3 Luxury Bathroom Products You Will Love

Luxury Bathroom Products

Luxury Bathroom Products You Will Love
Luxury Bathroom Products

The bathroom is the most significant part of a house. In real estate, it’s that one room that can either make or break the selling of a property. We could not agree more that every bathroom deserves a little luxury because it is one room in the house where we de-stress after a busy day. Sometimes, it is where we reflect or spend quiet time. It is that place where we wash our worries away.


The word luxury reminds us of bathrooms in top-notch hotels or celebrity homes featured in magazines. While you can’t have spectacular views of the skyline similar to what five-star hotels offer, you can achieve the same relaxing experience by adding posh items into your loo. You don’t need to spend a million dollars or hire an interior designer to give a touch of indulgence in your bathroom. Consider adding these luxury products into your bathroom and you will surely fall in love with your own private heaven.


  1. Crystal chandelier– who says chandeliers are just for huge spaces? There are compact, luxe chandeliers that will fit in small bathrooms, too. Lighting is the most essential design element in your house so it would not hurt to splurge a little to light every room, including the bathroom. In fact, adding pendant lamp chandeliers to a room is a great European tradition. You can combine tradition and style by accessorising your bathroom with an elegant chandelier. For bathrooms with very high ceilings, consider a statement chandelier that could give off the impression of a lower ceiling. If you don’t want to rely on the chandelier’s light, you can also use other light sources. Bathroom candles with savoury scents are just perfect after a long and tiring day.


  1. Whirlpool jacuzzi– this fancy amenity will surely give your bathroom a wow factor. Kick the pleasure up a notch with a whirlpool jacuzzi. Equipped with reinforced acrylic high-quality materials that retain heat, whirlpool & jacuzzi baths ensure that you have a pleasant bathing experience. Whirlpool baths are worth the splurge not just for design purposes but they can do so many wonders for your health as well. They are proven to relieve the pain of rheumatism and arthritis. Bathing in a whirlpool tub will give you the experience of a hydrotherapy massage right in the comfort of your own home.

Bidet seat

  1. Electronic bidet toilet seat– get the utmost hygienic experience with just a single press of a button. There is nothing more tech-savvy than bidet seats that have wireless remote, warm air dry, and heated seat features.  Electric bidets feature adjustable water pressure and temperature. You can even find models that have the feminine wash and child function.

These are items that can instantly turn your bathroom into a space like the loos in frontline hotels. As you might have noticed, luxury these days means creating a perfect balance between stylish design and advanced functionality. In renovating your own bathroom, don’t be afraid to think out of the box. You can combine various elements. As interior designers often say, the secret is in the mix. You can make your traditional bathroom look more modern by adding the products mentioned above.

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