberries and cream Baileys.

Oh my word, it is delicious!

Strawberries And Cream Baileys

strawberries and cream baileys

I’ll be on the lookout for some dessert recipes using this Baileys now! I tried looking at some on the Baileys website but for some reason, they’re not working.

I did see one for a Baileys strawberries and cream ice cream that I’m going to try. I also want to try making a trifle of some sort. I’ll share the recipe if it turns out nice!

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