The top 10 men’s summer health and safety tips

Men’s Summer Health Tips


Just a few weeks into the summer season, most of us already have a definite plan for our vacations, parties, and other activities. Many of the popular beaches, theme parks, clubs, and other tourist attractions will soon be packed with guests wanting to get away with the busy city life even just for a moment. Summer is also a great time to jump start on a healthy lifestyle for men because of the good weather and availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in the local market.


This season, our health and overall safety are also put at risk not only because of the hot weather but also because of the nature of summer activities that we take part of. Make the most out of the summer season by following these 10 helpful health and safety tips for men.


  1. Keep hydrated.

Needless to say, drinking enough water is critical to maintaining different functions and processes in our body. Whether after a strenuous workout or while staying under the heat of the sun, sufficient fluid intake should always be taken as a priority to avoid a drop in energy level, dehydration, and heatstroke. For better results, consume isotonic sports drinks and watery fruits that are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

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  1. Avoid prolonged sun exposure.

Staying too long under direct sunlight can lead to different health issues including sunburn, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and even skin cancer. Avoid going outdoors on a sunny midday regardless of whether it is summer season or not.

  1. Don’t drink and swim.

In the United States, it is reported that three out of four victims of unintentional drowning are men. Perhaps, the discrepancy between the two sexes is attributed to the aggressive attitude of men. Learn how to swim, wear life vests or just avoid drinking while you are swimming or riding on a boat.

  1. Stay protected from insects.

Despite their small sizes, insects are among the most dangerous in terms of transmitting diseases to humans. When visiting forested areas, always bring insect repellent, insect sprays, and first aid kid.

  1. Take extra care when handling fireworks.

When handling fireworks and firecrackers, stay away immediately once lit and never reuse those which failed to go off. Buy only from accredited stores or better let a professional handle the fireworks for you.

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  1. Keep your room well ventilated.

With the intense heat outside, most of us would prefer to stay indoors in the comfort of air-conditioned rooms. Always inspect air ducts and allow fresh air to replace the polluted air indoors once in awhile for a better respiratory health.

  1. Wear loose clothing.

Keep your long sleeves and synthetic clothes inside your cabinet for now. Wear light clothing, preferably made from cotton, to help your body cool off this summer season. Also, don’t forget to wear caps and shades, and to use umbrellas when going outside on a sunny day.

  1. Go for the beaches.

Be extra cautious when going for a swim in public swimming pools, ponds, and lakes. These bodies of water host a lot of disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Better yet, swim in gentle and shallow parts of the open sea and running rivers to cool off this summer season.

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  1. Stay active.

Regardless of the weather, performing physical activities for at least 30 minutes three to four times a week can greatly help reduce the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, depression, and even cancer.

  1. Get an STD test.

If you are sexually active, getting an STD test is a must. Check your reproductive health and fight against sexually transmitted diseases as early as possible. Get tested now at STD Aware for an accurate, reliable, and quick result.

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