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What Makes People Want To Visit A Website?

The internet is an incredibly useful and incredibly entertaining place. It hosts millions and billions of websites, all with their own algorithms and patterns for numerous different sectors of people out there. It is the world wide web after all, and it all seems to be able to monitor itself with little input from us human users.


However, that’s quite a naive view to take! The web only works because of the people who are savvy to it, and you need to be one of those people! After all, humans are creatures of habit, and everyone has a favourite website to head to, meaning they’re unlikely to deviate to you if you can’t match up. If you have a website, the amount of work you put into it is going to show in the finished product and the user experience.


When something works and works right, people are going to love looking into it, which means it’s time to understand why your website isn’t getting as many hits as it could be.

A person holding a computer tablet, looking at websites

People like to surf websites wherever they are, so make sure you’re always available to them! (Credit)


A Friendly and Simple User Interface


If somebody logs onto your website and doesn’t immediately see some tabs for them to navigate their way through, there’s a strong chance they’re going to immediately click off of you. So the key here is to not sacrifice usability for the aesthetic you feel like you need, and there’s plenty of ways to do that.  


For one, you could go the professional route, as [Herdl] are one of the leading web design agencies out there for your time and money. And if you want a google friendly website to constantly be available for the billions of users that pass through the engine each day, this is a good bet! Or you could instead be a little more clever with your themes, colours, and design, which you can draw inspiration from by looking at some of the most creative websites out there.


Fast Loading Times


The loading time on your website is going to be the main barrier for any users that come to you, as a website that even takes 2 seconds long to load can lose you about 90% of your possible viewership. People online have a very low attention span after all, and people rarely believe it’s their own fault when it comes to network latency (computer upgrades need to happen more often!)


So you need to have a homepage that isn’t too image-laden to load, and you need to have a good and robust domain to handle everything you load into it. Don’t worry, there won’t be too much of a price hike here if you take it in stages.


Visiting a website is something we do every day, multiple times, so make sure you design your own website as one you would want to use. Your own experiences matter more than you think here, so put them to good use!


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How To Build A Beauty Routine

Having a beauty routine is essential, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man. At a first glance, building such a routine might be a bit overwhelming. However, taking good care of yourself is worth it. As time goes by, you will realise that looking after yourself makes a true difference. Having a pamper session every now and then is a good way of eliminating stress or unwanted energies from your life, but it is not enough to make you feel you feel like a brand new person. After all, everyone takes a relaxing bath every once in a while and applies a face mask before an important event.

Building a beauty routine is not that hard, but it is important to keep in mind that it only brings results if you are consistent. Although not everyone out there is a fan of routines, this is the only effective way of making sure that you take good care of yourself. If you don’t know how to build such a routine, the following tips might come in handy.

  1. Start with the Skin

As the skin covers such a big part of the body, is it critical to know how to look after it properly. Healthy, glowing skin is easy to maintain with the right skincare regimen. Nevertheless, as there are so many products out there, it is difficult to know which ones to pick. First of all, you need to work out your current skin type, continue by cleansing and moisturising it each day. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. By doing this, you’ll notice radiance and glow to your skin.

How to build a beauty routine

  1. Appreciate Your Hair

Looking after your skin is relatively easy once you figure out which products you need. Nonetheless, not many people take good care of their hair. Factors such as sun exposure, heat and strong chemicals from shampoos and hair sprays can deteriorate it and lead to hair loss problems. There are many causes that trigger hair loss, some of the main ones being genes, hormones, ageing and stress. Understanding those causes and taking preventive measures are important steps for anyone who wants to enjoy healthy hair all their life.

  1. Watch Your Diet

Another important aspect to consider when implementing a beauty routine is your diet. The foods you eat on a daily basis have a direct impact on the way you feel and look. For glowing skin, shinier nail and hair, it is important to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. This is a lot easier during the summer when there are a lot more fresh fruits out there, but during the winter frozen fruits are just as good. Eliminating sugars from your diet for a week or two does make a difference.

fruit and berries to help maintain good health - how to build a beauty routine

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Since this is a beauty routine, it is vital to include sleep in it. The quality of your sleep does not only affect your mood and levels of energy, but it also affects your complexion and the functioning of the internal organs. Therefore, sleeping like a baby for around 8 hours each night makes you feel beautiful. You could prepare to go to bed by drinking some calming tea and listening to some relaxing music.

Getting into a routine is not always easy, but seeing results makes it worth it. The tips described above are easy to stick to and bring incredible results in a short period of time.


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The Couple Next Door By Shari Lepena Book Review #21

I’m glad I finally got round to reading The Couple Next Door. It’s been on my list for a while and everyone who has read it said it was excellent. They weren’t wrong!

