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What Are the Long-Term Effects of Bullying?

Long-Term Effects Of Bullying

Being bullied is a terrible thing for anyone to experience, and it can often take a long time to fully move on from the experience.

Although bullying is extremely difficult to deal with at the time you face it, the effects can sometimes be long lasting. A study on bullying by the British Journal of Educational Psychology conducted an interview with individuals who had been bullied. Results showed that 46% of respondents reported their effects persisted into adulthood.

Upset woman - bullying

You may not even realise that you’re dealing with the long-term emotional impact of a bullying experience from long ago. The first step is awareness of the symptoms that may arise.  It’s important to try and deal with these issues head on to stop them being triggered again in the future.


Let’s take a closer look some of the most common long-term effects that bullying can have:


  • Trust issues:

    Loss of trust can be one of the most challenging outcomes of bullying to overcome. Bullying can cause paranoia as it occurs, as you start to feel confused about who you can trust and rely on. You start to wonder if even those who are close to you are gossiping behind your back. This can sometimes result in long-term trust issues. Your prior negative experience with others can stop you from wanting to open up and trusting people your innermost feelings.


  • Loss of confidence:

    Bullying can, unfortunately, result in low self-esteem, as you lose confidence in your own worth and abilities. It can be difficult to forget the harmful things that a bully has told you about yourself, and perhaps you start to believe them. This is more likely to happen the earlier in life that you’ve been bullied. Our perception of ourselves is heavily shaped in our younger years. Since it especially deals with the underlying roots of issues and childhood experiences, schema therapy has proven effective for those dealing with such self-esteem issues.


  • Anxiety and depression:

    Those who may have been bullied can be more prone to bouts of depression, as they relive the memories of what they’ve had to face. They can also suffer from social anxiety and could potentially shut themselves down to interacting with others who they fear might treat them in the same manner. Isolating yourself can lead to sinking deeper into depression. Talking therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy can be hugely helpful in dealing with anxiety and depression.

upset man - bullying

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder:

    After the trauma of being bullied, it is possible that you could suffer from PTSD. This can lead to lack of sleep and a diminished appetite, which can then result in further health problems. Again, talking therapies are valuable in helping express your emotions around the bullying you’ve faced. A therapist can help you work on resolving your PTSD so you can stop reliving such traumatic experiences in your mind.

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How to Inspire a Love of Reading in Your Child

Inspire A Love Of Reading

Inspire a love of reading in your child

It is a sad but true fact that the habit of reading is severely declining in the younger generations. There are so many other forms of entertainment available to them nowadays that most children are unwilling to go through anything other than their text books at school. The problem lies in the fact that they did not develop a love for reading during their most impressionable years. After all, reading is hard work and if special efforts are not made towards nurturing a love for the book while they are still in their early developmental stages, most kids will never reach that stage where reading a book becomes pleasurable and not just hard work. On that note, we will now take a look at four ways in which we can all inspire our children to take up reading as a hobby.

Read to them

Bedtime reading is a great practice, but that shouldn’t be the only time that you read to your children. Read to them during your daily cuddling sessions so that they can associate the very notion of stories and books with warm and positive emotional memories. Read to them every chance you get, but also make sure that it doesn’t become a monotonous activity. It should be something that your child should look forward to as a treat and not be wary of, like homework.

reading with your child

Pre-Preparatory School

If you get your child enrolled into one of the best private pre prep schools in the area, he/she will learn the necessary basic skills of reading, writing, drawing, and counting, and be introduced to school subjects at a very early stage. Consequently, not only will the child consider reading to be a natural part of his/her daily routine, books and studies won’t seem as foreign to him/her, as it will to most other children.

Help the Child Progress Further with the Reading

Now that he/she knows how to read and actually wants to, the next step is to gradually make her comfortable with books that are a bit more difficult to read and understand. Read together with the child but stop every once in a while to let him/her continue on his/her own. If the book isn’t too hard for the child, they usually continue reading them even when you are not there. If that doesn’t happen, choose a simpler book or something on a different subject.

little girl reading

Comics are Not a Bad Idea

The transition to chapter books from picture books can be intimidating, so you can actually rely on comics to help them with the transition. Kid’s comics have inspired the love of reading in children for generations and there is no reason to think that it won’t work with the children of this generation either.

