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April 2017

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary S.W.H.

Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary Super Wonderful Husband!

Happy 12th wedding anniversary super wonderful husband
Happy 12th Wedding Anniversary

Ever since the day we met

I knew you were the one for me

Without you, I can’t even imagine

How miserable everything would be

My life’s most beautiful memories are

The ones that I’ve shared with you

Thanks for sticking by through it all

Without you, I wouldn’t know what to do

Every year, our anniversary

Becomes more and more special

With every passing moment

I find you more adorable

Every year seems to bring

More and more happiness

Every year we seem to make

Memories that are priceless

Every year I thank my fate

For giving you as my hubby

Every year makes me realise

How lucky I am to be your wifey

Happy anniversary

(Unknown Author)

Hay On Wye Wedding Anniversary

Starting On The Raised Bed – Year Of The Garden

Raised Bed


We managed to get out in the garden for a while over the Easter weekend. Our first job is to make the raised bed so I dug over the former border. It used to look lovely before the grass and weeds took over.
It had a hydrangea and lots of lilies as well as spring bulbs.

The hydrangea ended up completely covered in long grass and the spring bulbs just didn’t come up again this year.

I dug the hydrangea and spring bulbs up. I’m not replanting any of them as we’re having a complete change and I’ve gone off hydrangeas.
I do want spring bulbs in front of the raised bed but I’m just going to buy new ones in the autumn.

Garden border before

garden border after

After I’d finished the digging I started giving the fence panels a coat of paint. We needed to get them done before we started the building.
I managed 1 panel before my back started hurting so Ant did the other 2 🙂

building a raised bed

building a raised bed

Ant made a start on building the raised bed and before he could get much done, rain stopped play!

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get out again tomorrow and get lots more done. I have some bushes to dig up and replant while Ant’s brick laying 🙂


Author Spotlight – James Patterson – Book Display

Author Spotlight James Patterson

I’m not a James Patterson fan but only because I’ve never read any of his books. I’ve got one on my ‘to be read’ bookcase but I keep putting it off. I’m not sure but I will get to it one day.

I never realised how many books he’d written until I started working at my local St Barnabas charity shop. We always get loads donated but just recently we seem to have had more than usual. The other volunteers mentioned that we had more than usual and asked if we could do a display.

I’d organised displays for the next few months but decided to move them around and fit in another Author Spotlight display.

Author spotlight James Patterson

Author spotlight James Patterson

To find out more about James Patterson, click here.

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Banana Bread – Slimming World Style

My Nan-Nan makes the best banana bread and I was missing it. In fact, she makes the best cakes and I was missing cakes so I went searching for a recipe to help with my cravings! I didn’t think I’d be able to find a […]

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Liquid Gold: The Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan Oil

Liquid Gold - The Benefits Of Argan Oil
The Benefits of Argan Oil

Originating from Morocco, the argan tree produces kernels which you can extract oil from, which is what is used to create this amazing, natural ingredient that has been proven to hold many different benefits and ways to use it.

Using natural products on your skin, hair, nails, and in your food is a great way to get healthier and maintain a good image, keeping your skin clear and your hair shiny and thick. Unnatural products always run the risk of containing chemicals that are potentially harmful and allergens, which can cause breakouts and spots to appear.

Going forward with all natural products is a way to also help keep the earth surviving, and many of us are looking for more ways to go green. Like many other natural products, argan oil can do many great things for your body.

  1.       Moisturizing. The most common use that people have found in argan oil is to use as a moisturizer for their skin. It’s packed with vitamin E and great fatty acids that sink into your pores without leaving a greasy sheen or feel, making it an excellent choice for skin that isn’t always dry.
  2.       Hair-care. A note made on Hairlossable mentioned that on black hair, which tends to be kinky and frizz easier, argan oil worked amazing and helped to keep it tame and soft, looking smooth. However, anyone can get great use out of argan oil, especially in shampoos that feature the product along with other ingredients. Hair will shinier, fully, and healthier after using argan oil.
  3.       Healing properties. It was already mentioned that argan oil can be great for the skin, but it also reduces acne and heals damaged or burned areas on your skin. It’s a non-greasy oil, meaning it won’t leave your cores clogged and swimming in nastiness that promotes acne and dry skin. Instead, it does the opposite!
  4.       Prevent stretch marks. Pregnant women have found an incredible use for argan oil by applying it to their breasts and stomachs to prevent the stretching of the skin that causes the purple or pale pink scars that are so dreaded.
  5.       Other additional benefits. While we covered the main uses for argan oil, it can bring so much more to the table than what was covered in-depth. Using the oil on nails, lips, feet, and hands can bring more benefits, such as healing brittle enamel and solving chapped painful cracking.

