Macmillan Whodunnit? Murder Mystery Fund Raising

Kaycee’s the fundraiser in our family. She loves organising fundraising events so when she saw Macmillan Cancer wanted people to host a murder mystery event, she couldn’t wait!

MacMillan Whodunnit?

To play you have to order the Macmillan Whodunnit murder mystery pack. You need 8 people and they’re each given a character.
The scripts are in the pack and each person has to stay in character for the whole game. If you break any of the rules you have to pay a fine.
KayCee, the host, told me she had to pay the most fines!!

She served crisps, dip, breadsticks, sausage rolls, chicken dippers and Toffifee. She also found some recipes for mocktails which everyone seemed to enjoy 🙂

Dress Up

Her friends did a great job with their costumes and they all seemed to have a good time.

Macmillan whodunnit

macmillan whodunnit

KayCee and Emma

Between the 8 of these 12-year-olds, they raised the grand total of £65. I’d like to thank all the parents for their support 🙂

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