As mentioned in the title, we are trying to inspire a “love” of reading in our children, so whatever methods you adopt, make sure that they are never associated with forced discipline. The more you associate reading with positive emotions, the more your child will be interested in continuing the activity. When done right, the love of reading never really goes away, no matter how old they get.

boy reading

Raspberry Swirl – Slimming World Recipe

Raspberry Swirl I was originally going to be using strawberries for this raspberry swirl recipe. A  craving for strawberry Eton Mess came upon me after posting the recipe for Eton Mess Semifreddo! I didn’t want to use all my syns on cream, though, so I bought […]

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Getting Children Active To Help Tackle Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity


As a woman who has been obese since early childhood, this subject is very close to my heart. When I had my children, my biggest fear was that they would end up obese like me.
I’m happy to say that so far, Kaycee and Ella are at a totally healthy weight for their age and size. I reckon they take after their dad; all through his early adult life, he was able to eat anything without gaining weight.

Aiden, on the other hand, is just like me; he’s struggled with his weight from an early age and it’s only down to cycling miles every day to college that he’s able to keep his weight down.


In these days of technology, it’s hard to get children moving as much as they used to. A study commissioned by ESP Play found that even in P.E. at school, a time when you’d expect children to be on the move most of the lesson, 68% of the time the children are stationary.
How can this be?
I can’t remember my P.E. lessons very well (it’s been about 25 years since I was at school!) but I don’t remember being allowed to stand around that much!


I remember playtime at junior school quite well. Some of the boys went to one playground to play football while the others would be on the other playground playing games like British Bulldog or What’s the time Mr. Wolf?

Some of the girls would join in of course.  Most of them, though, would spend their time gossiping and giggling in little groups, skipping or doing handstands and cartwheels. I could do handstands but I never mastered cartwheels! Being overweight meant I’d usually be sitting making daisy chains, instead.

children playing childhood obesity

Multi-skills play equipment

One of the most interesting aspects of the study showed that where schools had been fitted with multi-skills equipment, activity levels increased 7.5% and continued to increase throughout the research period.

I know if Kaycee and Ella had the choice between making daisy chains or climbing, sliding and swinging, they wouldn’t be making daisy chains!

If all schools installed play equipment, our children would naturally be getting more exercise every day they’re there.

playground play equipment


Playing your part as a parent

Schools can only do so much when it comes to the health of our children, though. As an obese parent, I know more than most the importance of good nutrition and exercise.
We need to be the first in line to make sure our children are getting their 5-a-day, not spending hours on screens and are getting outside in the fresh air.


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Girls & Boys & Toys: Advice On Defeating The Stereotypes

Defeating The Stereotypes

There are a lot of headlines in the news these days regarding the toys we tend to give our children. And while ‘gender neutral’ might be a statement that makes you roll your eyes and mumble something about political correctness going mad, the simple truth is that there is a problem. Like it or not, kids learn through play, and when we give our girls toys that are every shade of pink, and the boys always get balls, soldiers, and advanced LEGO sets, what message are we giving the kids?

That said, it is incredibly difficult to work around this gender stereotyping, especially since your children get older and start going to school. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t try. With this in mind, I thought I would put together some simple ideas on how to break the gender stereotypes with your kids – let’s take a closer look.

Sad clown Defeating The Stereotypes

Pic from

Mix things up a little

You don’t have to start by deciding to throw out all your kid’s gender specific toys, so don’t panic. After all, once your children become attached to their princess dolls or Batman costume, it’s something of a love affair, and they would be devastated to lose them. Instead, plan ahead and start to diversify the type of toy they play with. If your little girl has a doll’s house, for example, you can find some amazing dolls house accessories that aren’t your typical fare. Think about getting them tool sets to play with their dolls, or even gardening equipment, as well as the stereotypical kitchen items. And look harder than ever for alternatives in the toy shops, too. According to research, only 11 percent of girls’ toys are focused on science, technology, or engineering, whereas almost a third of the toys aimed at boys have a similar focus.

Talk about it

As we discussed earlier, when your children get to school, it’s tough to stop them from falling into their stereotypical gender roles. So, it’s important to try and communicate with them at home. You might discuss the arbitrary rules that society tries to impose on them or question the reason why they don’t feel like they can be interested in something that is typically aimed at the other sex. Sure, it’s heavy stuff, but your kids are a lot more tuned in than you might think, and they might even surprise you with their interest in something different. Take our daughter as the perfect example: she was delighted with a science kit.

Never pigeon hole

Your kids will go through phases of liking particular toys – it’s completely natural. It’s important that you embrace these passions, whether it’s Princess Leia or GI Joe. But don’t stick it on them for life, as you will have more of an impact than you might think. Try to avoid encouraging your daughters to be princesses, cowboys, or other stereotypical kids’ characters. They might not grow out of it if you do.

Do you have a problem with gender specific toys? Or do you think it’s not an issue at all? I’m keen to hear your thoughts so why not get in touch and share them?