You can buy a single bottle of argan oil and use it all over your body it’s in virgin, pure form. No mixing or adding needed to receive the benefits. Several shampoos, facial cleansers, and other products for your body and skin will often include argan oil in their ingredients. If you want to find something with the oil in it, try searching online and looking at brands that use all natural products. When paired with other oils and natural ingredients, argan oil can bring your body to it’s best form.

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Small Gain – Weekly Weigh In Slimming World

Got away with a small gain!

weekly weigh in Slimming World

After all the chocolate I consumed before Easter (we had Easter early!) I wasn’t expecting such a small gain. I was very happy with only gaining half a pound!

I dodged a bullet but to be sure I’m going to be 100% on plan this week. I’ve used the ‘100 Extra Easy Days’ Slimming World book to plan my meals for the week. It gives you 100 breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. You can mix and match if you like but I’ve stuck the menus as they are.

I’m going to keep my syns under 20 and use the majority of them on my meals rather than sweet treats.

I want to lose 4lb next week so I can get down to the next stone bracket.


7 Activities To Get Your Kids Outside

Getting The Kids Outside


When I was my daughter’s age, I was hardly ever in the house. Our small village was surrounded by fields and streams. We’d make a simple packed lunch on a weekend and go off looking for tadpoles and newts for the day!

Mum and dad didn’t know where we were from hour to the next but it wasn’t a problem. They knew we’d be back when we got hungry!

These days the kids can’t be bothered to go out. Admittedly, we don’t live in a little village anymore and they can’t have the same freedom we did because of the safety aspect but I would like them to out more often.

When the summer holidays are upon us, we make a summer bucket list and I try to encourage them to pick mainly outdoor activities 🙂

So here are our top 7 outdoor activities for summer

1) Fill The Bucket Game

Our first activity had to include water because the girls just love playing in it.

All you need is 4 buckets, some water, 2 sponges and some kids!
Fill 2 of the buckets with water. Put the 2 empty buckets further down the garden and split the kids into 2 teams. They then line up behind the bucket of water. The first person from each team dips the sponge into the bucket, runs to the other bucket and squeezes as much water as possible.

Play continues with everybody taking a turn until one of the buckets is full or a team runs out water. The first team to fill the bucket or the one with the most water when the water has run out, wins 🙂

2) Making A Fairy Garden

Kaycee and Ella LOVE making fairy gardens. We’ve made a few over the years. Fill a large planter/container with soil. Get the kids to search the garden for stones, pieces of wood etc and use them to make pathways, furniture and other fairy garden items. Adding a tiny fairy is always a good touch and we’ve usually got some lying around at the bottom of the toy box!
Plants like succulents are great for adding to fairy gardens 🙂

3) Explore The Woods

If you’re lucky enough to have some woodland near you, grab the bikes and scooters and head off for a day exploring.
We’ve got a lovely park with woodland and a lake near us. The girls love taking their scooters and riding around the lake.
Don’t forget the picnic!

Explore the woods, get the kids outside

4) Have A Water Balloon Fight

This is another favourite of the girls. Not so much the super wonderful husband, though, who doesn’t like little bits of balloons that get left all over the garden!

5) Go Geocaching

We’ve done geocaching a few times and the girls absolutely loved it. You can get the app for free and search for caches in your area. You can upgrade from the free version and you’ll be shown more caches.

