Creating the Perfect Bathroom Feature Wall

Feature walls first made their way on to the scene around 10 years ago. Homeowners went crazy for them and as a result, you’re unlikely to find many homes without at least one room that has a feature wall. Showing no signs of slowing down, the feature wall is well and truly here to stay as a staple piece of the modern home. But how can you take this same look in to rooms such as bathrooms?

bathroom tile feature wall


Bathrooms often have a negative connotation of being a bit clinical or lacking personality. More often than not, business and homeowners will use a simple white tile all over in a room. While this does give a clean, modern look, it can often leave a little less to be desired in terms of character. This is where a feature wall comes in handy. Tiling just one wall with a tile that has more life and tone to it can immediately transform a room. A feature wall lends itself perfectly to accent accessories and furnishings. Luckily, bathroom wall tiles are available in an unbelievably huge range of colours, materials and finishes, something we’ll touch on later.


There are a number of different ways of creating a feature wall when using tiles. Unlike painted or wallpapered feature walls, tiles allow you to get truly creative. Whether it be mix and matching tiles or using a certain layout, there are an almost infinite amount of looks to create. One such popular look at the moment is herringbone. This creates a vintage glamour that also helps to create dimension and movement on a wall. For something a bit more classic, try a stack bond or grid layout. These are more traditional styles that might be more your thing.

kitchen tiles feature wall


When it comes to tiles, the finish is almost as important as the colour. We’ve talked previously about how the colour of your tiles can have a drastic influence on the atmosphere in a room, so too can the finish. Matt tiles offer you that slightly more sophisticated and contemporary finish. This is great for industrial or rustic homes looking for texture. On the other hand, high gloss tiles offer you an incredible shine that bounces light beautifully within a room. Ultimately, this is up to you and your bathroom. It’s important to consider the size and light available in the room when choosing as matt tiles would be better suited to rooms with access to a lot of light.

Feature walls are an iconic design choice of this decade, to say the least, so creating one in your bathroom should be a no-brainer. Not only does it give you bathroom a sense of life and design, it also helps with increasing the value of your home. Bathrooms that are more aesthetically pleasing are more likely to be received positively by potential buyers. This is something to consider if you are renovating to sell or just looking for a new home yourself.


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