The Top 3 Things to do to Prevent Your Furnace from Malfunctioning

Most homeowners and even landlords don’t give much attention to their furnace unless it stops heating the house or malfunctions when winter has already started. But as Bighorn Rentals explains, such mechanical faults cause the furnace to overheat or not emit any heat at all. A malfunctioning furnace is dangerous because the leaking pipes might release carbon monoxide, a toxic gas that’s harmful to your health. Besides that, the faulty pipes might cause the furnace to burst into flames which can reduce your house to ashes. The good news is that there are several things that you can do to keep your furnace safe from such malfunctions as outlined below.

  1. Schedule for Preventative Maintenance  

Preventing a malfunction is better than remedying it, otherwise, you will have to cough out more money when the damage is done. Most homeowners tend to neglect their furnace after winter is gone. The problem with this behaviour is that dust and other debris accumulate in the furnace when it’s not being used. Insects will also take refuge in the filter and some could die.  In fact, the longer the furnace stays idle, the more dust will build up in its compartment.

It’s therefore recommended that you examine the filter at least once per month. Cleaning the filter thoroughly will go a long way towards keeping the furnace in good shape. If the dirt is too much, you should just buy a new filter. They are actually very affordable. A neglected filter causes the accumulated grime to end up in the motor.

Once the motor is covered by grime, it starts overheating which can eventually result in a breakdown. But you should never attempt to clean the filter when the furnace is still connected to the wall socket or when the gas flame is still on because you can be electrocuted or get burnt.

  1. Have the Signs of a Faulty Furnace on Your Fingertips

By being armed with knowledge on the signs of a faulty furnace, you will be able to counter potential malfunctions before they happen. In fact, a furnace doesn’t just break down without giving an early warning. It’s actually the ignorance of some people that cause such signs to escalate into serious damages. The only noise that you should expect from a furnace is that of the blower and you will hear it when it’s going either off or on. Any other noise suggests there is a fault in the appliance.

A skyrocketing utility bill also implies that the furnace is no longer functioning efficiently. When the furnace is in good shape, the burner flame remains blue in colour. If the colour of the flame turns yellow, carbon monoxide may be present in the compartment and leaky pipes are the culprits. Respiratory diseases such as skin rash and asthma can be caused by a faulty furnace.

Radiator - Prevent furnace malfunctioning

In addition to that, you should check whether all the rooms are heated uniformly. If some rooms remain cold while the others are warm, the furnace may not be functioning normally. In such a case you should consult furnace repair Denver to organize for routine maintenance or replacement.

  1. Unblock the Vents

The vent is designed to redirect any carbon monoxide that might be released from the furnace outside the house. This helps in reducing the impact of the gas on your health. When snow falls heavily, some of it obstructs the vents which eventually prevent the accumulated gas from getting out of the house. It’s therefore recommended that you remove such the accumulated ice in the vents with a spade.

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