6) Get The Paddling Pool Out

Always a must in the summer. Our girls go in it in all weathers. Kaycee could often be found outside in the pool, in the rain! They love inviting friends over for the afternoon. All you have to do is keep an eye on them, make sure they apply sun lotion and provide drinks and snacks!

paddling pool

 7) Go On A Photo Walk

We all enjoy this one. I have my big camera and a spare camera that Kaycee uses. Ant uses his phone and Ella uses my phone. We got some brilliant images the last time we went to Whisby Nature Park for a photo walk. Because you’re always looking for different things to photograph, you don’t realise how far or how long you’ve been walking!


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National Stationery Week – April 24-30

National Stationery Week

My girls love stationery about as much as I do. We’re suckers for buying pens and pretty notebooks so we were excited when Stabilo got in touch. They asked if we wanted some new pens and of course, we said yes!

Ella’s recently started using a pen to write with in school instead of a pencil. If the children don’t keep their writing as neat as possible, they get the pen taken away until they practice some more.
Ella was quite upset when she lost her pen but it helped encourage her to take care over her writing. She had a huge smile when she came home and told me she’d got her pen back!

Stabilo sent us 2 cartridge pens. One with the traditional cartridge nib and one with a ball point style nib.
I have to say that when Ant saw the ball point cartridge pen, he got even more excited than the girls!

National stationery week with Stabilo

You know with some pens, they just seem to help you have really lovely writing? That’s how these pens are. I reckon I’m going to have to treat myself to one!

For more about National Stationery Week, click here

Please note: We were sent the pens and some highlighters in return for this blog post.

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey – Book Review Week 16

Elizabeth is Missing

From the start of the book, Elizabeth is Missing, I was very impressed with the writing. Emma Healey gave me an idea of what it’s like to get older and lose your memory.

The book is written from the point of view of one person, Maud but over 2 timelines, today and the 1940s.
Today, Maud is in her 80s and is suffering from some kind of dementia. She lives alone but has daily carers and a daughter who look after her.

Maud forgets things very easily and her past memories get confused with her present day life. She thinks her friend, Elizabeth, is missing.

In the 1940s, Maud is a young girl with another missing person in her life, her married sister, Sukie. She lives with her mum and dad and their lodger, Douglas.
Douglas has a soft spot for Sukie and does everything he can think of to find her. He believes her husband, Frank has something to do with her disappearance. Douglas never trusted him and thinks Sukie was wrong to marry him.

These two mysteries intermingle causing much confusion to elderly Maud. There wasn’t a twist at the end which disappointed me a little. For some reason, I expected one but I wonder if that’s because of the recent books I’ve been reading!

You can read the blurb and more reviews on Goodreads.

I like Emma Healey’s writing style and think that for a debut novel, it was very, very good.

Elizabeth Is Missing


New Holiday Wardrobe – Thanks Simply Be!

Holiday Wardrobe

I hardly ever buy myself new clothes. I’ve never bought a special set of clothes especially for a holiday but I have to admit, it is nice to have lovely new clothes to take on holiday next week!

Ant and I are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary at the end of the month so we’ve decided to go away, just the two of us.
We’ve rented a little chalet for the week and my mum is coming to stay to look after the kids.

Thanks to Simply Be, I now have some really comfy sandals to do all the walking in as well as some new jeggings, tops and kimonos to keep the chill off in the evening 🙂

It’s no secret that I’m a larger lady and I often find getting clothes to fit and look good on me can be hard. It’s probably the reason I don’t bother buying myself many clothes.
I’ve tried everything on and my girls assure me they all look great! They’re also really comfy, great for all the walking and shopping we’ve got planned while we’re away.

Simply Be wide fit mules
Heavenly Soles Wide Fit Mules


pull on boot cut jeggings Simply Be
Boot Cut Jeggings
Simply Be plain black swing dress
Plain Black Swing Dress
Lattice Strap Jersey Swing Top
Lattice Strap Jersey Swing Top
Grey Marl V-Neck T-shirt
Grey Marl V-Neck T-Shirt
Simply Be Kimono 2 Pack
Kimono 2 Pack


Please note: I was sent the above items in return for an honest blog post.



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