How to Inspire a Love of Reading in Your Child

Inspire A Love Of Reading

Inspire a love of reading in your child

It is a sad but true fact that the habit of reading is severely declining in the younger generations. There are so many other forms of entertainment available to them nowadays that most children are unwilling to go through anything other than their text books at school. The problem lies in the fact that they did not develop a love for reading during their most impressionable years. After all, reading is hard work and if special efforts are not made towards nurturing a love for the book while they are still in their early developmental stages, most kids will never reach that stage where reading a book becomes pleasurable and not just hard work. On that note, we will now take a look at four ways in which we can all inspire our children to take up reading as a hobby.

Read to them

Bedtime reading is a great practice, but that shouldn’t be the only time that you read to your children. Read to them during your daily cuddling sessions so that they can associate the very notion of stories and books with warm and positive emotional memories. Read to them every chance you get, but also make sure that it doesn’t become a monotonous activity. It should be something that your child should look forward to as a treat and not be wary of, like homework.

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Pre-Preparatory School

If you get your child enrolled into one of the best private pre prep schools in the area, he/she will learn the necessary basic skills of reading, writing, drawing, and counting, and be introduced to school subjects at a very early stage. Consequently, not only will the child consider reading to be a natural part of his/her daily routine, books and studies won’t seem as foreign to him/her, as it will to most other children.

Help the Child Progress Further with the Reading

Now that he/she knows how to read and actually wants to, the next step is to gradually make her comfortable with books that are a bit more difficult to read and understand. Read together with the child but stop every once in a while to let him/her continue on his/her own. If the book isn’t too hard for the child, they usually continue reading them even when you are not there. If that doesn’t happen, choose a simpler book or something on a different subject.

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Comics are Not a Bad Idea

The transition to chapter books from picture books can be intimidating, so you can actually rely on comics to help them with the transition. Kid’s comics have inspired the love of reading in children for generations and there is no reason to think that it won’t work with the children of this generation either.

As mentioned in the title, we are trying to inspire a “love” of reading in our children, so whatever methods you adopt, make sure that they are never associated with forced discipline. The more you associate reading with positive emotions, the more your child will be interested in continuing the activity. When done right, the love of reading never really goes away, no matter how old they get.

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