The Couple Next Door

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

You never know what’s happening on the other side of the wall.

Your neighbour told you that she didn’t want your six-month-old daughter at the dinner party. Nothing personal, she just couldn’t stand her crying.

Your husband said it would be fine. After all, you only live next door. You’ll have the baby monitor and you’ll take it in turns to go back every half hour.

Your daughter was sleeping when you checked on her last. But now, as you race up the stairs in your deathly quiet house, your worst fears are realized. She’s gone.

You’ve never had to call the police before. But now they’re in your home, and who knows what they’ll find there.

What would you be capable of, when pushed past your limit?

My Thoughts

I started this Saturday night and only managed a few pages before I fell asleep. I picked it up again Sunday morning and apart from a couple of hours out for lunch, I didn’t put it down all day! I finished it Sunday night.

Marco and Anne have a six-month-old daughter who the leave home alone while they go to a dinner party next door. Anne doesn’t want to go but Marco persuades it will be ok because they have the baby monitor and they’ll check on her every half hour.

After spending the evening watching her gorgeous neighbour flirting with her husband and feeling fat and frumpy after her pregnancy, Anne just wants to go home.

She finally gets Marco to leave but when they get to their front door they find it open. They go straight upstairs and find the cot empty.

I liked that we didn’t have to wait until the end of the book to find out who the kidnapper was but even after finding out, it wasn’t plain sailing until the end. The twists and turns kept the suspense up until the end.

I’m now on the lookout for A Stranger In The House. I can’t wait to read it 🙂

The Couple Next Door By Shari Lapena

Goodreads 2018 reading challenge 21 books read


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Our Beautiful KayCee – My Sunday Photo

KayCee has been at her sister, Kellyann’s, in Sheffield since Friday. Yesterday they went to Nostell Priory and Kellyann sent me some lovely photos of our beautiful KayCee. I couldn’t pick just one for today’s post!

She’s growing up far too fast for my liking!

Beautiful KayCee

beautiful KayCee drinking hot chocolate

beautiful KayCee

beautiful KayCee


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Chana Masala – Slimming World Recipe

We have a tin of chickpeas in the cupboard and I have no idea where they came from. I’m thinking they were probably won in a raffle or something! Anyway, they’ve been hanging around for a while and I’m sick of seeing them. I went […]

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Blackberry Apple Meringue Slimming World Recipe

I’m always looking for new recipes to use up all the apples we get from our tree. We’ve found some blackberry bushes growing wild at the top of the garden as well so we should be all set for making these blackberry apple meringues this […]

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Baked Oats – Slimming World Recipe

This recipe for baked oats is a favourite breakfast of many members of my Slimming World class. I’m not a fan of porridge oats when they’re made into porridge but I like them when they’ve been baked.

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Cajun Chicken Pasta Salad – Slimming World Recipe

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Dear Fatty By Dawn French Book Review #20

I don’t read biographies often and it’s been years since I last read one. Dear Fatty was an impulse buy and I didn’t want it sitting on the shelf never having been read.

Dear Fatty

Here’s the blurb from Goodreads:

Dawn French is one of the greatest comedy actresses of our time, with a career spanning nearly three decades and encompassing a vast and brilliant array of characters that would eventually establish her as a national treasure.

She first appeared on the British entertainment scene as part of the groundbreaking alternative comedy group, the Comic Strip, which marked a radical departure from the more traditional comedy acts of the time. Later came the all-female Girls on Top with Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax and Tracy Ullman. Then, as part of the wildly successful duo, French and Saunders, Dawn helped create a repertoire of brilliantly observed recurring characters parodying popular culture and impersonating everything from Madonna and Harry Potter to The Exorcist. Dawn’s more recent role in The Vicar of Dibley again has showcased not only her talent but also her ability to take a controversial issue and make it mainstream and funny. From her early years as an RAF child to her flat-sharing antics with Jennifer Saunders, from her outspoken views on sizeism to her marriage to Lenny Henry, Dear Fatty will chronicle the fascinating and hilarious rise of a complex, dynamic and unstoppable woman

My Thoughts

It was an enjoyable, funny and at times, sad read. There’s something about Dawn French that I love and it was lovely reading about her family life and school days.

I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the letters to Madonna. I found them hard to read and ended up skimming over them.

It wasn’t a book that made me laugh out loud but I did chuckle when she thanked Lenny for buying her the expensive engagement ring and for also letting her keep it in the safe rather than wearing it because it was hideous!

She always comes across as a lovely lady who would make a brilliant friend and after reading Dear Fatty I believe she really would 🙂

Dear Fatty by Dawn French

Goodreads 2018 reading challenge 20 books read


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