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Eton Mess Semifreddo – Slimming World Recipe

Eton Mess Semifreddo It’s the season for strawberries and Eton Mess has to be my all-time favourite strawberry dessert.  All that cream doesn’t go very well with the Slimming World lifestyle, though, so here’s one way to get the lovely strawberry taste without all the […]

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Revival By Stephen King – Book Review #35

Stephen King’s Revival


I’m struggling to write what I feel about Revival. Some have said it’s classic King but I don’t agree. I’ve been a King fan since I saw IT when I was about 15 and felt a compulsion to read the book. After reading IT and thinking it was one of the best books I’d ever read, I devoured every King book I could get my hands on.

I started collecting them for a few years and always got excited when I bought a new book. I did sometimes find some of the books really hard to read, though. They were long and had so many characters, I sometimes got confused. I think this was probably the reason I didn’t read any of his books for quite a few years. Well, that and having a young family. Reading time was scarce with little ones to look after!

New Books

I always buy the new books when they’re released and with the exception of Mr. Mercedes, they remain on the shelf unread.
Until now.

My ‘to be read’ pile is getting bigger by the day. I’ve run out of space on the bookcase and new books are currently being stacked on the window sill!
I couldn’t decide which book to read next after The Drowning Lesson and on a whim, I picked up Revival and marked it on Goodreads as the book I was currently reading.

Started Well

I’ve been struggling to find the time to read again recently and I find myself binge reading on a Sunday afternoon so I can write my review for my Monday blog post.
I thought I was going to finish this book by the middle of the week as I found myself not being able to put it down!
As I said, it’s been a long time since I’ve read an SK book but this one felt different to how I remember his writing style. It’s hard for me to explain, which isn’t good when writing a review!

It didn’t feel like I was reading a story by SK.

The blurb on Goodreads says the ending is terrifying and plenty of other reviewers have said the same same thing. I’m really struggling to see why they think that.
It made feel a bit uneasy at the end (I can’t go into details because of spoilers) but it didn’t scare me in the slightest.
It had some parts that made me feel a little uncomfortable with some gruesome descriptions but these were few. Honestly, I expected more of them because it was written by SK!


I found myself really liking the main character, Jamie Morton. We meet him when he’s a young boy and follow him through to his 60s.
I loved reading about his family life and watching him grow up with his brothers and sisters and God-fearing parents.

Charles Jacobs

Charles Jacobs was the new, young Reverend at Jamie’s church and they meet when Jamie has just turned 6. They form a bond that lasts for the majority of Jamie’s life. At times, Jamie wishes this weren’t so.

I enjoyed seeing Jamie fall in love, find a love of music and start his career playing in various bands. I got sad when he got addicted to drugs and really happy when he was cured of his addiction after meeting up with Charles Jacobs again.


It’s a slow moving story which I enjoyed but it didn’t keep me reading as much towards the end as the start of the book had done.
I ended up binge reading the last 100 pages or so yesterday and the end left me feeling a little sad. I won’t say why as I don’t want to spoil it.

It’s not a Stephen King book as I remember them but I still gave it 4 stars as I really did enjoy it.

Revival by Stepehn King

Goodreads 2017 reading challenge 35 books read


5 Tips To Paving Your Patio On A Budget

Paving Your Patio On A Budget


Of course, the extra money helps produce incredible results but it is not necessary for you to spend a fortune on paving your patio. You can reap satisfactory results without spending through the nose. Without beating around the bush any further, here are 5 tips to paving your patio on a budget! For more information on paving your patio on a budget, do consider visiting the site,

Tip 1: Using gravel to great benefits

Forget everything you know about patios and decks and the various materials that are used to pave them. If you are strapped for cash, you can instead opt to gravel the patio area. Isn’t it wonderful that you won’t have to spend a dime on maintaining the graveled floor? If you are looking for ways to enhance the area, you can consider mixing in colored glass. The gravel floor will also allow you to get creative with your furniture. Now, the area only needs a canopy and it will serve as a fully-functioning patio area!

patio on a budget using gravel

Tip 2: Use salvaged materials

It is certainly nice that eclectic style is trending these days. So, what does that mean for you? Well, it means that you can basically use anything to pave your patio. You are free to use traditional brick, paving stones, concrete, slate, granite, and other materials that can be found on home improvement store salvage bins to create your floor! You can get as creative as you like.

Tip 3: Buy it online

Not only is it more convenient to buy paving materials online, it is also relatively cheaper. Since you will purchase it from the dealer directly, there won’t be other businesses profiting from commissions through the sale of the materials, hence, making it cheaper. However, in order to get the best deal, you will have to spend time comparing the prices of the materials. Buying the paving materials online means that you have plenty of options, allowing you to create the outdoor space of your dreams. There isn´t a dearth of online sites and services dedicated to helping you find paving materials that fit into your budget.

