Creating the Best Playroom for Your Kids

Creating a playroom for your kids is a great idea for so many different reasons; not only does it get the kids out of their bedrooms, but it creates a perfectly designed place to keep their toys or other belongings, as well as encouraging them to look after it and teaching them some responsibility! After all, it’s a special place just for them to enjoy.

However, getting the playroom just right can feel like a big job; where do you start, how do you decorate it and what will you need to include? Whatever spare room you have in your home will work perfectly; even better if it’s downstairs or near the main living area as it keeps them involved in family life! If you don’t use your conservatory much then this could be an ideal solution. So, to get you started, The Rug Seller offer some tips to create the best playroom for your kids.


What to include in a playroom

Having a playroom for the kids means there’s a designated space for all those Lego pieces, dolls and toy trucks. With that in mind, you’re going to need somewhere to keep them and put them away at the end of each day. Toy storage is a must for any playroom, but there’s plenty of choice to make sure it’s just the way you imagined.

If you’re a dab hand at DIY, putting up shelves isn’t a bad start; just make sure they’re not going to fall down with the kids around! Other ideas include wicker baskets or boxes to keep everything in order; depending on the style of the room, you might even want a traditional trunk to throw all the toys in.

You can get as inventive as you want; bookshelves are always helpful, or even a rail for any dress up costumes you might have.

Get creative

For a playroom, you’ll want it to be an imaginative and creative space for the kids to play and be themselves. Inspire the kids’ playtime by making the room as interesting as possible. Adding wall art can keep them enthused, as well as making sure the space looks inviting.

Whether you fancy getting the paint out and creating a wonderland mural complete with mythical creatures, or you just fancy investing in some effective wall stickers, you can feed the kids’ imagination and keep them entertained for hours.

Likewise, you could make it a little more educational by adding a world map to the wall, or if your kids are really young you could even create a counting or spelling wall.

Picking the right furniture

Playroom furniture can feature anything from a table and chairs to soft furnishings to make the room homely. For the perfect playroom, you might want to invest in a kids’ size table and chairs ready for all their arts and crafts. There are plenty of colourful and decorative kids’ tables to choose from.

Likewise, you might want a colourful rug for your playroom to add a textural element to the room; this could double up as a reading area, complete with cushions and beanbags too.

Other playroom furniture could include a comfy kids’ sofa or even a games table such as table football or indoor basketball; complete with softballs so windows aren’t smashed!

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