6 Rooms that you can have in your Dream Home to enjoy your Lifestyle

We all have different ideas of the kind of rooms we’d like in our dream home. Most of us want an indoor pool, home theatre or something like that. We have shared a list of some rooms that can make your home unique and no doubt every homeowner would like to have some or all of these rooms.

I am sure you would be considering any of our ideas in your future home fantasies.

Dream Home

Some people have a fantasy to have aquariums in their bedroom and some unique or vintage type furniture. You can have these as they always look good in your house. However, the below-shared rooms will be a plus in your dream house.

You can convert your simplest or most basic home into something creative or perfectly outrageous with the below-given ideas to construct your dream home.

1.  Home Gym/Fitness Room

No one wants to get sweaty in front of everyone, even if they are your family members. If you are a fitness enthusiast why not have a home gym in your house. It is not necessary to make it fully equipped with expensive gym machines. You can add simple exercise machines suggested by your trainer. For the professional workout, you can join a gym like Origym.

home gym equipment - dream house

2.  Home Library

In the era of technology, we are getting far from books, but still, some of us love to read books. To enjoy the pleasure of reading books, you could have a separate room in your house where you can spend some moments reading your favourite books.

person reading

3.  Panic Room/Secret Room

By having a secret room in your home, you can satisfy your needs like Harry Potter, and Nancy Drew did. You can enjoy some time on your own by stumbling into a hidden room.

4.  Game Room

Even if you are a very busy professional, we all have a personal life with family. To enjoy some moments with your children you can have a game room in your home. It will also help you save costs by being able to let your children play their favorite games at home; Foosball, table tennis, and a small bowling alley can be a good idea. The White House has one, why don’t you?

5.  Media Room/Home Theatre

If you are busy in your business, it sometimes gets hard for you to go out for a movie. Simply bring the movie to your home by having a media room. The viewing is fine from each chair in this home theatre.


6.  Butler’s Pantry

We all have a kitchen in our home, but a Butler’s Pantry is a bit different from having cooking spaces and some top kitchen appliances. Do you think Ellen DeGeneres remodeled a home without it? No! It is now not rare in new home designs, features and amenities. So, convert your simple kitchen into a Butler’s Pantry with some unique kitchen appliances.

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