Tip 4: How to refinish your patio

Let´s say that your patio is concrete and dull. How can you possibly make it more aesthetically pleasing? Well, you can easily stain, etch and stamp the concrete to give it different outlooks. However, if your patio cannot be saved and if you are looking to change it entirely, you should consider getting an asphalt patio; asphalt is not only more durable than most paving materials, it is also relatively cheaper.

Tip 5: Using scrap concrete

If you are looking for the cheapest way to pave your patio, you should consider using scrap materials such as scrap concrete, granite countertop off-cuts, scrap lumber etc. You can usually find these materials on craigslist. Or, you can also consider purchasing plain concrete pavers from your local big-box store.


Chatsworth Farm And Playground – A Nice Afternoon



We won a family ticket for 2 adults and 3 children to visit Chatsworth farm and playground. I used to go there for day trips with my family when I was a child but I don’t remember there being a farm. I think we just used to go to play in the grounds and the river.

Kaycee and Ella enjoyed themselves although I think they’re a little too old for farms now! They did enjoy stroking the guinea pigs and Ant has told them if they can commit to keeping their room tidy for 6 months, he’ll let them have one as a pet 🙂

We took a picnic for lunch and the girls thought it was great when some chickens came to share it with us!

Chickens at Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

A rabbit at Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

A pig at Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Ella milking a pretend cow at Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Kaycee milking a pretend cow Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

A rabbit at Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Kaycee and Ella stroking the guinea pigs at Chatsworth farm

Kaycee and Ella stroking the guinea pigs at Chatsworth farm

Kaycee and Ella stroking the guinea pigs at Chatsworth farm

Baby goats Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Kaycee laughing at the chickens Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Ella looking at the sleeping pig Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Funky looking chicken! Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Chickens Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Ella pouting with her strawberry Chatsworth House Farm and Playground


Ant kind of smiling! Chatsworth House Farm and Playground


Ella eating a strawberry Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

Kaycee eating her lunch at Chatsworth House Farm and Playground

We did this day trip instead of a trip to the seaside (which was on the bucket list) seeing as we’d won the tickets. It was an enjoyable afternoon.
One day I’m going to go and actually go into the house and gardens. I’ve wanted to go since I was a little girl but it was always too expensive for our large family.

5 Ways That Hiring A Personal Trainer Can Help You Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Personal Trainer


So, it appears that you have finally made the decision to become fit. However, in order to get in the best shape of your life, you will need to be diligent and ensure that you perform your exercise routines religiously. If you are new to the entire ¨getting fit¨ experience, it is advisable for you to hire a personal trainer. Here are 5 ways that hiring a personal trainer can help you get in the best shape of your life. For more information on health and well-being, consider visiting The Centre for Whole Health in Chorley.

  1. Form an exercise program tailored to your body requirements

A personal trainer will be able to take into consideration your needs, abilities, goals and help form an exercise program tailored to your body requirements. After all, not everyone can adjust to the one-size-fits-all program. Professional trainers very often ask you about your lifestyle in your first session; they seek to understand what your goals are. Then, they proceed to create a tailored program that can help you achieve your goals.

  1. Help you perfect form

It is of paramount importance for you to have correct posture and technique for optimum efficiency. You increase your chances of sustaining an injury when you perform exercise routines with a bad posture. A personal trainer will help you perform exercise routines perfectly.

  1. Hiring a personal trainer will increase efficiency

Of course, a personal trainer has a better idea of how to achieve health goals than you do. They will help you obtain results more effectively in a shorter period of time. They are very well aware of the exercises that target specific body parts, helping you gain where you need to and lose fats where you want to. You wouldn’t want to spend your time diligently exercising every day without seeing results that you seek for, would you? Working with a personal trainer will help ensure that you make the most of your exercise sessions.

personal trainer

  1. Need motivation?

You will need to be motivated to get in the best shape of your life. There will be times when you´d want to let yourself go and get back to your old habits. However, with a personal trainer around, you will be able to stay focused and motivated. Personal trainers can inspire you to reach great heights. After all, they did not achieve their phenomenal body shape by just slacking off. The personal trainers know exactly what you go through during your sessions and they will know how to help you get past them.

  1. Change exercise routines as required

It is necessary for you to perform a variety of exercise routines to prevent the sessions from being monotonous. If you don’t switch it up every now and then, you will eventually burn out and be discouraged to ever exercise again. A personal trainer will help you change your exercise routines to suit your requirements better and prevent you from being bored. And, as your fitness level improves, the personal trainer will make proper adjustments in the exercise methods to ensure continued progress.

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