Chocolate Fondue Recipe – Perfect For Marshmallows

Chocolate Fondue

The girls had chocolate fondue on their summer bucket list. I thought you just melted some chocolate, poured it into the fondue pot and dipped things in it.

Turns out you have to actually make a fondue sauce!

If I were to make this sauce again, and I’m sure I will be doing, I’ll be using milk chocolate. I’m not a fan of plain or dark chocolate.

Chocolate Fondue

Yield: Serves 4

dipping a strawberry into chocolate findue


  • 150ml Double cream
  • 150ml Full-fat milk
  • 200g Plain or dark chocolate (or milk if you prefer!)
  • Assorted fruits, biscuits and marshmallows for dipping


  1. Put the cream, milk and chocolate in a saucepan and heat gently, stirring all the time.
  2. When the chocolate sauce has thickened, pour it into the fondue dish.
  3. Light the tealight (if using under your fondue dish) to keep the sauce warm.
  4. Enjoy dipping your fruit, biscuits and marshmallows/

dipping shortbread into chocolate fondue

My favourite for dipping was the shortbread.

dipping marshmallows in chocolate fondue

Ant had a few marshmallows (he’s not really into sweet stuff!)

Ella enjoying the chocolate fondue

Kaycee and Ella loved the strawberries best

The girls said I had to take a photo when my marshmallow ended up with a little chocolate heart on it!


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