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August 2017

Room Renovations: From Guest Room To Home Office – 11 Tips For The Perfect Transformation

Room Renovations


There’s no denying that the demands of the average home have evolved massively over the years, and the desire to have a home office is the chief culprit. After all, computers have made the transition from household rarities to household essentials. The fact that we all use them on a daily basis simply cannot be ignored.   

Unfortunately, most properties built in the 20th century are unlikely to boast purpose built office spaces. What they may possess, however, is a spare bedroom. Rather than saving this for when the in-laws stay, it could be the perfect environment for your home office.    

If you are planning to make this transformation, you must do it in the most efficient manner. Here’s how:

room renovations


#1. Clear The Space

It’s good to plan some elements of the transformation from the very beginning. However, you’ll only be ready to build your vision once you appreciate the available space. As such, a thorough decluttering session should be top of the agenda.

In most cases, you’ll be able to sell some of those unwanted items to raise funds for the upcoming investments too. Above all else, seeing the room in its entirety will provide that guidance needed to ensure you don’t miss out on a killer opportunity.   

#2. Choose Light Colour Schemes

If the form guest room had gone undervalued, there’s a good chance that the walls are looking a little faded. Therefore, a few coats of fresh paint should be one of the top items on your agenda. Quite frankly, it’s imperative that you choose a light colour.

Many home offices take on dark colour schemes and look very small because of it. Visit to learn more about colour schemes. When you get this simple selection right, it sets the tone for the entire room.   

hallway heaven paintbrush


#3. Let There Be Light

Colour schemes aren’t the only key factor that influence the perceptions of size. A room that’s lacking natural light will seem far smaller than one that embraces it. Dressing the windows in an appropriate fashion can generate a brighter atmosphere and a larger perception.

If privacy is an issue, you can use window films to enjoy the best of both worlds. Meanwhile, in the absence of natural light, you can use room lighting to compensate those issues. Either way, a room filled with light will serve a far greater purpose.   

#4. Make It Comfortable

The home office should be a place for productivity. However, this will become almost impossible if it makes you feel uncomfortable. In addition to the lighting, you must get the temperature situation under control.   

Air circulation is important for the computer machinery as well as you. Meanwhile, you must ensure that there is ample heating in place as nobody is going to work from a cold room. Visit for ideas to stay warm without losing space. Just make sure that you invest in an ergonomic office chair too.

#5. Make It Yours

It’s also important to appreciate that the home office is a part of your home. As such, it shouldn’t be designed in exactly the same manner as a commercial office arena. While you don’t want the interiors to form a distraction, you should be eager to inject a little personality.

home office room renovatons


A family canvas or photographs can brighten up the room. Meanwhile, you could decorate the wall with items that remind you of holidays or your favourite hobbies. At times, being able to glance up and smile can make all the difference to your emotional frame of mind. When you’re in the middle of a difficult work assignment, those rewards are fantastic.

#6. Think About Flooring

Generally speaking, most aspects of the office design process will follow a fairly standard pathway. With regards to flooring, though, the choice between carpet and wood is about personal preference. In theory, there might not be a right or wrong answer. In reality, though, getting it right will have a telling impact on the overall appearance and comfort of the room.

Your choice of seating and tables may have a telling influence. Meanwhile, you may want to consider spillages as well as potential scrape marks. Rugs may be an additional option. Whatever you do, though, be sure to give careful consideration to the cause.   

#7. Choose Laptops

An office without a computer is almost redundant, especially in today’s climate. Once upon a time, desktops were far better performers than laptops. Visit,2817,2369981,00.asp, however, and you can see that laptops are now the better solution by far. Not only do they boast the power and slim design, but they also offer versatility. 

Given that many of us need to work on the go, this feature is vital. Meanwhile, most laptops are equipped with strong Wi-Fi connectors. This means that you can enjoy good internet coverage at all times. Meanwhile, the ability to leave the table free from obstruction can make a big impact also.

laptop on desk - room renovations


#8. Stay Ahead Of The Game

A home office that doesn’t place a huge emphasis on its tech features is a failure. The market is now packed with hundreds of accessories, and many of them will become as common as computers over the coming years.

For any household blessed with creative people, a graphics tablet will become essential. Meanwhile, cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular for career people as well as those who just want to save a little money. Besides, it also removes the threat of losing everything should hardware start failing. While some of those virtual elements might not impact the interior design, they should play a huge role in your transformation.

#9. Consider Communication   

In many circumstances, a home office is a place for private work and study. Nonetheless, online capabilities open up the opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world. Quite frankly, you’d be very foolish to ignore those possibilities.

