How I Used Tailwind To Go From 70k To 731k Monthly Views

In the summer holidays, I decided I needed to learn more about Pinterest. I’d had an account since the days when you had to be invited and used it occasionally.
I was a casual pinner; I’d sometimes get hooked and be on there daily then I’d get fed up and not go on for weeks.

Jen Stanbrook Pinterest Course

After reading articles on other blogs about how Pinterest helped them get more page views, I looked into it a bit more.
I came across a free course by Jen Stanbrook and signed up.

I learnt how to make Pinterest worthy images and the best board and pinning practices among other things. The most important thing I learned is that Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, it’s a search engine.


Jen talked about Tailwind and how it had made pinning much easier for her. I checked it out and now I’m a paying customer.
It really cuts down the amount of time I need to spend on Pinterest and my stats have increased exponentially.

I started taking screenshots of my monthly views numbers I could see if Tailwind was working for me. The following screenshot was taken on September 14th, 2017

Pinterest monthly views September 2017

The next screenshot was taken on November 15th, 2017

Pinterest monthly views November 2017

These figures are totally down to Tailwind. I spend about an hour a week scheduling pins and tailwind does the rest!

How I Use Tailwind

Here’s how I cut right down on the amount of time I had to spend on Pinterest and got better monthly views than I’ve ever had:

  • Click on the little Tailwind icon at the top of a pin. It appears when you move your mouse over it.

How to use Tailwind

  • A new window will open with your pin on it. I used to scroll down, pick a board then schedule the pin. Doing it this way didn’t save me much time.

How to use Tailwind

  • Instead of scheduling each individual pin using that window, move the window out of the way. I move it to the bottom left of my screen so only a corner is showing (see image).

How to use Tailwind

  • Now I just carry on clicking on the Tailwind icon of each pin I want to pin to a particular board. The board I was pinning to here is called Christmas gifts.

How to use Tailwind

  • Once you’ve pinned all you want to, go to Tailwind and click the down arrow on the Publish tab then click on Drafts

How to use Tailwind

  • All your pins will be on the Drafts page. Choose one or more boards from your list of boards

How to use Tailwind

  • Once you’ve picked your board, click on Schedule All Drafts

How to use Tailwind


How to use Tailwind

  • All your pins will now be scheduled. You can shuffle the queue if you don’t want all the same kind of pins posting on the same day.

How to use Tailwind

If you’re adding a pin to more than one board, you can schedule the interval between pins. I usually schedule them a day apart.

tailwind scheduler


I’ve used the analytics on Pinterest to check my monthly figures and put them on an Excel sheet

Pinterest stats

My Google Analytics is now showing Pinterest as the number one referrer on the social media section and it’s thanks to Tailwind scheduling 🙂

For more Pinterest tips, check out Mummy Vs Work’s article

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