Chocolate Fondue Recipe – Perfect For Marshmallows

Chocolate Fondue

The girls had chocolate fondue on their summer bucket list. I thought you just melted some chocolate, poured it into the fondue pot and dipped things in it.

Turns out you have to actually make a fondue sauce!

If I were to make this sauce again, and I’m sure I will be doing, I’ll be using milk chocolate. I’m not a fan of plain or dark chocolate.

dipping shortbread into chocolate fondue

My favourite for dipping was the shortbread.

dipping marshmallows in chocolate fondue

Ant had a few marshmallows (he’s not really into sweet stuff!)

Ella enjoying the chocolate fondue

Kaycee and Ella loved the strawberries best

The girls said I had to take a photo when my marshmallow ended up with a little chocolate heart on it!


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