Fixing a monitor to a bracket can turn the home office into a conference room. Head over to http:/// to download the software needed for reliable calls, and you’ll be just fine. The monitor won’t only be used for this purpose, as you can essentially turn the office into a home cinema too. Surely that has to be a better use than its former guest room function.

#10. Think Beyond Computers

Primarily, the office space will be used for computer work. This could include personal admin, working from home, or home studies. However, you aren’t the only one that might use this space. The kids are just as likely to see huge rewards from the office area. With this in mind, you must appreciate the other features.

kids drawing


Young kids may be required to complete other homework assignments. As such, a productive homework station should be considered essential. If the office environment can prevent those activities from spilling over into the lounge, you’ll be grateful for making the upgrades.

#11. Consider Security

Above all else, the home office needs to be protected. After all, it’s a location that is likely to hold valuable possessions and priceless data. You might not want to change the entire door. Nonetheless, fitting a suitable lock could be ideal. If nothing else, it gives you that peace of mind.   

In truth, it won’t hurt to add some CCTV cameras too. In addition to protecting the office, it will go a long way to improving the safety and security throughout your home. If the transformation can enhance the entire property, it’ll be worth every single penny.

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Happy 12th Birthday To Our Wonderful Kaycee

Happy 12th Birthday Kaycee

happy 12th birthday


Our gorgeous girl isn’t home for her birthday this year. She’s with about 5000 Guides and Scouts at Poacher 2017.

It’s strange not being with her. It’s even stranger not even being able to phone her (she wasn’t allowed to take her phone with her) to wish her happy birthday.
Looking back at Kaycee’s 11th Birthday, it seems her not being here on her birthday is becoming something of a pattern. Last year she went on holiday with family and spent her birthday at the seaside!

Her dad and I can’t wait to see her at the weekend. We miss her and we hope she’s having a wonderful time 🙂


July Weight Loss Monthly Result – Slimming World

July Weight Loss Results


As you may know from my Slimming World update last month, it wasn’t a very good month for weight loss. I ended up 1lb heavier at the end of the month than I was at the start!

Turns out July wasn’t any better! I’m half a pound heavier than I was at the end of last month.

Weight on 30th June – 24 stone 8lb

5th July – 4lb loss
12th July – 0.5lb gain
19th July – 3lb gain
26th July – 1lb gain

Weight on 26th July – 24 stone 8.5lb

From July 26th I pledge to start again as if I were a new Slimming World member. I’m going to measure my healthy extras and syn everything that needs synning. I’ll find out the syn values before eating and I won’t go over my syns for the day.

July Weight Loss

Bigger Than It Looks: Creating Space In Closet-Sized Bathrooms

Creating Space

Let’s face it, we all spend a lot more time and money on (and in) the rest of our houses than we do our bathrooms. How many of us have beautiful living rooms and bedrooms, and tell ourselves that we’ll get round to the bathroom one day, then forget about it for another year? The problem with bathrooms is that they’re functional: they’re ultimately there to serve a purpose. And besides, I’m sure we’re all guilty of thinking that it’s not worth spending too much on doing the bathroom up, seeing as it’ll probably end up getting damp anyway.

But that doesn’t have to be the case. There are loads of ways to make your bathroom into the crowning jewel of your home. If you’re put off by the fact that your bathroom is barely bigger than a closet, the first step to making a difference is obvious. Work a little magic to make the bathroom feel larger than it really is. This might sound impossible (it’s not the TARDIS, after all), but making your bathroom appear larger can be deceptively simple.

bathroom - creating space

Image Source

Fresh paint

To start with, you could rethink your colour scheme! Whilst a dark colour scheme can make your bathroom look stylish and modern, it can also be counterproductive. Painting your bathroom in lighter colours, such as white, pale blue, or light grey, makes it feel a lot more airy and spacious. Darker colours can often make rooms feel claustrophobic, which, in turn, gives makes them actually feel smaller than they really are. Furthermore, a lighter colour scheme can be accentuated by your bathtub, as they are generally white. On this note, if you have a bathtub in a different colour, then try and think about colours that can work with it. For example, a grey bathtub could work well in a light blue room, as the contrast can break up the block of colour.

Light design

Installing brighter lights will really accentuate your new colour scheme. A lot of bathrooms get very little natural light, so a lot of us don’t realise the importance of light in making bathrooms look bigger. Whilst you could go down the cheaper route, and install a brighter light bulb, there are other options. A lot of people prefer installing spotlights in their bathrooms. This allows the lights to be pointed in in different directions, which gives the illusion of space. Furthermore, as you can point the lights where you want, spotlights can be much more practical than a standard light bulb, as you can aim the light where you need it most, making it easier to shave or put on makeup.

loft conversion - creating space

Image Source


Most people make do with one or two mirrors in their bathroom. However, when it comes to mirrors, go big or go home! Rather than a small mirror, why not try putting in a full length one? Or, if you can afford to be a bit flash with your cash, then install a huge mirror on one of the walls, rather than tiling it. In a stroke, you’ve made the room feel like it’s twice the size that it really is.

Storage units can also be a boon. Having all your personal grooming products spread out all over the room makes the place look cluttered, untidy, and of course, smaller than it is. By investing in a set of drawers, or a mirror cabinet from Drench, then you can keep all your grooming equipment in one place. This is more practical and frees up a lot of space, allowing your room to look emptier, and accordingly larger. By being clever, and choosing a shelving unit that fits in with the colour scheme, you can make your bathroom look beautiful as well as functional. Mirror cabinets also kill two birds with one stone by combining storage and reflections.


If your bathroom is narrow, then you can put in tiles that emphasise the width of the room, rather than the length. So, rather than putting tiles lengthways, which can make your bathroom feel like a tunnel, try putting them horizontally, lending your bathroom the impression of much-needed width. If you’re prone to indecisiveness, you could use removable adhesive tiles to complete the appearance of your bathroom.

So, bathrooms don’t have to be the forgotten room. If you can manage to make yours appear bigger, then you’ll be surprised at the difference that it makes. Once you’ve made a few improvements, you’ll wonder how you ever coped with your old, cramped-feeling bathroom.

bathroom - creating space

Image Source

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Do You Have a Scootering Pro in the Family?

Scootering Pro – How to Modify their Scooter for the Better


Freestyle scootering is slowly taking the world by storm, and since skateboarding is to appear at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, people are speculating that stunt scootering could soon follow. Therefore, if you have a scootering pro in the family, it may be best to support them to excel in their sporting talents.

To become a sportsman, it takes a lot of time, patience and dedication. It could also become quite costly. However, if your son or daughter manage to compete as a professional, prize money is up for grabs and there is the potential to compete in worldwide competitions that’ll bring fame and reputation. The International Scooter Association (ISA) is only one of the large Championships to aspire to, and becoming the champion of such a prestigious event could land you a sponsorship.

scootering pro

Before your child starts their professional freestyle scootering career, they must learn the rules, tricks and how to approach the industry. They must also have the best equipment and a knowledgeable instructor. Here’s how to modify your aspiring youngster’s scooter so they can strive for greatness. They may even be in the Olympics a few years to come.

Purchase the Right Brand

Like any equipment, there are brands which allow you to make modifications with ease, and there are others that do not. For example, Apple does not allow any other cable to fit into their iPhones or iPads, whereas Samsung is a lot less strict. This knowledge should also be applied when buying a scooter. You want one which allows freedom, otherwise, you’ll be stuck with the same model or design, even when a newer bol bar, desk, fork or clamp is available. Apex scooters allow you the freedom to modify your scooter with minimal hassle. They develop products for the top riders, so if it’s good enough for them, it’ll be ideal for your child’s sporting future.


If your child is a beginner, you may have bought them a cheap scooter model to start on. Usually, these cheap scooters are designed for scootering from A to B, and the handle bars are adjustable, meaning you can fold the scooter in half. Although there are professional foldable scooters out there, a cheap make may not be as sturdy. For your child to properly learn freestyle scootering, they will need a reliable and strong scooter to take everyday wear and tear alongside tricks that may go wrong. You will want to change the bars so they are able to withstand the biggest tricks and impacts with minimal possibility of them breaking.


Again, you need the deck to be sturdy. You need it to withstand your child’s weight as well as your child jumping up and down. When swapping out the old deck with the new, look for one that has flat sides; this helps with tricks and improves grinding stability. Also replace your deck if it’s a two-piece; they may benefit from being foldable, however, they are not as strong as a one-piece.


Again, you want a fork that can withstand a lot of beating. You need one that won’t crack under the pressure, and which won’t falter mid-trick. For your scootering pro, a threadless fork will be more suited to their ability as they are stronger than threaded forks. However, if you’re applying a threadless fork, you also need to purchase a threadless headset.


For a recreational rider, plastic core scooter wheels are enough, however, for the Daredevil higher end plastic or metal core wheels are highly advised. When it comes to selecting the size of a wheel, it’s highly advised to stick to the size the manufacturer suggests.

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